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How long have you ever been running a blog for? The entire glance of your website is fantastic, as well as the content material! Hey, thanks for sharing some solid tips with us! There are a few that I need to work on, which are time-consuming, but as we all know the hard work we put in now will yield favorable over the long-term. I found this article so so interesting!! My head is in full speed right now, with lots of new ideas to increase my traffic.

Thank you so much for sharing so much knowledge. Still, the posts are very brief for novices. May you please extend them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks forr the post. As of , do these tips still useful today? Anyways, keep posting topics like this. Some great tips here. I struggle in that I am not looking for fame and fortune.

As I like to say: Yet another conundrum to blog about I guess! What a fantastic and helpful post! Very in-depth with a ton of great resources and new information. I they are wealth of wisdom and is expected of bloggers to find out those that can work effectively for their traffic methods. Am also,a blogger,i blog at http: Am a very ambitious blogger with target for 5m. Great read and really helpful. New to the blogosphere, so many of these suggestions will be put to use ASAP!

Thanks so much for sharing! I am working on a unique writing corriculum that I hope to release in the next year. I have tested my methods and found them to be effective in getting teens and young children, who have trouble in this area, to write. I plan to build a blog that backs my product, teaching the teachers as well as the students. This list was incredibly helpful as far as blogging and promoting your posts goes.

Oh my, this is really a super long list and the ideas you shared are awesome. This is great ideas about to promote blogs. I got great information from your Post. I had recently started blogging and was stuck how to get traffic to my blog. This really helped me. Just wanted to add for anyone else as-well, that you can get exposure for your blog at http: They let you post your blog and users can upvote it to the front-page similar to reddit I guess.

You have explained each and everything related to driving traffic in depth. Thanks for this wonderful post. Glad to be of help! Feel free to suggest too any additional tip so I could add them. Your list is massive if not all but some of the hem will surely work. I going to try every one of them. By the way I am already using some like the using Facebook for traffic, commenting, guest posting, sharing content on different site etc.

All these blog promotion channels have proved to be quite effective but my problem is always TIME! It takes me hours to put an article together. When exactly am I going to be networking and writing guest posts? Plus, I have many other things doing. How do you do it? I understand your concern.

How about hiring someone to write for you? HI Great ways to make money from your website. Great hours of research and implementing of different strategies to make this content up. Most of the time you have talked about Neil Patel. I really like the way you proof everything. Thanks for sharing the in-depth article.

2. Get Influencers to Write for You

Thank you so much for this list. I started my blog a few weeks ago and had a decent amount of traffic but in the last few days it has dropped.

50+ Effective Tactics For How To Promote Your Blog

Thanks for your advice. This information is useful, the Best ways to knoe how to promote a blog and increase traffic. I discovered your blog site on google and check a few of your early posts. Continue to keep up the very good operate. Seeking forward to reading more from you later on! Thanks for sharing this type of information, it is so useful for me. Thank you so much for providing this information! I have been reading several articles about increasing traffic to your blog, and this article is by far the most detailed and informative of all the ones I have read so far!

You had several suggestions that I had not seen on all of the other articles. I also appreciated that you provided a lot of examples and screenshots, as it made it easier to understand what exactly to do and how effective it has been for certain bloggers. I bookmarked this page, as I plan on making my way through your suggestions! The very nice way for promoting your blogs. I never heard some way which you mention here. Question and Answers Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Question and Answers Hi Karen, I started a blog 3 weeks ago. Let me know if I can help you further, Karen. You can list 5 topics that you can write about after the launch, it helps to stay on the track. Hope that helps, Karen. Hi Karen, Thank you so much for all your info. Thanks again for your blog because your style of writing has made it easy for me to get started.

Thanks a lot Karen! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a ton Karen! I wish you continued success! Hi Jim, I took a look at your blog and I think it really looks great! Take care and good luck! Can you give us an alternative to google Adwords? You can use Bing and Yahoo pay-per-click programs too. Nothing beats Adwords, though. Hi FreeSpirit, Create a persona for you page, giving the persona a name not yours. To get the best engagement try and post on weekdays between 7: Given the audience, posts that relate to case studies, success stories and skill acquisition perform well, as well as industry insights and trends.

But you need to do it subtly. If you just waltz into a group and start spamming it with your content, everyone will get downright irritated. Forbes has a cool guide on LinkedIn Groups here: Then you can set up your campaign specifics and preview how the post will look. To promote your blog content, look for subreddits that target your niche by using your keyword in the Subreddit Search.

5 Killer Tactics to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Also be on the lookout for broader traffic-getting subreddit categories that your content might be relevant to, for example:. You can create your own sponsored links to appear on Reddit and send traffic back to the content on your website. But you can control your spending and target very specific audiences, which makes it an intriguing alternative to other advertising platforms.

Nate Shivar wrote an article about advertising on Reddit if you want some more info: How to Advertise on Reddit: To get more exposure, use hashtags so people outside of your circles can find the content as well. It has more than , communities, across just about any niche or industry you can think of. You can browse around recommended communities, search for one with the search bar, or create your own.

Consider joining some relevant ones, engaging with their members and enabling yourself to share content with them. Communities use subcategories to organize posts, so select the ones that your post is most relevant for. Ohhh Twitter … I have a love-hate relationship with this platform. Sharing your latest blog post on your personal and business Twitter profile is a great place to start. Twitter shares have a pretty short lifespan anyway. One example of a headline variation may actually be a quote from within your blog post, like this one from Alexander James:.

Also, Tweets with images get 5x more engagement, which is why you should include a series of relevant images with your shares. Twitter chats are when a group of Twitter users meets up at a certain time to discuss a topic, using a designated hashtag. If you find a Twitter chat related to your industry, it can be an effective way to get exposure for your latest blog post. SEMrush is a company who nails Twitter chats and uses them really well to promote their brand and content:. Twitter Cards take your traditional tweet to the next level by allowing you to include images, videos, audio and download links.

You can get more reach and exposure for your blog posts by promoting the tweets you share for them. This monster guide from Web Profits on Instagram Engagement will tell you everything you need to know: The definitive guide to Instagram engagement. The key then becomes to get more profile views which you can do by sharing interesting and engaging visuals time and time again on Instagram. If you are looking to get exposure for one specific blog post, for example, you could change the URL on your profile to send people directly to that post.

Then, the images you share from then on can be related to your blog post in some way, things such as quotes or key points. Or at least in the comments of your posts. You can find relevant hashtags by typing your blogging topic into Instagram and seeing the suggestions:. You can actually integrate your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns from within the Facebook ads manager, which means it is really easy to gain the additional exposure from Instagram if you are already running Facebook ads.

The best way to make the most of Pinterest is to create your own boards related to key topics you talk about on your blog. Then add value to this community by pinning related, valuable content, including your own posts. You could also create a board specifically for your blog posts. Apart from sharing the content yourself on Pinterest, you should also try and engage with other boards. To find other boards to join where your content will be relevant, search for a keyword and then select related boards to check out:. Social media automation is often the first place to start and can help you get the most out of your social posts to drive traffic to your blog.

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You can use the FlypChart app to automatically schedule social media posts to be published at a future date. These recipes are designed to replicate the creation and scheduling of content social media posts, blog posts, emails etc. This is perfect for evergreen content that is going to be valuable to your audience today, tomorrow, and even next year. All you need to do is choose the recipe, add your blog post with a series of alternate headlines, and FlypChart will auto-generate 12 months worth of shares for that blog post at a cadence of every 10 days.

Get a day trial here. So for example if you write a new blog post, you can have it automatically post to Twitter or Facebook:. You can also do cool stuff that will simplify your influencer research, such as building a Twitter list based on a certain hashtag:. Some you have created yourself such as your email community, and some that others have created such as forums.

If you put a lot of work into building an email list, then it just makes sense to promote your blog content to them when it goes live — they have already told you they care about what you have to say. The first email you send out to promote your blog post should be really simple, with the primary goal being to drive more traffic to your blog post. For example, you could use the heading of your post for the subject line, the introduction of your post as a teaser within the email, and then one very clear call-to-action that links readers directly to the blog post on your site.

Below is an example from Adroll:. You could also send out an email newsletter that curates a series of posts, either yours or other leaders in your industry, and feature your blog posts in these. Instead, engage with the conversation and offer a link if it truly does add relevant value. You may also like to include a link to your latest blog post in the signature area of your forum profile. That way if you are a regular contributor people will check out your site. The key is to make sure you regularly engage on these blog comments or risk making people angry when you go ahead and share a link back to your site.

Darren Rowse from ProBlogger flips this tactic on its side slightly by using the comments section of his OWN blog to promote other blog posts on the same site… Awesome idea!

1. Share More Than Once

Quora can be a valuable tool for promoting your blog content too. Much like any online forum, to be successful at promoting your content on Quora you need to regularly contribute to the conversation and build a profile for yourself. Start by finding and following topics related to your industry. Just type your keyword into their search field, then click on one of the relevant topics that come up. The reason you are looking for relevant questions is that your blog post might be a valuable resource to answer these questions. When you go to answer the questions, make sure you add a lot of value first, before linking back to your blog post.

Yahoo Answers might not be as popular as Quora, but it still gets a lot of traffic and is, therefore, a potential pitstop for more web traffic. Have a look for categories that are related to your industry by starting with their main categories. In a similar approach to Quora, look for questions that your blog post would be able to answer and jump into the conversation with your valuable expert opinion. Triberr is a platform that can help connect individuals with content related to their interests. Most tribes have an acceptance process, that requires you to apply or at least tell them why you will bring value to the members.

And the better tribes for promoting your content are sometimes challenging to get featured in. Growth Hackers is a content aggregation platform where readers upvote and comment on the best content.

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They are literally built to help you promote your content. As a user, you can build up a bank of credits based on how many people actually click on the suggested links at the bottom of your blog posts. The more credits you have the more exposure your content gets on their network. What I find really helpful from a blog promotion perspective is that you can actually recommend your content to other pages on the platform if you find the right ones.

To share your content with other pages all you need to do is find a relevant page in your industry that accepts recommendations, and then copy and paste your blog URL into the suggest bar:. AllTop is a content aggregator site that works for almost any blog niche with listings across a wide range of categories:. You can submit sites like your own for consideration after creating an account, and have it listed for people to discover on their platform.

One way to get the most out of the effort you put into creating blog content is to repurpose it into different formats. Facebook brings in some steady traffic for me just by sharing with niche related groups that allow me to share posts. Doesn't take too long. Flipboard with their 80 million users doesn't bring in as much traffic as I'd like yet but I only discovered it fairly recently and content is added with one click of a button on the browser so worth testing for now. Will see how it pans out. Thanks so much for all the great advice, an example of fabulous content when length is no hindrance, especially with the PDF checklist, Thanks!!

Did you have no problem accessing the PDF file? Sometimes the social locker doesn't work properly and won't unlock it. This amazing post is so valuable to me as a newbie in blogging.

50+ Effective Tactics For How To Promote Your Blog

I spend the whole night ready and studding all the stuff you share in here after discovering the post via a re-tweet by Jeremy Shoemaker. So please allow me to request your help as well: I put them in moderation and being looking for solution but can't still fix it. I have over of them in the moderation panel now and still have no clue what to do.

I just checked http: Look at the names of the 'people' commenting it's stuff like "mexico vacation", "national health care", "custom printed boxes", "where to find cheap flight tickets" and even the ones using real sounding names have left junk comments that don't relate to your article, it's just generic nonsense posted to generate links. The tools will have alerted the users that you don't stop spam and now you're getting tons of garbage messages every day. Mark them all as spam including the ones in the moderation queue and install a spam plugin like 'Clean Talk' or 'Askimet'.

Hey, glad you like it. How far into the internet marketing journey are you? Started any new projects yet? You have ended listed a lot of tips that would help us get traffic, you can create the best content on the world but still if no body reads it then there is no value of it, every blogger should be in the look for new ways to get more traffic.

On your website

I have added your article to my list of traffic generation tips. Hey Qasim, thanks for commenting. Exactly posting content isn't enough. People need to know about it so they can share and link to it. Also don't forget to focus on traffic that converts. I think that there are more than ways to drive traffic to a blog, but the key is to drive quality traffic and this artcile exactly target this topic. Hey Kaloya, yeah there are hundreds of ways to promote a blog but best just focusing on ones that work and convert. Traffic is meaningless if it doesn't convert.

Good to see you here. If you liked this post consider signing up for the email list so you never miss them - http: Vow; very few of them are stereotyped while most of them are quite new and do have huge potential to lift your post to the sky. But a blog most must also be clickable to take the benefits these sources for promotion. Otherwise it will remain a dud stuff and no one will look at it even if you have share it in a platform that has millions of members.

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful list that really works if a blogger fully exploit it to promote his blog post. Great tips no doubt! I must confess this post is well researched and highly informative. But my concern is having the time to follow these tips as sharing contents across different platforms can be time consuming. Anyone who wants to succeed in this niche must be prepared to outsource a lot of the jobs. However, as a newbie, outsourcing could be a great challenge too as money is needed to do it successfully.

Thanks NicheHacks, for sharing these tips with us. I will try the much I can do to implement a number of them. Do have a lovely weekend. You figure out which ones are most suitable for finding your audience and then focus on them. Spending more time on promoting posts is the way forward with blogging. People who continually publish content but spend next to no time promoting don't tend to see much success.

I personally don't outsource much of the promotional stuff as I don't trust anyone else to do it correctly. Especially seeing as most of my promo stuff revolves around networking and interacting with people in the niche - only I can do that the most effectively. Have a great weekend yourself. Mines is going to be great. It's Songkran aka Thai New Year here this weekend and it's celebrated by a day water fight! And the article was never ending it felt. Superb ways to get traffic, finally found something new and interesting on a blog about blogging. Thanks stuart to share this awesome post, I was searching for a while how to promote post.

This post will definitely help me. Many blogger says write less and pramot more but you are the only who give the deep idea for post promoting. Yeah you have to do a LOT of promoting of your posts otherwise they don't get the attention they deserve. We spend ages creating content to just publish it to the blog and then leave it hoping for the best isn't a good strategy.

Yep some great ways in there Mukesh. Which do you use already and which will you start using? I really just enjoyed this mind-blowing post. From this post i learnt a lot of things and i am going to apply on my blog. Put it to good use Amit, there's a lot of good methods there. Hope to see you around here again. Your is nice I am going to write a tip and that is internal linking before posting keep an eye on relevant pages of your blog and then hyper link them by this method your post each page will support other pages of your blog and your website or blog's structure will be strong.

Something I've started doing much more on my posts. Try to keep the bounce rate down. You're on Google 01 spot on how to promote your blog post as at the time of writing this comment. Please have a look on our website. Your content really needs work. Some of your headlines simply don't make sense and the content is badly written and poor English is used. Thank you for your response. For now things are going well but I need to get more visitors. I am following steps written above for blog promotion.

Simply sharing to your own limited audiences isn't enough. You need to be getting other people in your niche, who have the audience you want, to share your stuff. Start networking like crazy with them. Comment on their posts. Do cool stuff for them. Get on their radar in a big way. Great article, I haven't tried implementing any of your tricks yet but definitely saved for later! Lots of ideas I hadn't thought of! I am definately going to use this for my blog. But I am wondering, what if you made a blog about a topic because you don't find something like it on the web?

Q&A: How Can I Get More Blog Traffic?

How do you then find the important sites to get connected with? I think if no one else has ever created a post on the topic before you have to ask yourself 'why'. From experience, I am actually already surprised at getting a response at all! My "product" is "compassion", but stripped from all the religious connotations.

There's a lot on compassion, yes. I struggled with the concept, but all sources I found were either Christian, or Buddhist. I believe true compassion is not a religious thing, which is why I made this and also as a bit of a counterweight against all those newssites which bring us only tales of misery. I am not very worried about money yet. Perhaps if the thing grows, it becomes an issue to enable me to put in more hours and resources , but for now I don't really care. Glad you mentioned money Jerry as I was going to ask how you would monetize this.

Do you have any idea? You say now you don't care but presumably at some point you would like to make money from this, right? It's important to work out a monetization strategy from day 1 even if you don't plan to implement it till later but I always recommend having it in place from day 1. I wouldn't think that's a viable way to monetize a site though I could be wrong.

Just never heard of any sites having any success that way. Ah, but that's because you define if I interpret you right success as monetary success. This is a really good post. I have started to implement some of the tips already. Promoting your blog posts is key to getting traffic. It sure s Kevin, we should spend more time promoting posts than writing. Otherwise hardly anyone sees them. Something I sometimes forget to do. Hey, I found this post near the top of a Google search.

I'm just writing for fun but want more readers. Stewart, how do you come up with all these ideas?!! This is similar to buzzfeed but for niche stuff. Love it so far! Thanks for posting another reliable article here! I agree with you! Basic keyword research can work wonders. I just wanted to drop a line and say how awesome this resource has been for me.

I am constantly referring back to it for reminders and resources on how and where to promote every new blog post that I create. Great stuff and keep up the good work! Hi, i was just wondering how you feel about paying someone on say fiverr. Looks like doing this manually is quite some work and it might be difficult to get exposure if you don't have a seasoned account.

Hey Joe, yeah you could do or just use a plugin, there are some that submit to most social networks. Not sure Scoop It will be included in any but you never know, Digg, Tumblr etc are common enough. What plugin that is fairly light on resources would you recommend to do something like this?

Do these types of plug-ins weigh heavy on the back end and affect page load times or anything? I have also seen these services offered at places like, Fiverr. Do those types of links really serve much purpose as just a profile with no engagement or anything to it? The main site is an authority with a homepage that has high PR's, but how much juice do these links really pass through a meaningless profile page?

Just to clarify, I am talking about getting this done by a service on fiverr, as opposed to building web 2. But if you're posting to empty profiles with no audience it's pretty pointless and I wouldn't bother. The links are worth nothing and more likely to do you harm than good. Only worth it if you have an audience or plan to build one there.

I have recently designed website http: Thanks for such an helpful post.