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That's why we're here—to interact with you and your thoughts and offer real advice and answers. We're A Girl's World, and we understand what you are doing, thinking, and feeling as a preteen or early-teen girl.

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Don't worry, we're cool—we're just like you, and we know growing up is too tough to do alone. So let's figure it out together!

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The only option she is given is to try out for the cheerleading squad. This girl has been sex role stereotyped.

Other options which could have been offered are selling tickets, raising money, working as an assistant coach, or even joining the team. Both biological and social factors contribute to the differences between girls and boys. Biologically, girls and boys have different reproductive organs i. Most girls begin the onset of puberty one to three years before boys do.

Additionally, levels of sex hormones contribute to biological and behavioral differences in boys and girls. For example, research has found that males produce times more testosterone than females. Many researchers now believe that testosterone levels help account for the rough-and-tumble, even competitive, behavior in boys. Girls, on the other hand, are inclined from a very young age to socialize in small groups and to play less competitive and more theatrical kinds of games. While there is a wide range for "normal" behavior, high testosterone levels in early fetal development are often associated with more aggressive behavior, and high estrogen levels are associated with more developed language and communication skills.

Where the line is drawn between biological and social influences on behavior is not clear. Children, as well as adults, receive many subtle and not-so-subtle messages about how they should act.

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Parents of toddlers have been shown to encourage their boys to take more physical risks and solve problems they encounter while playing like trying to reach a toy or construct something , while they were more likely to "rescue" their girls by solving their problems for them. Girls, as well as boys, face many challenges growing up in today's world. The challenges faced by girls specifically have lead to some concerning trends.

A New Look at Adolescent Girls , the authors summed up some of the problems that today's girls are having:.

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This sobering statement does not include the fact that smoking among adolescent girls has increased to match that of boys 3 as has their likelihood to use alcohol and illicit drugs. These general statements paint a picture of the overall importance of girls' development. They do not, however, reflect the different experiences of girls of various ethnicities and races.

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For instance, African American girls consistently show higher self-esteem and self confidence than white and Latina girls. Researchers believe that messages from African American families and culture about what girls can and should do contribute to their more positive "senses of self. Girls' senses of self are complex, fluid and shaped by the various contexts in which they live.

Girls develop their senses of self not only through their experience of their gender, but also through their experiences of their race, culture, social class, sexual orientation, and disability status. A girl may feel she has more in common with a boy from her own culture than with girls of different cultures. Therefore, when one is working with girls, it is imperative to consider the contexts in which they live and experience their world.

The outlook for girls is not all bad.

Introduction to Girls' Development