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Instead of having to report to a board of investors—or even bank officers—who prioritize fast growth over anything else, a digital nomad can choose to grow their business as fast or as slow as they please. The same applies to other aspects of the business, like:. My digital nomad adventures: This is what happens when you work close to a paddy field. Such disparities can allow a digital nomad to fund their company, reinvesting these savings into the business, and still live a comfortable life.

Any business owner knows there are two elements that define the future of a company: While geoarbitrage lets a digital nomad lower costs and still live a good life, a company that makes little profit will turn a potential travel-friendly business into a complicated venture. A high-margin product is the answer to such concerns. A digital product is any kind of online-based education-focused content, including ebooks, videos, and webinars.

The key element that makes digital infoproducts so attractive is that they can be created or recorded once and then resold indefinitely. On its own, an ecommerce business seems like the perfect digital nomad-friendly business. The only challenge is the manufacturing and product development work that every new product sold can entail. This can also be done from anywhere in the world. Still, many dropshipping entrepreneurs have started a nomadic lifestyle , because of the hands-off management, low overhead, and small barriers to entry. It takes the following steps:.

The idea of having a vendor ship your products to your customers dropshipping is a wonderful proposition, because it frees your time up to focus on promotion. If dropshipping sounded great, then you must be drooling by now. A common case study of the success of FBA Source. Many digital nomads have started using FBA as their main businesses. The hardest part is the manufacturing, which takes some testing and upfront costs which can easily scale up to the mid six- to seven-figures , and the marketing, which takes optimizing the listing and carrying out an Amazon PPC campaign.

Once you send your products to the warehouses, Amazon takes care of the rest. According to Chiefmartec , the marketing software industry has over 6, thousand companies. The IT, security, and finance industries have their own spaces as well. Despite the high competition, software and digital nomads are a match made in heaven.

First and foremost, most software businesses currently bring recurring revenue, that is, you acquire a customer once and then you generate revenue over many months or years. If that sounds close to passive income, it is. Also, as stated before, you can sell software from anywhere. The disadvantages of a software business, however, are the costs of development and marketing.

Regardless of these disadvantages, there are many successful software companies run by digital nomads. I already mentioned the case of Moo. There are many more, who were either built or have hired digital nomads. A service business is probably the easiest way to become a digital nomad.

You have to be willing to put in the unpaid hours to reap the rewards later on. The whole purpose of having a niche business is that it makes marketing much easier. While the market shrinks, the power of the marketing message increases. Such specificity makes running a digital nomad business easier. Add to that the other three attributes mentioned above, and you have a perfect business to run from anywhere in the world. The main difference is the fact that you get to save more money , gain fulfilling new life experiences , and learn new skills. Everything will seem new and exciting, and you will want it.

To overcome such temptation, start with a budget. Your budget will depend on the city you decide to travel to. Since you are or will be building a new company, you want to spend as little as possible while still enjoying the rewards of geoarbitrage explained above, so you can reinvest everything in your business. As shown above, both sites give a detailed breakdown of the costs of living, including:.

If you want to meet other digital nomads, cities like Chiang Mai and Lisbon are two good options. If you want to surf, Cape Town is your best bet. If you want to network with tech entrepreneurs, Berlin and Barcelona are two relatively inexpensive cities. The same can be said about any other interest you have. Or if you want to chill, St. The point is you pick a city you would like to live in and enjoy.

Also, aim to live for at least a month in each city, if not three, so you can:.

You can also rely on good old Google, which will show you blog results from people who have lived in the city or country you are interested in. Having a financial cushion will give you peace of mind and a willingness to invest more in your business, knowing you can make do if your revenue slows down. Create a savings account with your bank of choice and set up automatic withdrawals to it. Aim to save at least twice your budget. On top of that, consider opening an internet-only bank account, which provides high-interest saving rates, with annual yields many times greater than the ones from standard banks.

Some of these high-interest banks are:. To save more money, consider selling all your non-essential belongings you will not take with you. Travel will force you to become much more conscious of your belongings. The space and weight you save will also translate into extra cash, which you can use to bolster your savings account. The previous two steps were all about organizing your life prior to starting your business. I left the most important and obvious step for last for two reasons:.

You have to always be growing and learning

Because you need to pick a business that fits the four attributes of the perfect digital nomad business, I will share a few useful resources that will help you get started with each recommended type. The easiest business to start is the one that depends on your skills and your skills alone. All you have to do is to promote yourself in a way that lets you build a business around those skills. Easier said than done, unfortunately. The good news is, these are all things you can learn!

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As you saw before, starting a dropshipping store is relatively easy path to get started in ecommerce. While the steps look really easy to implement, remember that a lot of people are doing them. What separates the winners from the losers is marketing. If you know and love your niche, it will be much easier for you to promote it. The process of starting an FBA business works similarly to launching a dropshipping one. For that reason, the research and negotiation phase is critical. Foundr is a great example of such company with a large community. As I said before, we sell different premium courses , but we sell them thanks to having built a website with over , monthly visitors, 1.

She has a highly invested community of writers, copywriters, and marketers who follow her thanks to the amazing advice she gives out. A small list can work just as well as a large one. Digital nomads sometimes get a bad rap. People often suspect they lie about all day sipping margaritas on a tropical beach. What all digital nomads have in common is an interest in breaking out of those societal rules about work that have become largely outdated. There is no reason why we should work 8 hours a day and take vacations once or twice a year.

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  • The 8 Most Common Digital Nomad Careers (with Examples of Each) - Chris, the Freelancer.
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Save money, invest everything in your business, and work hard, just like you would in your home city. Are you interested in becoming a digital nomad?

You get the most out of the nomadic life when you build your community

How commercial kingpin Richard Branson got to afford his own island. Get your free print issue. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new window. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. To begin a project I call my customer and speak directly with him but when the project is rolling, a message on Slack — or even better a ticket on Github — with a clear explanation is times more fast and precise than a call.

My customer relation went from bad and boring to clear and fast. Being a remote worker definitely improved the vision of what work should be — No more 9 to 5 everyday! Using these alternative product fulfilment methods, nomad entrepreneurs do not need to hold physical inventory. All they need is a laptop to manage and market their online store. Ecommerce is an industry that scaling fast and can take as little as a few months for a newbie to start making sales online.

The best part about this business is that it only requires me to work on it 2 hours per day minimum. One hour in the morning doing customer service, order entry, and entering tracking numbers, and an hour in the evening doing the same and then about half a day, a few days a week, building the business, optimizing the website, creating SEO optimized content, optimizing the email marketing sales funnels, and building backlinks and our presence in social media.

Our goal is to create long-term wealth for ourselves, our family, and our future generations while living a healthy, vegan lifestyle, exploring the far reaches of the world, and helping others create lifestyle businesses for themselves as well. My dream job was selling stuff online from my laptop while traveling the world and through Amazon I got into selling with zero online business experience.

Ecommerce is obviously a good choice if travel is your goal, because it can be done all online from your laptop with a relatively low investment and startup cost. The third most common nomad I find on the road is some kind of online marketer. These are often specialists in certain traffic generation strategies like SEO or Paid Traffic or generalist digital marketers.

For someone with a knack for marketing, this can be an incredibly fast-paced career as your success is only limited by the results you can get for your clients or employer. If you find yourself really doing well, you have the option to partner with your clients and other entrepreneurs, become an affiliate marketer or start your own business.

Since about a year ago I specialized more and more on Facebook advertising.

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I now teach others how to use Facebook ads to grow their business or start an affiliate marketing business on it from scratch. There are hundreds of ways to monetise digital content including selling eBooks and courses, affiliate marketing, sponsorships and advertising. I started making some serious money in affiliate commissions by sharing my journey on my blog johnnyfd.

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While a content writer will write blog posts, copywriters will write sales pages. Both are similar but copywriting is much more lucrative as your income is only limited to your ability to write persuasively. In my opinion, copywriting is one of the few well-paid skills that can be acquired in a relatively short space of time. A little less common but still an amazing location independent career is being some sort of designer. A great area to get started is in web design as almost all businesses need a website these days.

Otherwise, you can specialise in graphics, User Experience or User Interface design. All of these skills are in-demand for freelancers with the right level of creative ability. Becoming a web designer is a great option if you want to try out the digital nomad lifestyle. Web design is also extremely easy to learn because there are TONS of resources available online, both free and paid! I definitely recommend it for people that are design oriented, but also for people that are just getting into tech or computer-related work.

I think basic web design is an extremely useful skill and can be applied to so many fields! I started freelancing because I felt a need for new meetings, new exchanges and a desire for traveling. Being an Independent Designer allows me to meet and learn from people from all over the world. Next month I will live a week in Vietnam and that will not change anything for my clients. I will continue to create their graphic identity or to design their IOS application everyday.

Being a freelance designer freed me from my French routine and allowed me to get the geographical flexibility I was looking for when I started this adventure. These individuals combine their experience and knowledge around a certain industry or topic with communication strategies to advise and help small businesses and individuals achieve a desired result. This path tends to be more suited to those with a large amount of business experience but in theory, you can become a coach or consultant around any topic where your expertise or knowledge lines up with demand for help.

Being a digital nomad career coach has been a gift.

The 8 Most Common Digital Nomad Careers (with Examples of Each)

I wake up excited to get to work and help as many people as I can, have the same freedom and excitement I have, to work with something they enjoy, meaningful to others and to actually get payed for it. That gives my sessions an extra spice and triggers even more their desire to come have the same freedom I have to work from wherever I want. Software entrepreneurship in my opinion is most often the next path of already established software developers.

Unless you have the skills to develop yourself, software is expensive to build and therefore, I recommend to learn at least some code before going down this path. Some of you will know that software entrepreneur, Pieter Levels was my main inspiration and introduction to the digital nomad movement.

He is the founder of the website NomadList. You just need to be good at what you do! Freelance translating is the perfect fit for digital nomading: I have been working as a translator in the videogames industry for 10 years, and having never had to meet, or even talk to, my clients. Two years ago I decided to travel full time. I use email and Skype to keep in touch with my clients: Like trading stocks, gambling online should only be started by people with money to lose and are comfortable with risk.

A comprehensive list of ways to make money online is almost impossible to produce and hence, this is the reason why this article focuses on the top 8 most popular careers. All of the above 8 careers are legitimate in their own right. These are not limited to being a digital nomad. In fact, they are all great careers even for those who want to stay at home. If you want to make money online in any old way, be my guest. This is however at no extra cost to you. To find out more about me, check out the ' About page ', the ' Hire Me ' section of this website or connect on social media.

Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest. Hi Chris, great post as usual, you have now become top of my list. You were unknown to me before but have found your content and videos to be fantastic. So great work for informing us of the possibilities and following a certain path.

I really appreciate your hard work an giving us so much information and inspiring others to follow. Thanks so much, I hope we could meet up some time in the future.