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It is always there when a Junior Woodchuck needs it. This is one of the few examples where there really is a detailed origin explaining how all that knowledge ended up there. Actually, there are two: A lengthy Don Rosa story-arc once revealed that it had been condensed from the entire content of the Great Library of Alexandria with the lost history of South America and Asia added later. The library was a storehouse of ancient knowledge that was tragically lost to history through a series of disasters, culminating in a fire during the time of the Roman Empire.

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Another, more obscure story had Donald getting annoyed at the book's seemingly infinite wisdom and asked the Woodchucks about who the author was. Cue panic as not even the top generals know. They then had to keep Donald tied up so he would not go to the newspaper with the information that "the Woodchucks follow advice that could as well be made up". In the end they do find the author's house, but decide that knowing who he is will ruin the magic behind the mystery.

The shadowy author is then seen looking at them as they leave, contemplating that "if my book contains better knowledge than that, then I don't know it myself". The aspect of the Guide containing more text than could possibly fit into a single volume is lampshaded by Don Rosa in a story where Donald Duck ask one of the ducklings "how that much knowledge can fit into such a tiny book", and the duckling answering him "It's explained in appendix Q. They always happen to have exactly the volumes of the Guide applicable to the topic at hand, though, and it is often handwaved.

Interestingly, there are three cases where the book was missing something: In " A Letter from Home ", it doesn't list the order of the heads of the Knight Templar, much to their shock. In another story, it was discovered that it doesn't cover information that the Woodchucks are supposed to have learned in school, and will flat-out tell them it.

In the stories about the Guidebook's origin, it is revealed that the guidebook doesn't contain its own history or the identity of its author. One interpretation by the German fans' group D. The impossibly vast amount of knowledge contained in the Guide has actually backfired on the boys on at least one occasion. In the Five-Episode Pilot of DuckTales , they try to look up how to stop their plane from crashing, and they can find the entries for driving or flying all sorts of obscure vehicles except "an ordinary airplane!

Whenever the group experiences anything supernatural on their adventures, Huey adds it to the book himself. The Disney Duck Comics Universe is vast enough, and the stories are numerous enough, to contain another totally unrelated example. Magica de Spell has a spell book which was much more like a traditional Book of Shadows.

The nieces once got hold of it by accident when it was switched in the grocery store with Aunt Daisy's old recipe book. They mixed up one of the formulas, which attracted a dragon; there was an entry on this, too; "To get rid of a dragon, say 'Odds bodkins and green-eyed goblins! The Abstract in Runaways Marvel Comic's Doctor Strange owns or owned the Book of the Vishanti , containing any spell or obscure tidbit of mystical information he might need.

There is also its opposite ''The Darkhold''. Each contains spells or information to perfectly counter something in the other. Neil Gaiman 's The Sandman series features Destiny of the Endless, who has a book chained to his arm that details everything that has ever happened, or ever will happen. One appeared in Final Crisis: Superman Beyond , and was so heavy that Superman and Captain Marvel working together could barely lift it.

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And it was only a single page, said to contain every page created in all possible realities. Ultraman read enough of it to be driven insane. The Absorbacon in the Silver Age Hawkman comics. This is a device that captures all the information known by any mind on a planet, and then allows Hawkman and Hawkgirl to access it.

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Its primary weakness is that it doesn't update when new things happen. Every adult Stanley shows it to seems to have fond memories of it, but hasn't seen a copy in years, and it appears to contain instructions on how to build almost anything. It's capable of answering every question and solving every problem, except that it never warns the consulter of the book the consequences of using its solutions.

The Autobot Code from More Than Meets the Eye is more than just a set of military guidelines, rather it exists to guide an Autobot through every aspect of their lives. It even includes subsections for threats that were feared but never ended up manifesting. Parodied in the Kingdom Hearts fanfic Those Lacking Spines with the ever-handy guidebook which contains anything the protagonists need to know about a given world. Each Book deals with only one Element, but contains everything there is to know about that Element and the spells pertaining to its manipulation.

Speaking of ponies fanfics, A Brief History of Equestria has the Articles of Command, a law book for the Celestine Junta the Pegasus government before the founding of Equestria , which is described as 8"x20" 20cmx50cm , consists of over pages, weighs forty pounds, and has articles at least the US Constitution has 7, not counting any that may be in the 27 amendments , which covers among other things one would assume in no uncertain terms was is considered inside and outside the Commander's powers, and what to do when a Commander shows signs of turning into a Tyrant, right down to the methods of execution and how to dispose of the body.

Not bad for a Stratocracy. Parodied in "Twilight Sparkle Discovers Wikipedia". In this story The Other Wiki manifests as a magical talking book that uses flattery and its ease of use to tempt Twilight into using it. Princess Celestia hates it because it makes research too easy, and assignments must be long and tedious to prevent students from questioning the pointless busywork teachers give them. Queen of Shadows has The Histories of Eternal Shadow, a massive book containing the complete history and knowledge of the Shadowkhan race. Among other things, it lists biographies of every Queen and every Yojimbo , as well as all the important rituals that future Queen need to be able to perform.

Intercom carries over the universal information of the human mind found in Mind Manuals. They even use it as a way to show the potential and the dangers of actually trying to bring a host's individual psyche inside itself during Lucid Dreaming. It's a cataclysm, of course, when the Horned King gets hold of it and decides to use this newly-acquired knowledge about worlds other than his to revive every villain and recruit them as his personal army. The Book of Life , which supposedly contains accounts of all events that have ever transpired.

How to Train Your Dragon has a book about dragons which Hiccup consults that is supposed to be this when it comes to dragons, but is disappointingly lacking in information. Amusingly, for the dragons it does have information about it lists their capabilities as RPG style statistics. Extremely dangerous, extremely dangerous The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself. Never engage this dragon. The Map of time in Time Bandits tells the protagonists where all the holes in the universe are, and drives the plot. Whenever the heroes get stuck they consult the map.

The "Sex Bible" from American Pie. Though, as the name suggests , its contents deal almost exclusively with sex positions. It's an interesting variation in that it's clearly been edited and updated by everyone it's been passed down to The book, a small pocket sized volume that appears to have some degree of sentience, consists of various pieces of advice written on its pages. In addition, the book always opens the relevant page. In fact, after Helena is forced to tear out most of the book's pages, the one page she didn't tear out still contains a piece of relevant advice.

A repeated piece of advice, but still useful. More obviously lampshaded, yet somehow simultaneously played straighter, with a book Helena comes across earlier in the same library: The Complete History of Everything. More useful for exposition than immediate advice, though. Tobin's Spirit Guide from Ghostbusters and its related media. Dana Carvey's The Master of Disguise features a pop-up book which provides extremely specific information relating to any situation at hand on whichever page is randomly opened to.

Beetlejuice - Handbook for the Recently Deceased. Though it can be difficult to parse the meaning of the knowledge inside, as it "reads like stereo instructions.

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Filled with almost everything a conspiracy nut would love, and more on top of that. Most importantly the information the team is currently looking for, and, a hidden detail on page 47, which may come into play in the third film, if one ever comes out. Max's dream journal from The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Discussed by Richard in The Blue Lagoon , when he wishes that one day a book fell from the sky with answers to every question. Navy survival manual, "Survival at Sea and Like It". Viewers hear its voice, and it covers some Back to the Future Part II: Old Biff picks up Gray's Sports Almanac in and delivers it to himself in The book reports the results of every major sporting event from to , and yet it's thin enough to be confused with Biff's girlie magazine.

I may be wrong, but I think that was the greatest book that ever was written. I've got it to-day; and I can stump you or any man fifty times in five minutes with the information in it. Talk about Solomon or the New York Tribune!

Herkimer had cases on both of 'em. That man must have put in fifty years and travelled a million miles to find out all that stuff. There was the population of all cities in it, and the way to tell a girl's age, and the number of teeth a camel has. It told you the longest tunnel in the world, the number of the stars, how long it takes for chicken pox to break out, what a lady's neck ought to measure, the veto powers of Governors, the dates of the Roman aqueducts, how many pounds of rice going without three beers a day would buy, the average annual temperature of Augusta, Maine, the quantity of seed required to plant an acre of carrots in drills, antidotes for poisons, the number of hairs on a blond lady's head, how to preserve eggs, the height of all the mountains in the world, and the dates of all wars and battles, and how to restore drowned persons, and sunstroke, and the number of tacks in a pound, and how to make dynamite and flowers and beds, and what to do before the doctor comes—and a hundred times as many things besides.

If there was anything Herkimer didn't know I didn't miss it out of the book. The former trope namer Book of Shadows from Charmed. It becomes more interesting given the fact that it was written over centuries. There are quite a couple of episodes, especially in later seasons, where the Monster of the Week is not referenced in the Book of Shadows, because it is too obscure to have been encountered before. The book repeatedly turns to the right page on its own.

It is implied that one of the ancestors turns the pages. It is also implied multiple times that the ancestors can add and remove notes at any time. The witches themselves, as well as their protector angels, are seen writing new entries in the book in different episodes. In multiple episodes, the witches lose their powers, every time resulting in wiping the Book of Shadows completely empty.

The scripture returns once the witches regain their powers. On other occasions, the sisters are turned evil. This changes the content of the book, which now lists many evil spells. If the sisters start to attack each other, the symbol on the cover of the book changes and the sisters lose their powers. Also, the sisters can no longer read the book.

Also, the book is very much desired by the forces of evil, who often plot to steal it, with varying levels of success. The book defends itself against anyone who isn't of the right alignment good if the sisters are good. In the last seasons, the sisters increasingly check out the library of the magic school instead, which seems to be much more comprehensive. Careful watchers have noticed that the content of the book changes; for example, Phoebe at some points adds information on Cole, the human form of Balthasar - but the information is gone at later points, replaced by either blank pages or completely different information.

This is actually the result of the prop and art department placing new or different pages into the book based on the episode. It's easier to open the book near the center of the book, so pages were often moved around. The actual prop had three posts to put in removable pages so new entries could always be added as needed. Gaius's papers have unlimited information concerning spells, monsters, magic, curses, plague, dragons and whatever other problem Merlin is facing.

He also often manages to find the right book and page within seconds, despite the diverse nature of all the information. However, there are other times when they have to go through every single book first, and it takes them all night. The diary of John Winchester in Supernatural has been dubbed the Book of Shadows by the recappers at Television Without Pity , based on how often it has all the answers the brothers need.

Lampshaded in Supernatural The Animation Abridged: In The Fallen Gods , this is the book that Solvin finds in the library. It turns out to be the Tobril, the book that contains the history of everything that's happened and also Gilean go do the book themself. The Awakening has a book called "the Invisible Codex" which is able to contain whatever information the reader most requires at the time. This is because it is an Abyssal meme , and its granting information is a ploy to get the reader invested enough in it so that it can devour their soul.

It looks like 50 golden and platinum scrolls there were two copies, thus pages total , thematically divided into 5 equal sections that cover arcane themes from the basics of magic to creation of major artifacts — advanced topics require understanding prerequisites. The unusual part is that the scrolls contain practically infinite amount of magical knowledge — one could study them again and again and uncover more and more of such lore. Moreover, elves discovered that a set of scrolls can be transformed so that it provides lore which couldn't feasibly be possessed by their creators, that is of intrinsically elven magic developed later.

In Ravenloft , the lich-king Azalin owns a magic book that records the biographies of all of the sentient inhabitants of Darkon Uncoincidentally, the very first biography the book recorded is of Azalin, which began writing the very moment he stepped into Castle Avernus for the very first time. Newcomers to Darkon eventually lose their memories of having ever lived elsewhere due to the book magically editing their memories concerning their origins. There are only two ways to recover or preserve a foreigner's memory, in that either Azalin or one of his enslaved scribes personally edits that particular entry, i.

The primary problem with the latter is that such new natives never find a reason to ever leave Darkon, for any reason The official setting for Champions includes the Cryptonomicon, which contains "all the mystic knowledge of the pre-Atlantian ancient world".

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The "tome" is actually in the form of a puzzle box that must be studied and solved in order to gain its knowledge. Unfortunately, it is also a trap: A mystically powerful slave, true, but a slave nonetheless. Mephistopheles creates one of these for Faustus in Faust. Rose Maybud in Ruddigore treats her etiquette book this way. The Thousand-Year Door , one of Mario's partners has a book with information and pictures of every enemy in the game. This even includes Princess Peach after being possessed by the final boss. However, it does not have infinite knowledge; this is demonstrated when Goombella lampshades that it doesn't answer her real question: It doesn't have Doopliss's name.

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Super Paper Mario has the Dark Prognosticus, a book which has prophesied every event of the game. The villain, Count Bleck, has it, and often quotes directly from it, with the effect of narrating his own life. Rosalina's Storybook from Super Mario Galaxy has elements of this, if the second game's ending has credence. The Diary then serves in this regard for adventures in both the Amazon Jungle and an uncharted island in the South Pacific And for the ten-odd chapters where you don't have the diary, then you have either the map, or good ol' fashioned ingenuity.

The Book of Prophecy from Avalon Code. In addition to being able to learn anything on any character, item, or monster that you see in the game, it's where you draw all of your weapons. To get some of that information in the book in the first place, the target entity has to be smacked upside the head with it. Both Myth games feature the Total Codex, a biography on every person who will ever live.

During the first game the narrator looks in it and reads about the Summoner, a man who will resurrect the Myrkridia and visit untold horrors upon the land. He closes the book fast.

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The prequel expands on this a bit. For instance, Conacht knows from the book that he'll come back as Balor and has his lieutenant hide all his magic items. It doesn't tell him the lieutenant will come back as Soulblghter and just hand them back.

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He also twice has world-changing magic items built according to instructions he got from the Codex prophesying he would have them made. In Valkyrie Profile , Lezard Valeth states that he found the Philosopher's Stone this version granting all knowledge , but that people have to work to get any knowledge out of it. He later clarifies by saying that a more accurate description of the Philosopher's "Stone" is the " ten-billion page codex.

Byff has technically been sent by his master to steal it. Its all-inclusiveness is justified by the fact that its owner is over a thousand years old. Kingdom of Loathing has an appearance by the Tome Of Tropes, which is all but explicitly this very wiki in magical book form. Reading this particular trope page in it isn't advised, as it tends to make the book implode violently.

Unfortunately, reading it is a bit tricky the entire fourth game is spent finding the darn thing; in the fifth game , it is stored on a faraway volcanic island with guardians that only let you pass if you're on a Sacred Quest; in the sixth game, it still is, and your final quest is to send it back to the void. They are referred to as "Fragments of Creation" and exist partially outside of time. The scrolls are of unknown origin and number which simultaneously record past, present, and future events irrefutably; what did happen, what could have happened, what might yet happen.

Even the falsehoods in them are true. To the untrained eye, the scrolls will yield an odd chart that looks like it has constellations on it with odd glyphs printed over or under it. A knowledgeable reader will be able to interpret the scrolls to a degree, but incompletely, and will be irrevocably struck blind. Make sure that it is getting enough light—at least 6 to 8 hours a day. Do not over-fertilize, which can cause yellowing. Also, check for pests, such as aphids. Dill stalks will only tolerate nipping the flower buds so many times before turning gray or brown and dying away.

Its job is to propagate and it puts all energy into making those buds. If it fails, it must start over, yet there is a limit to how many times the plant will take the stress. Cilantro is even worse. This is why you should plant several times over a season or let your last stem go to seed preferably under a bag for containment.

I use scot tape to get aphids off plants. Gently tap the plant with the sticky side of the tape and the aphids will be attached to the tape. While it is not the fastest method, it is effective. Yeah it's sounds like a slow death, dehydrating whilst stuck to a piece of tape. Just buy lady birds I would suggest. That would not be a slow death. You can very easily fold the tape in half and step on it after you are done collecting the bugs and poof, instant death.

They are bugs, I don't know why you would be worried about them having a slow death anyway. I don't know why anyone would be concerned about the feelings of insects. Hundreds of billions of insects die every day- that's just an essential part of the cycle of life. Plus, many insects, given half the chance, would gladly decimate our crops, starve us to death, then feast on our corpses.

There's good bugs and there's bad bugs. I have have attempted to start dill from seeds for the last 2 years, sowing directly into the ground, plenty of sun and water, bought seed in a packet one year then used seed harvested from another gardener last year. I could not get my seed to sprout, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, great article!

We are inclined to think the problem is in the soil. There seems to be enthusiasts of both camps poor soil, composted soil. It does not do well when over watered or in rainy season. One other thought, going back to the soil: What is the pH of your soil? Dill likes a neutral pH of between 5. I bought dillweed at the farmers market to make dill pickles. It had a lot of aphids on it we washed it in salt and vintages but we're still seeing them.

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How do you get them off of harvested dill weed? Add a cup of white vinegar to a bowl of cold water and wash the dill in the water. Then rinse a few times in vinegar-free water. I'm trying to establish a solid dill patch that will reseed itself year after year. I know it can be done in my climate because a relative of mine has a beautiful and dense patch that comes back on its own every year. I had a couple plants that were flowering, but the flowers were all just destroyed by hail. I was thinking about scattering some dill seeds from a packet in the vicinity of the plants around the time that the seeds would have been falling themselves, in an effort to simulate the self-seeding process.

The ideal time to sow dill seeds directly into the ground is late April through May. I have a dill plant and part of the plant is turning yellow Is it still good to dry or is there a problem with the dill itself. If the leaves are turning yellow early in the season, it could be due to several things. Hi I'm thinking about getting into gardening this year and I wanted to try planting dill alongside lettuce and cucumbers. I'm also considering adding in some flowers but I'm not sure what to go with. There are so many flowers to choose from. Here are a couple of annuals that you can start from seed.

They are easy to care for and will work well with veggies and herbs. Cosmos, nasturtiums, and marigolds. I want to maintain my dill patch long term At the end of the season, should I till the patch or just leave it? As stated in the dill article, the soil should remain undisturbed. I had a dill patch that came back for years until we dug up the bed and very few plants survived that. Dill seeds need light to germinate so if they get too deeply buried they will not come up.