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The day she dragged the strangers from the ocean, she also faced the anger of her own clan. They would have preferred to kill the shipwreck survivors and toss them back to sea, but Isobel would not allow it. The one with green eyes intrigued her. Marc had to be very careful to hide his true identity.

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He was a knight, and presently with two loyalties; King Phillip of France had given him to King David. He's equally intrigued by the beautiful woman with the scar from a sword upon her face. Nursing him back to health after days in a fever, Isobel learns many of his secrets, and yet, knowing he is a man of war she is drawn to him.

Upon his healing, she has her men take him back to Edinburgh. As it's been two years since the last attempt by King David to take her castle, she knows another battle is soon about them. This time the King's men are in the hundreds and Isobel knows it is only a matter of time and they will all perish. What she had not expected was that the man she rescued from the sea would be the Knight who lead her enemy. Capturing Isobel and keeping her alive is Marc's personal mission. Somehow the golden eyed witch had gotten to him. With so many enemies of his own within King David's court, being her protector is nearly impossible.

I'm not an historian, nor have I read many Scottish historical romances. James knowledge of medieval Scotland, their customs and language, is without a doubt vast, and at first I found the narrative too much making this a difficult read for me. However, I stuck with this story and about mid book, I found myself captivated by Isobel and Marc and the perilous position they were in.

I wasn't sure how they would achieve their HEA. James came through with a great ending Aug 30, Rosemarie rated it did not like it. I didn't finish this book. I liked it in the beginning, the premise was interesting, but a few chapters in it went off the rails for me. An example, the heroine has a badly injured arm, has recently watched her friends die, was captured and locked in a tower by the hero, who she thinks has betrayed her, and all she's thinking about is sex. Look I'm all about sexual tension between the hero and the heroine, but when the context makes sense.

I don't expect main characters to be perfect, or always I didn't finish this book. I don't expect main characters to be perfect, or always make wise decisions, however when I started to dislike the characters I stopped reading. Jun 26, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a solid book with good, developed characters and a plot that kept the stakes high. I liked the hero and heroine and believed in the development of their relationship under the extraordinary circumstances.

Her dangerously unbalanced father chose to defy the king and therefore condemned her people as dissenters and outlaws. Then her father died, leaving her stuck with the king's wrath and the promise of cer This was a solid book with good, developed characters and a plot that kept the stakes high. Then her father died, leaving her stuck with the king's wrath and the promise of certain death for her people if she tried to surrender.

She's already fought off two siege attempts and knows it's only a matter of time before the king sends a large-enough force to crush them.

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When the story opens, she and two of her loyal men spy some shipwrecked people drowning in the cold ocean and swim out to save who they can. Isobel rescues a man she's immediately drawn to. There's suspicion and animosity between her men and the few survivors as they fear the possibility of the king's spies and when the man she desires gives what she's sure is a false name, Isobel knows there's more to him than he's letting on.

Still, against all sense and the expressed wishes of her men, she continues to protect him, even swearing a blood oath of loyalty and protection to keep him safe. During his feverish nights, the man reveals his true name is Marc and that he is a king's man. Tensions run high and she barely manages to nurse him back to health and send him on his way before her men's anger boils over.

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On his last night there, Marc and Isobel talk. She reveals that she suspects he's a threat and she should have let her men kill him long ago. When he asks why she hasn't, she kisses him. He's affected by her, but won't take what she's offering when there is so much dishonesty between them. He also doesn't want to risk leaving her pregnant with her future so uncertain and dangerous. He's the most famous and successful commander in the king's employ and has never met a battle he couldn't win.

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Shortly after his arrival back in Edinburgh, Marc is assigned the job of returning to crush Isobel and her rebellious people. This leaves Marc in a dangerous position.

He wants to protect her, but can't reveal his intention when her people in general and she in particular are so hated among the court. Isobel is referred to as a witch and wild stories circulate about her making deals with the devil and casting spells on unsuspecting men. Naturally when Isobel sees Marc at the head of the conquering force that has killed her men, she's outraged at his apparent treachery. The rest of the story is a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Marc has to walk a fine line to keep both her and himself safe and all while she's spitting mad at him.

Their relationship deepens along the way and they eventually become lovers and then fall in love. I thought the story progressed well for the most part. The tightrope Marc and Isobel had to walk served to keep the tension high throughout the book, which was good. Isobel was a good, strong heroine and for the most part kept her head and behaved appropriately for the situation. There were a few times when I felt that she went a little nuts though. For example, when they were traveling to see the king and Marc tried to explain what it would be like in court the next day and give her advice on how to behave.

She hauled off and slapped him for no discernible reason, demanding to know if "last night" had meant nothing to him. Considering that he was doing everything he could to keep her alive, I didn't see the justification for her outburst. Isobel likewise made a scene at court and didn't even consider the possible ramifications until Marc angrily pointed it out to her later.

Considering that everywhere else in the book she'd shown herself to be strong and smart, and the author had made a point of saying it was Isobel's keen mind for strategy that had helped her people fight off the first two attacks by the king, I found it pretty hard to believe that she'd be so incredibly stupid as to not realize her actions would have consequences. The resolution at the end was a bit of a let-down.

After spending the whole book explaining how there was just no way Isobel and Marc could ever be together, the solution was very Dues Ex Machina and dependent on both pure luck, and other people in the story behaving in unbelievably stupid ways. But overall it was a good story with likable characters. I highly recommend getting the audiobook version of this story. The narrator, Cathleen McCarron, did an excellent job with both the Scottish and French accents and it really made the story come alive. Apr 11, Mnms rated it it was ok. A story of war and intrigue.

The characters story was sweet, but not really dominant.

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Ne viene fuori un ritratto intrigante, che consente di chiudere un occhio e due riguardo certe banalizzazioni nel rapporto fra i due, che comunque finiscono inserite nel conto di tutti quei canoni narrativi propri del genere, che uno si aspetta nel momento in cui approccia un romanzo simile. E tudo piora muito quando o homem que ela salvou volta para tomar suas terras e matar o seu povo no processo.

A vida era dura e cruel. As pessoas tinham vidas muito curtas e sofridas, e morriam feito moscas durante as guerras. Mar 07, Nurul Badia rated it liked it. It's all about the story of war and intrigue in The Middle English Era. The beginning is very exciting, with a thrilling and dramatic rescue at sea.

Then it starts off with a bang bang bang, then continues with an exciting rescue at sea of the hero by the heroine loved this part , followed by his convalescence at her keep, Ceann Gronna. Isobel, our heroine, is in charge of the keep after the death of her father and husband. Her father had rebelled against Scottish King David and she herself is believed to be a witch and a traitor and the keep is in danger from the king's men.

He must trust the strange yet beautiful woman who rescues him. He cannot allow her to know he is a man of two countries and two kings, or that he is the enemy. Well, its pretty entertaining I think to know that you just met your destiny by accident. As I read this whole story, I think I do love this story cuz its entertaining and I do love scottish medieval romance. Aug 01, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: I really liked Isobel and her independence and strength. She was determined to protect her people, in spite of the odds against them. When she rescued Marc from drowning she knew it would be a mistake to take him to her keep, but she did it anyway.

There was something about him that drew her to him. She decides to treat his wounds then send him on his way, as she knows better than to trust any strangers. Two months later he is back, leading a force that is to capture the keep for the Good book. Two months later he is back, leading a force that is to capture the keep for the Scottish king. Because of his time there he is able to find a way in and captures the keep and Isobel. He takes her to the king, where she is expected to choose a husband.

It said "like the plot and characters. Suggest you put your hero in the first person. It connects Bianco with the reader. I gave him the manuscript and he thoroughly enjoyed the read even though it was still in third person. He agreed with the LA that first person would be the way to go. After the revision, KDP and I were joined at the hip. Number five, 'Deadly Deception,' and number six, 'All Inclusive' are now on the bookshelf. Number seven 'Dangerous Seduction. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography.

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