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This transcript was made from that tape. Al Bello, who twice testified that he saw Carter leave the murder scene carrying guns, is an admitted burglar and thief, which calls his credibility into question.

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Before Carter's second trial, the Prosecutor's Office decided that Bello must pass a lie detector test or he would not be called as a witness. The cautious prosecutors actually had Bello take two lie detector tests, which were administered by two top polygraph operators, Professor Leonard Harrelson of Chicago, and Richard Arther of New York City. Both concluded that Bello was telling the truth when he identified Rubin Carter as the murderer. At the end of Carter's second trial, Judge Bruno Leopizzi instructed the jurors to acquit Carter and Artis if they did not believe Bello.

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The judge did this over the strenuous objections of the prosecution. The integrated jury apparently believed Bello, because Carter and Artis were convicted in less than nine hours. Al Bello and Arthur Bradley both indentified Rubin Carter as one of the killers in , but recanted that testimony in , igniting the drive for a new trial.

After a hearing, Judge Larner rejected those recantations and said "the ring of truth is totally absent.

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A key reason is that Bradley was in prison when Bello first identified Carter. The men had no chance to concoct a consistent story, yet when Bradley was later questioned and reluctantly identified Carter, their stories meshed.

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  4. After their recantations, howver, they gave different stories and Bello's testimony was evasive. At Carter's second trial, Bello testified gave his original testimony -- that it was Carter and Artis he saw outside the bar Read more reasons for the judge's ruling. Ms Kew, who threw a chair at Payet during the attack in a heroic attempt to get him to leave, spoke exclusively to PerthNow just days after the incident. Perth Now Click to open navigation.

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    A little after midnight, Fitzhugh finally recovers his nerve and Leonard takes a cab home. The next day a body, terribly mutilated beyond recognition is found. Following the funeral, Dr. Mansfield Tully Marshall , accidentally smokes a poisoned cigarette.

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    Leonard, Jeanne, and Lt. Condon Noah Beery , who claims to be in the secret service, take Dr. Mansfield to his home for an antidote.