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Tamara's Honey Bear, one of the girls

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Trends are best suited to profile in accessories so you can change them up seasonally. I have done the same with vintage flower paintings for the guest bathroom. I think I have about 15 painting, creating a beautiful wall collage; the effect is quite dramatic.

Its nice to mix it up and give a sense of history and personality in both fashion and interiors. It depends, I have some projects that take a few years and others a few months.

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I love the mix of types of projects and clients. It keeps it exciting! What advice do you have for young designers or architects reading this interview?

Be inspired and take in everything around you both old and new and always look to the past for new designs. Our dining room table is a mid-century Milo Baughman table. She meets up with an unlikely hero, Sam a Christian cowboy, and they embark on a trek through blinding blizzards and the blistering desert in search of other survivors and a sense of the formal "normalcy" of their country.

Sam lifts off the page making sense to the reader the way a good friend does. He illuminates a bitter truth we all have been facing concerning the ruin of his beloved country. Tamara Hunney is an important story of hope prevailing through the actions of people who dig down and survive, who contain in their souls the true American spirit.

Northern Exposure

From an America in bleakness beyond compare, the smallest thread of hope appears. The story pulls on that thread until it is a bright shining beacon, not just for Sam and Tammy, but for all of mankind. The question, unanswered to the bitter end of this page-turner: