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He was running away, physically and literally, from his life and his past and Don Draper, but he was also running away from Coca Cola. Ana Draper's niece, Stephanie, tells him flat out that he's full of it when he suggested moving forward and forgetting. It doesn't work that way. And then Stephanie abandons him. So he calls Peggy, and she tells him to come home.

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That they'll take him back. But he says goodbye, because he doesn't believe that. Because his family won't take him back, so why would he believe that? Plus, there is Coca Cola.

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I think he feared again he had lost his touch, and that is part of the reason he was running away, why every time Jim Hobart mentioned Coca Cola it sounded evil. He was afraid to pitch. And let's be honest, he had kind of lost his touch there. He was turning forgettable. I don't think it's an accident that encounter-group Leonard uses a fridge analogy. Coca Cola was literally abandoned by Don, left in the fridge and the broken vending machine.

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They have a new exhibit called Eyewitness Views: Making History in Eighteen Century Europe. Perhaps the subject of a future post, the exhibit has many beautiful paintings form the 18th Century of receptions, festivals, contemporary events, and natural disasters in such cities as Venice and Naples.

It was there, at the improvised gift shop at the end of the show, that I came across a paperback edition of The Age of Conversation by Benedetta Craveri. Craveri writes in her introduction;. Of course, in the age of social media, networking, texting…and not really getting close to people in person anymore, the art of conversation is a bit of a lost art.

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Naturally, history major that I was in college, I bought it. I've been around; if a man hash lotsh of money he'sh just ecshentric.

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  • Stay mad at me, Allie. It allows us to communicate in other ways. Serves her right for being such a big, fat, Eggo-scarfing liar.

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    Bring me to him. Hide fox, and all after! You can't get eight cats to pull a sled through snow. Mary Alice had a family with a station wagon, a split-level house, and a pool.

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    But then I looked up and saw Mary Alice's toes, as she stood at the edged of the diving board. Her second toe lay on top of her big toe on each foot. I had never seen such a thing.