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St. Paul Inside the Walls - Madison, NJ

The Eucharist is the central mystery of our faith, of salvation and of peace and is a mystery to be lived. Father Vogt delivered two other talks: The priest, who now lives at St. Dominic Priory in San Francisco, comes from a family with some members who have battled alcohol and drug addiction. On Saturday, Father Vogt emphasized the deepest wish that addicts hold, when praying the famous Serenity Prayer: We need to understand that there are many circumstances in life that we cannot control, while there are many circumstances that we can.

Ultimately, we need to rely on God, the priest said. We need to surrender our inability to change the past.

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St. Paul Inside The Walls

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Dynamic Catholic speakers will inspire you to live your faith with renewed confidence, conviction and hope! Saturday , September 22 , 9: God's Plan is a series of talks based on the Theology of the Body that offers an understanding of God's plan for marriage and human sexuality. Learn about the beauty of marriage as originally designed and the gifts husbands and wives are meant to be for one another.

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  • However, after a botched escape attempt which is thwarted by Rickey, a riot ensues resulting in the deaths of two correctional officers and a few prisoners. Rickey, with his iron fist, doles out punishments that are severe and extremely cruel to any and all prisoners who are connected to the incident.

    Hidden Inside the Walls (15 total)

    With the violence increasing, and the warden's inhumane treatment towards the inmates, the board of directors of the prison decide to hire an assistant, Mark Benson David Brian , to act as the captain of the guards. Benson believes that the inmates, although they have been convicted of the most heinous of crimes, deserve to be treated better and given an opportunity to change.

    He thinks that they should be educated on how to live on the outside, prior to release, in order to increase their chances of becoming productive members of society and reduce the rate of recidivism. Benson makes many changes during his employ at Folsom Prison including adding meat to the menu, allowing the inmates to talk amongst each other during meal times, and promoting rehabilitation programs such as employment help. Additionally, he makes changes to the way the guards do their jobs as well, by expecting the guards to step it up a notch by coming to work clean, behave in a professional way, and discontinue the senseless beatings of inmates that cause trouble.