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See the full disclosure. James has done it again!

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The author of the popular six-book Jake Silver Adventure Series has written yet another fast-paced western that will keep readers spellbound. Featuring gunman Richard Moody, U. Marshal Jake Silver, and introducing u James creates yet another cast of outstanding characters - the villainous Jeremiah Atkinson, gunslinger Richard Moody, double-dealing private investigator Vincent Cooper, corrupt Go Set primarily in Arizona A Jake Silver Adventure - 4.

James once again sets his main character, U. Deputy Marshal Jake Silver, in the Arizona territory in in t A Jake Silver Adventure - 3. But, for my defense I can now say I do, at least, have a website. I did this website out of great duress from my publisher, but it's done! Check it out and give me any opinions or ideas.

This is a new area for me, and I'm like blind me leading blind me. Now, for the business at hand.

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The review in question was apparently written by a man I don't know but my publisher does, and was written about my first Western, Saving Tom Black. Guess the guy didn't like it. Not everybody's going to like everything, I assur. Mule Days Celebration Coming Up. James will be attending this year's Mule Days Celebration as a guest author in Moonlight Mesa's vendor booth. Although his newest title, Canyon of Death, is still a month or so away from being in print, Jere will sign his other two Western books, Saving Tom Black and Apache.

Western Author Jere D. James Signs Three Book Deal. The contract is for three books in three years, however there is a bit of latitude in the understanding between the publisher, Becky Coffield, and Jere D.

New Western on the Horizon. It's been just about a year since I last blogged. A stretch, I know.

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During this time, however, I've mostly been in the Chiricahua Mountains in S. Besides dodging illegal immigrants slipping through my campsite, I've been exploring the area in depth, as this is the setting of my newest novel, Canyon of Death. Canyon of Death will be published by Moonlight Mesa Associates, and should be in print this summer.

Never would I have believed that I'd be defending my life in my own country against invaders. But it's been happening. I've been in the Chiricahua Mountains quite a bit this last spring getting a feel for the area so that I know what I'm talking about when I write the upcoming chapters in my third, and final? The book could not be more aptly named, that's certain. A few times I've wondered if my ow. The Chiricahuas and Canyon of Death.

I know, I know. It's been four months since I last blogged, but hey! I put information on an author's page for Amazon! It's not like I haven't been doing anything! My webpage is going to expire one of these days soon, and in my next contract I'm making sure I put in some declaration that writing blogs isn't one of my duties. It's not in there now, but that publisher insists I do this.

But, if I put it in writing that I dont' have to Wonder if she'll go along with that!? Why is writing this blog so much more difficult, and painful, than writing a book? It just seems so deceptive and false. I've got my assignment from my big, bad boss Becky, so here goes. I've not been working on my new book. I've got to get down into the canyons and spend some time. That's easier said than done this time of year. But, the book is coming together in my head, and boy have some unusual ideas popped up. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

So, I'm corralled in the publisher's office today with an assignment I think I have a lot of trouble with these because I don't know why anyone would care what the heck I think. I just have my horse and my two completed books.

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I will say that I've been thinking a lot about Canyon of Death, a book that will follow the upcomi. I'm back after an extended three weeks riding in the Sisters Wilderness area. Can't believe how cold it got this year Had some snow in places. It felt great though to break out and spend some quality quiet time on my horse, eating my pathetic campfire cooking. I must be getting older though. I actually bought a small camper for my pickup I didn't sleep out on the ground or in the horse trailer.

The small comforts afforded by the camper were truly enjoyed. Riding for the Brand. I'm not really the emotional type, so I'm only going to say this one more time, and I hope to make it really clear this time. I have to be honest and admit I don't really know how many more books I have in me.

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I know for certain I have one more: If I have more after that, my place is with Moonlight Mesa. It's called "Riding for the Brand. Two Books Down - One to Go. That sounds like a prison sentence, doesn't it? But out of a three book deal, I have managed to write two damn good books. Got one more to go. My publisher said there's no rush.

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That's good, cause I got news for her I need a break. Saving Tom Black, my first book, is just about ready to be released for general publication. Apache, my second book, is still in the editing stages.

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How many times must I write, rewrite, and rewrite. The third book, Canyon of Death, is just. Pretty soon I'll be working for Apple, or Dell I'll be such a wizard.

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Well, I finally succumbed to the pressure and got a one page website. My publisher twisted my arm by paying for it for one year for me. I spent all day at this site, but I put one together and it looks darn good Check it out at www. Well, my first Western book, Saving Tom Black, got test-marketed this past weekend for the first time. My publisher, Becky, at Moonlight Mesa Associates, assures me it "sold like pancakes.

But she got a bit perturbed too. Seems like she could only sell "her" books, but she was determined to test the waters with Tom Black this weekend, so she ended up having to tell a few people who questioned her that she was Jere D.