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Hurls a Phoenix that deals 4, Fire damage to the target and splashes 1, Fire damage to other nearby enemies. Always deals a critical strike. Fireball applies Conflagration to the target, dealing an additional Fire damage over 8 sec. Meteor 40 yd range, Instant, 45 sec cooldown. Calls down a meteor which lands at the target location after 3 sec, dealing 14, Fire damage, split evenly between all targets within 8 yards, and burns the ground, dealing 3, Fire damage over 8.

Gladiator's Medallion Instant, 2 min cooldown. Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character while in PvP combat. Temporal Shield Instant, 45 sec cooldown. Envelops you in a temporal shield for 6 sec. Greater Pyroblast 40 yd range, 4. Ice Nova 40 yd range, Instant, 25 sec cooldown.

Causes a whirl of icy wind around the enemy, dealing 8, Frost damage to the target and 2, Frost damage to all other enemies within 8 yards, and freezing them in place for 2 sec. Ebonbolt 40 yd range, 2. Launch a bolt of ice at the enemy, dealing 9, Frost damage and granting you Brain Freeze. Icy Veins' duration is increased by 10 sec. Your Ice Lances against frozen targets extend your Icy Veins by an additional 1 sec.

Removes any loss of control effect with a duration of 5 seconds or more.

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This effect can only occur once every 1 min. Ice Form Instant, 1 min cooldown. This character has not completed any Mythic Keystone Dungeons this Season. No Rated Play Data. April 19, Sold by: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention awesome book tonia playing thimblecock humor rpg. Showing of 13 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Comedy in the written word is hard to pull off. Tonia not only pulls it off, she excels at it. From page one I was laughing.

By page ten, I had tears streaming down my cheeks and a hand over my mouth to keep my snorting laughter shut up. With The Walking Dead, zombies have exploded not just on the small screen, but on the page.

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  • Rumor: Sucker Punch is creating an open world western game called "GNOMAGEDDON".
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Granted, George Romero was there first, but that's just splitting hairs. Tonia has taken zombies and put them into the wonderful world of the RPG role playing game and has gone to town. The story is solid, and the characters are a force unto themselves with Thimblecock Dickerstock acting as the main comedic relief. You read that correctly. Why are they going to the Cave of Tits? Why can't Kore The Instigator trash talk like a proper man?

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Because this is a dirty, dirty little book and you should read it. Because, outlying the Cave of Tits in the gnomish village inside the Valley in the Peace are the cold, blue, some half-eviscerated not quite dead but still lifeless, bodies of gnomes. Three foot tall, ankle biting, hamstring tearing gnomes with a taste for the flesh of the living persuasion.

What these gnomes will lead our party to, what the group will find beyond a village of that horrible career field known as BARD-dom, beyond the sexy red head with the amazing rack, an ogre who can speak in tongues other than grunts and roars, past that other Head Wizard guy with the creepy, creepy smile, is that one thing that no one wants to talk about. That thing that lies behind magic. The thing that can ruin ignorance forever Go buy the book. It's the best five bucks you will ever spend.

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What a fun trip this one was! It was fast, fun, irreverent, and it even had well drawn out character development that didn't slow the pacing at all. Tonia Brown is the Mistress of giving you witty banter and engaging stories. She always unfolds you the story in an organic way, showing and never telling, which is a good thing because she never bogs things down with lengthy explanation and tedious description, but you still get all the sights, sounds, smells, and sensory delights that a writer can describe and deliver!

Gnomageddon was trademarked year and a half ago, we already know that SP is working on a new open world IP according to shinobi, and the art is not new. You do realize games take about 3 years to make on average. Seems appropriate that 2 years ago they were in the concept art stage. I was referring to this artwork being uploaded to this site 2 years ago and nobody has reported on it before now. People were speculating last year that this was Sony Bends game, but that was of course Days Gone. Honestly, InFamous was pretty bad as an Open World, it was empty, lifeless, not much activites, they should focus on more closed games, they just can't do Open World really well, InFamous games were really good, but their world was boring and empty.

This is true for many open world games in general, Witcher is one of the few cases where the open world isn't bland or boring to travel around. Roblox was hiring for a PSVR developer last year, which seems like an odd example of why not to take job offers seriously, but as there still hasn't been a shred of verifiable news, I'll hold my breath.

I made the mistake of telling my kids about it when I saw the rumors, and they haven't stopped bugging me since. They are probably waiting for the timed exclusivity deal with Microsoft to expire before they do a PS Blog-type announcement. You'd have to be completely retarded to name your game gnomagedon and it not to be about gnomes. Or, you know, it's just a codename or a prototype name that has no relation to the actual working title. Weirdly specific name though.

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Codenames are usually just like Project Black or Durango or something. Is this an actual rumor or just speculation? Because I'm not seeing some well known source like Shinobi or Jason Schreier Kotaku coming up with this, it just seems like OP is throwing art from over 2 years old, a trademark called Gnomageddon and some Sucker Punch job listings on 1 pile and saying "well guys, must be the same thing!

Because I'm not seeing some well known source like Shinobi or Jason Schreier Kotaku coming up with this. They need a killer game for VR and at least one first party can be dedicated to one. I hope this is real.

I was just going to make a post about how Sucker Punch is the only Sony studio that we don't know what they're working on. Even if it was ready to come out this year i imagine Sony would be smart enough to stay away from the release of Red Dead. I can already see the social media comments in my head calling it a red dead rip off when it gets annouced.

I remember seeing this concept art before attached to a cancelled project but can't recall what it was. The images were posted some sites last year and people thought it was for Days Gone at the time, Dead Don't Ride. I have no idea but i swear i have seen this multiple times pop up, one was with the bend studio game when it was codenamed dead dont ride and people were saying this is likely artwork for it, another was saying that its artwork for rdr2 before it got annouced.

I don't understand why you think the Gnomageddon trademark has anything to do with the rest of this. Even ignoring that I think this is less of a rumour and more of a wild guess. There's no real reason to assume that the concept art has anything to do with SP's new IP as much as I would love it if it was. I'd love it if this were true. So this is either just some concept art or someone else is working on this. You're welcome to be a mod there if you'd like. Wooo exciting stuff, should be unveiled at E3 this year right since they've been dormant since after InFamous First Light shipped.

Also really hope to see Sly Cooper 5 by someone at E3 this year tho with the movie problem and the bad reception of Ratchet movie I'm not optimistic. That is such a downgrade compare to their other memorably named series, Sly Cooper and inFamous series. God of War will open just like last year, as Sony loves to parallel their conferences. This will fall somewhere in the end. Also, the concept art from this leaked about a year ago: Why does everyone suddenly hate the idea of working on a cartoony game now?

Check Out Sony's Canceled PS4 Exclusive "Gnomageddon"

I was hoping for Sly V since their last game was a realistic open world game. I mean, this look cool and all, but it seems like EVERY sony studio is going the hyper realism route: GR2 was good, and yes Media Molecule will probably never make gritty stuff, but Knacks looks This actually does seem slightly true, the smaller sony studios are still making great game that arent all cinimatic but it seems to be a trend now that all the big sony studios are following the ND way of things and following the super realistic cinimatic feel, gow would be a good way of showing that, what we seen at e3 last year didnt look anything like the older ones, the whole cinimatics and deep story bonding at the start and the lighting and camera work and gameplay all looked very naughty dog like.

I can already picture the reveal trailer of this game being super cinimatic emotional story riding on pretty horse slowly down a dusty road as the cinimatic merges into gameplay and so on like the gow reveal. Dont care really these are the games i got ps for.