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In the weeks that followed I often wondered if Red Knees hadn't been right about Tuckie. I couldn't make any headway at all with her. She just kept running around with Murder McIntyre and paying me no mind, even when I tipped her in the hall. Once I came to her with eight dollars in my hand which I had wormed out of my stingy father by threat- ening to get all Fs again.

At this point it looked like Red Knees was right, which made me so depressed that I went out and spent the eight. But then the very next day I knew Red Knees was wrong. Because Tuckie came up to me in the cafeteria and said, ''Dobie, would you like to take me on the Moonlight Excur-. Well, sir, I thought my eye- balls were going to pop right out of my head. Do you know what the Moonlight Excursion is? Only the most important. Central High School year, that's all. I mean when you take a girl on the Moonlight Excursion, you're practically telling the world that you're going steady.

I mean that's how important it is. You can take a three-hour cruise down the river, sailing along the shore so you can see the lights, and then you cruise back again. And all the time you're dancing and eating re- freshments. Also smooching when you can get away from the chaperons.

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The chaperons are teachers and they watch you like a bunch of hawks. In fact, they keep an eye on you even before the Moonlight Excursion; nobody can go who's fallen below a C average in his studies. But it's such a terrific affair that every- body studies like a maniac so they can be eligible. Well, sir, when Tuckie asked me to take her, I knew that Red Knees was full of hot air about that emotional maturity scam.

Sure, things had been bad for a while between me and Tuckie, but it was all fixed now. Otherwise why should she ask me to take her to this terri- fic affair? While shining my shoes a dark thought occurred to me; the usual dark thought: Tickets to the Moonlight Ex- cursion were one dollar and twenty-five cents apiece. That made two dollars and fifty cents. Then there was a cor-. I would need about six dollars, counting tips and mis-.

And where would I get six dollars? Not from my father -not after just squeezing eight dollars out of him the day be- fore.

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And not from my mother, either. And not from my kid. There was only one place in the world for me to get six dollars-Red Knees. But she would never lend it to me-especially not to take Tuckie to the Moonlight Excur- sion. How, then, could I separ-. Burg- lars, robbers, and prowlers all over the city. How about the time you charged a dime apiece to tell me the provinces of Canada?

How about the forty cents for the Pythagorean theorem? But-'' she swore a mighty oath-"I'll get you for this! I kept telling myself that I was only getting some of my own back, but it didn't do any good. That Red Knees is so scrawny and helpless-looking that half the time I feel like crying when I see her. The other half the time I feel like laughing. Any way you look at her, she's a.

After three nights I decided I couldn't charge Red Knees any more. Anyhow, I already had six dollars and fifty cents. I bought the tickets for the Moonlight Excursion and or. After a minute the door opened just a crack and Red Knees peeked out. Not jealous, mind you. I mean the thought of being jealous about Red Knees, who I hate like poison, is too ridiculous even to think about. But I was pretty upset. I was even more upset the next night and the night after that when the same thing hap- pened.

I climbed way up on the trellis and peeked in every window to see who was sitting with Red Knees, but the blinds were pulled tight. And she'd never tell me who was with her, either. It was pretty upsetting. But I soon stopped brooding about it. I mean, I had other things on my mind. The Moon- light Excursion was on Friday night, and by then I had to make my cowlick stay down and stop biting my nails. At five o'clock Friday after- noon the phone rang.

I have just come down. That'll flush out your system. I won't say she looked good, but at least she had her scabby knees covered, and the dress had lots of ribbons and tassels and scam like that which was. She pulled them off and showed me her teeth, and I'm bound to admit that you'd go a long way to find straighter teeth. I gave a full-throated cry and clenched up my fists and went shooting across the floor. I respect you too much. You are the sweetest, darlingest boy. I love you and I mean to have you so you might as well quit fighting because I am ten times as smart as you and will outwit you at every turn.

And besides I am the right age for you and next year you will have more money because even a psychopathic miser like your father will have to agree that a boy of sixteen can't get along on a dollar a week. So come and drink a glass of punch and hold my hand and forget. Maybe I will go along with her.

Maybe on the North. So Tuckie couldn't go on the Moonlight Excursion with him. And then he was eligible and Tuckie dumped me and came with him. Red-Knees grinned up at me. Then I grin- ned back. Then I gave her a smooch, which was pretty good. Not great, you understand. The National Library of Australia's Copies Direct service lets you purchase higher quality, larger sized photocopies or electronic copies of newspapers pages.

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They are interior decorators. While her mother and father go out, Red Knees stays home alone, and I'll tell you some- thing you won't believe: And, be- sides, I didn't have too bad a time. Then, thought I, we would pick up right where we left off - the star crossed lovers of John Marshall Junior High.

That's all I knew about it. Tuckie came home from camp the day after Labor Day, and I was down at the station to meet her. She was tanned and bright-eyed and much rounder than when she left. Over snacks in the very employee-friendly kitchen, Elissa also stressed the benefit of getting involved in the Technology Club and the Center for Digital Strategies while at Tuck.

Once again, even more alumni joined us in the evening for dinner at the trendy Chambers restaurant. For the final day of boot camp, we began by taking a closer look at startups. Another panel of alumni came together to share their experience finding jobs and working at firms such as LendingClub and Square. One had even just gone through an acquisition by Yahoo , a fairly common fate for tech startups.

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To witness startup culture in action, we walked to the nearby below ground offices of BoostMedia, where we saw signs of Agile methodologies at work read: The last stop of the trip was OpenTable, where, appropriately, we had lunch. Recently acquired by Priceline and quickly acquiring smaller firms like Copilot, OpenTable is in a very exciting phase. As you can see from this unintentionally, but justifiably long blog post, we covered a whole lot of ground during the Silicon Valley Boot Camp. We left with both a much clearer idea of what it means to work in tech and a realistic sense of what it takes to get a job in Silicon Valley.

Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

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