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In the 20th century Earth sent probes, transmissions, and welcoming messages to the stars.

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The Galactics arrived with their battle fleet in Rather than being exterminated under a barrage of hell-burners, Earth joined their vast Empire. Swearing allegiance to our distant alien overlords wasn't the only requirement for survival. We also had to have something of value to trade, something that neighboring planets would pay their hard-earned credits to buy. As most of the local worlds were too civilized to have a proper army, the only valuable service Earth could provide came in the form of soldiers Kyle Riggs is snatched by an alien spacecraft sometime after midnight.

The ship is testing everyone it catches and murdering the weak. The good news is that Kyle keeps passing tests and staying alive. The bad news is the aliens who sent this ship are the nicest ones out there. They bomb our worlds for target practice. A star cluster in the constellation of Orion rotates once every thousand years. Those who rule there have an ancient tradition: When each cycle ends, they train their fleets by spilling the blood of lesser beings. The enemy fleets are coming again.

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In response, the Rebel Worlds gather their starships to face the terrifying threat, and this time humanity is asked to stand with them. When Ivan Pritchard signs on as a newbie aboard the Mad Astra , it's his final, desperate stab at giving his wife and children the life they deserve. He can survive the hazing of his crewmates, and how many times, really, can near-zero g make you vomit?

But there's another challenge looming out there, in the farthest reaches of human exploration, that will test every man, woman and AI on the ship - and will force Ivan to confront the very essence of what makes him human. The Hundred Worlds have withstood invasion by the relentless Hok for decades. The human worlds are strong, but the Hok have the resources of a thousand planets behind them, and their fleets attack in endless waves.

The long war has transformed the Hundred Worlds into heavily fortified star systems.

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Their economies are geared for military output, and they raise specialized soldiers to save our species. Assault Captain Derek Straker is one such man among many. The Ruhar hit us on Columbus Day. There we were, innocently drifting along the cosmos on our little blue marble, like the Native Americans in Over the horizon came ships of a technologically advanced, aggressive culture, and BAM!

There went the good old days, when humans got killed only by each other. When the morning sky twinkled again, this time with Kristang starships jumping in to hammer the Ruhar, we thought we were saved. Captain Keyes is loved by the public but hated by Command. He captains the UHS Providence , an aging supercarrier and the last human ship not dependent on dark tech - technology humanity has used to rule over the galaxy since barely defeating the Ixa in the First Galactic War.

Returning to the marine corps after a failed attempt at reconciliation with his estranged wife, Jake volunteers for a DARPA experiment that catapults him into a future where humanity has been stripped of years of technological advancements and more than half its population. With the help of a faceless benefactor named Alice, he escapes the confines of an abandoned lab facility. Ten thousand years ago, a single alien super-ship survived a desperate battle. The vessel's dying crew set the AI on automatic to defend the smashed rubble of their planet. Legend has it the faithful ship continues to patrol the empty battlefield, obeying its last order throughout the lonely centuries.

In the here and now, Earth needs a miracle. Out of the Beyond invade the New Men, stronger, faster and smarter than the old. Their superior warships and advanced technology destroy every fleet sent to stop them. They came from the brightest star in the southern constellation of Carina. First they studied us.

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Now they're among us, threatening human existence as they search for the Starcore, the greatest device of the lost Polarions. Logan is captured in the Nevada desert but escapes in Greenland. There he finds an extraterrestrial stealth ship, giving him the means to take the battle to the enemy.

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  4. Imperium Series by B.V. Larson.

The Skaintz Imperium was eradicated from the backwater planet of Garm, but at great cost. The population of the world was decimated within weeks, and Garm will never be the same. At least humanity can breathe easily knowing that the mysterious aliens are all dead Using their natural form of communication, Skaintz radio signals did chirrup and click, however briefly. Transmissions in their ancient language now spread at the speed of light in a growing sphere, reaching farther from Garm every year.

In the vast oceans of nothingness between the stars unknown things float. Mech 2 is the story of Neu Schweitz, a planet in a system 3. It's a beautiful world of snow-topped mountains, green valleys and nearly a billion humans struggling with piracy and politics. Soon, however, they will be struggling for their very lives. BV doesn't wait to get you into the action like he did in the first book in the series. As a sequel, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the story woven by Larson.

As a story in its own right, I'm not sure if it is strong enough to stand alone by itself. Read in context as a sequel though, it builds on a existing universe and gives enough to quench the thirst of die-hard fans. Again, the aliens were hideous and brutal, with a distinct conniving nature thrown in this time round. The heroes were portrayed satisfyingly and richly, struggling against enemies within and without.

That said As a sequel, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the story woven by Larson. That said, I found that the book's namesake - Mechs - were given a backseat role in this book which left me a bit disappointed. Additionally, I thought the demise of the alien antagonist was a little anti-climatic and felt a little rushed. The story also lacked the intensity of the first book, although that probably indicates the caliber of the first with which it is undoubtedly being compared to.

Sep 15, Kevin rated it liked it.

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The lazy lecherous pervert, who blames others for all his personal downfalls lived Ugh This savant makes me feel like I'm reading a modified script for the movie Slither. I'm pissed, I hope this compulsive liar dies a horrible painful, long death. I think a certain jelly thing in a saline tank, is going to ride a mech brain, like that thing in that guy's stomach in the old Ninja Turtle cartoons was this were Larson got the inspiration for the mechs?

I really thought that "pig" view spoiler [compulsive pervert hide spoiler ] would have landed, and the "American Psycho" would have chopped up some bacon with her red axe Not fair for someone who is personally responsible for at least , deaths, to get off scot free. I hope he gets his just deserts next book.

Apr 27, Lee Belbin rated it really liked it.

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  • This was a good follow-up of Mech A continuation of the alien invasion saga with plenty of the usual blood and guts that are a signature of this series. Larson has a great talent for threading multiple stories that interlink. As Mech - 1, Mech - 2 is hard to put down as you are always wanting to know how the heroes got out of the next nasty situation. This is a fun read ideal for times when not taxing the brain too much is warranted.

    The campy sword fighting got a bit corny for me at times Really? Sword fighting in space? I guess Star Wars did it, why not this , otherwise this read was a really great time. I like this series its a bit different than books that I usually read but I guess that is the main attraction. I recommend this series to anyone who likes alien and futuristic stories. Mar 08, David Crow rated it liked it. I find these books horrifying.

    The monsters are so unhuman that it scares the hell out of me. It also makes it difficult to read at the end of the day to unwind. It's scarier than Alien, Aliens, etc. Aug 29, Long rated it really liked it Shelves: Much better than the first book. The ending is a bit disappointing, but I guess it's meant for a cliff-hanger. Feb 15, Titus L rated it really liked it. Sep 12, April rated it really liked it. Mar 24, James L. May 26, Greg Paul is currently reading it Shelves: I'm really enjoying this series.

    Lots of action, excitement and interesting characters. I can not wait to find out what happens in the next book. Dec 05, Fred rated it really liked it. Still some plot holes and books should have been a little bit longer to explore all the angles, but the story is compelling enough to warrant the time.

    Mech 2: The Savant

    A good second book in the series. I found it a fast read and very hard to put down which is maybe why I read it so fast ; Good ole alien battle, space opera, sci-fi. Justin rated it really liked it May 11, John Hockaday rated it liked it Sep 01, Daniel Pritchett rated it liked it Mar 18, Nick rated it it was amazing Jun 04,