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To accept cookies from this site, please click the Allow button below. Be the first to review this product. Email to a Friend. An exploration of death, bereavement and grief. This first hand account gives Geoff Mead's experience of responding to the loss of his wife from a brain tumour. Giving insight into the grieving process and how Geoff learned to manage his grief, this book will offer hope to anyone experiencing something similar.

After coming to the realisation that mourning is a conscious process, to which we can apply creativity, passion and intelligence, Geoff explored the unknown territory of bereavement through his writing.

The book shows how artful practice, such as writing, can help to make sense of our experience and navigate the wreckage of grief. Gone in the Morning. Quick Overview Looking at how Geoff Mead learned to cope with the grief of his wife's passing, this book shows the importance that 'artful practice', such as writing, can have in making sense of the experience. A moving first person account, it will be of interest to anyone wanting to learn about the different ways of mourning and commemorating a life.

Be the first to review this product Email to a Friend. Description An exploration of death, bereavement and grief. Reviews 'A beautifully crafted tale of one man's grief - and a testament to the healing power of art. By inter-weaving the threads of his raw experience with strands of story, poetry, prose and photographs, Geoff Mead transforms his cruel and untimely loss into a tapestry of artful work and shining moments. Mapleshade has been using the app for seven months now. She finds it improves the relationships she has with the seniors, as she's able to get to know them on a more personal level.

Some videos have already proved priceless. In June, a resident died, and the family featured a OneDay video on the online obituary. Irene, who's been at Mapleshade almost a year, continued on. She talked about her father working in real estate and his time during the Great Depression. After a handful of questions, Brink pressed create video. The video was emailed to Patti. The following day, she clicked the link as she sat in her office. There was her mother, miles away at Mapleshade, talking about her ancestry. Patti couldn't help but smile along.

OneDay app preserves the stories of the older generation before 'they're gone forever'

Of course, she'd heard the story about her grandmother many, many times, from Poland to Ellis Island to Ziegfeld Follies. By submitting, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Don't miss a story. Then the dowdy clothes, etc. The final lie of I'm an English major! There is a rapey OM and a bitchy OW.

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The hero slaps the heroine as she is standing up for his daughter. So lots of drama and an old skool hero - I wouldn't say he's an alpha because he's just so quirky and weird in his likes and dislikes. Heroine is pretty great - but she lets the lies go on too long and for no good reason except she just wants to be near her cruel hero. See Preeti's review for more spoilers. View all 20 comments. The barely pass Arts graduate h from a science background family has difficulty landing jobs, so decides upon a housekeeper job to a widower with a 7 years old daughter.

Now since the H, a supercilious snooty scientist hates anyone or anything to do with the arts-literary world and also is paranoid that housekeepers get the job to land his oh-so-very-eligible ass, so she dons an uneducated unattractive persona to land the job. The h started out as a sly and smart spitfire who gives him back as good or better but he soon wore down her spirit insult by insult as towards the end she barely musters up a tired word in her defense while his hateful verbal abuses roll on unabated. The H just dint know when to quit his asshat act, maybe the author forgot too?

Between his sadistically abusing her daily, reminding her plebeian status to her twice per page or perhaps during his paranoid accusations of her being after a wedding ring or during smacking her soundly for protecting his neglected defenseless 7 yrs.

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In fact he treats his daughter just marginally better than the h. Childcare authorities would have loved to get their hands on him.

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If the h had any sense, she should have been out of there like a tortured bat out of a loony hell!! She keeps telling herself she is staying for the child but it becomes clear many times that it's the the prize of a H who is also the incentive. Perhaps I would have thought more of him and even forgiven him, had he thrashed that sleazeball om who was forever pawing the h and more and she too lets him so that he wont expose her educated bg to the H! And as the cherry, he never even says sorry or repents. All secondary characters are very well etched or interesting- her lovely loving n yet exasperating family, the sweet friendly neighbour couple, the lonely yearning child who latches onto her with gusto, the cold superior scientist-ow his female clone!

One who is most rememberable is her smart-mouth brother-her loving nemesis! And yes, a sound thrashing for the om and a decent grovelly ending would have taken this book to 4. View all 3 comments. Jan 16, C. I have no idea how to rate this one. On the one hand, the writing was excellent, and I liked the heroine and her brother , and the neighbours, and even the Plot Moppet.

On the other hand, the hero was so utterly awful that by the end I felt more as if I was reading a case study of the cycle of abuse than a romance. Particular hatred for the scene where he smacks her in the face while she's sheltering his child, I might add and she "loves him all the more" for being passionate and not com Wow.

'Gone forever'

Particular hatred for the scene where he smacks her in the face while she's sheltering his child, I might add and she "loves him all the more" for being passionate and not completely controlled. Jun 14, Roub rated it liked it. Tia rated it liked it Nov 30, Linda rated it liked it Nov 10, Rebecca rated it really liked it Sep 09, Terrie rated it it was ok Jul 10, Iani Val rated it liked it Jul 30,