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For correct pacing, practice with question banks, giving yourself on average 80 seconds to answer each. Among these offerings, are question banks written and reviewed by doctors and specialists who have recently taken each exam. These questions are then accompanied by detailed explanations and references for a more comprehensive understanding of broad topics. BoardVitals offers a free trial consisting 12 sample questions.

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This is a great way to test the features of the Qbank and see how questions and explanations are presented. BoardVitals has a feedback link on each question, which enables users to ask questions and get additional feedback from other doctors. This is a great feature for students who may need clarification beyond what was provided in the explanation. You can set up your block of questions either by subject or a mix of subjects.

Questions include audio questions formats as found in the actual examination. Helped me a lot during my prep. See you in Step 2. Hi Admin, I am new here, my CK exam is in 2 weeks. I came across this website yesterday and the very thing that came to my mind was to postpone my exam. Medbullets have so much to offer. Its so concise and well organized that I feel sorry I have so less time to use it. Anyways, I am going to take my exam at my scheduled date and till then I'll try to go through the high yield stuff atleast.

Thanks a lot for this awesome site. Hi, I want to personally thank Dr. Moore for taking the time out and making such a brilliant website. It is so concise yet explanatory in it's own unique way with the bullet points alone. Along with that, videos and really good illustrations make it an ideal way to integrate everything. Damian Apollo, thank you. I am seeing things in a whole new light. I appreciate it so much. All other Doctors are great too in their own ways.

Again sincerely thank you all. I absolutely LOVE medbullets. Thank you thank you so much for putting this together with easy access for everyone. I just checked my step 2 CK results. I will definitely be promoting this site and will share it with my classmates! Love this site, I will keep using it and hopefully to contribute after I do well on Step 1. Thank you very much.

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What agreat person behind medbullets!! I'm so grateful to have found this! It's incredibly well integrated and the questions are extremely helpful. Anonymous commented at 6: This is exactly what I've been looking for: By any chance are there ways to save your own notes or reminders on study pages, if you have an account? Fantastic job by admin and other colleagues. It would be great if you could develop an android app to access medbullets on go. Thank you so much for the Qbank and everything else Great and excellent questions. Some of your questions are better than the best sources out there.

You guys are doing an amazing job!!

USMLE Step 2 CK: Question 2 (with answer and explanation)

This website helped me so much. I use it as review for my exams also intend to use it as part of my prep for usmle. Wish I had come by it sooner; would probably have performed much better. Again thank you so much for you effort and hardwork. One of the best resources to go for step1. Anonymous commented at 5: I admire the highlighting of points too. But I think a separate page for 'abbreviations' may be helpful. I wish I could do something to support you guys, you rock: I just arrived here by chance and you already helped me greatly!

This is a great site! Thank you to everyone whose worked on it! The organization of the separate headers and tabs dividing the topics and questions specifically tailored to the topics are all really helpful! Thank you so much for this wonderful site,I and other applicants appreciate it.

Best free usmle study site ever!!!! Congrats , thank you very much: Love the snap shots at the beginning of the subject, made me focused in the high yield information. This medbullets started as a complete free site. It has grown up so much with the active contributions from many who fed information into it.

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It is some one's good thoughts of creating such a site, but now, it is partly a free and partly a money making. I hope this will continue to be a complete free site sincerely helping the medical community, since the knowledge anyone gain from this site will only be used to help anyone to have a better health.

After all the best health is the best wealth some one can have. Keep up the great work! Thank you so much! You really work hard to keep it updated. I really appreciate this. One of a kind! I gotta hand it to you. You basically took all the sources and then organized them by bugs and organisms. That's what I wanted to do for this whole time, but I didn't have the time or man power to do it. Can I join your team. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful resource.

Got this book to study for Step 2 CK with about 3 weeks before the exam. If you are gunning for a high score, this book does NOT include a lot of the more esoteric material. Specifically, multiple questions in the newest NBME cannot be answered by looking at this book -Inconsistent level of detail for certain diagnoses. Too much for some, too little for others -Paucity of mnemonics or memory aids. I scored s and to give a fairer review, it does highlight the truly HY points. I went back to highlight the sections that I had questions on, and every few pages for the first half of the book was marked so I just gave up.

Annotating with UW is great, but the awful organization makes it so frustrating and time consuming. I also skipped most of the questions that just wasted space in the book IMO.

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Oncology aside from screening guidelines is also non-existent in here, so I went back to pathoma to review some of those sections eg lung cancer. I supplemented towards the end flipping through FA CK for derm, sports med, and ethics - the rapid review was not as great as it was for step 1. It's very basic and bare bones information, which I was expecting based on some reviews.

I'm fine annotating with UWorld into it, and there's plenty of space in the book to do so - but I'm digging around forever, flipping pages to figure out where the topic is because there's no pattern to how they're organized - not head to toe, not totally timeline based for Ob , and it's infuriating. Even with the chapters it goes from cards, to ID, to allergy, then endo, then pulm, etc and I have yet to figure out why. As for the classic thought of MTB 3 for the non-IM sections - at least for Peds, there's a decent amount of standard information missing from the MTB 2 section vaccines, chromosomal disorders that's in 3 - so you're going to be shuffling through a lot of pages.

Or even not buying a text for CK and just jotting down UW notes to make your own.

Miscellaneous Hematology QBank notes (USMLE Step 2 CK Hematology Oncology) Flashcards | Memorang

I found it easy to read and very helpful specially for Internal Medicine. In general Master the boards Step 2CK is a great addition to your overall weapons in getting ready for Step 2 CK but don't rely on it solely. Believe me, endurance and physical training is also a part of the prep. There are not many reviews about comparing this edition to the previous one.

I like this new edition. It's more fluid and has a better format.

Chronic leukemia is what kind of cell?

Read it with UWorld and you will have all you need to pass. But if you are getting lower scores on UW you probably need other sources too. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. View or edit your browsing history.