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I'm a budget traveler, and I adore exploring the world one plane or train ticket at a time! Amazing that you and your husband are taking this adventure! Maybe one day my husband and I will too: Excited to read the next post more about your decision and what this will look like!

If you guys ever make it up to Vancouver, BC let me know! Haha I love how I have so many friends Ive met just by serendipity! We will def let you know when we head up that way! We will at least be up in WA a lot. Let us know if you ever do the camper thing!

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You can see where we need to replace her awning here. The living room and kitchen area, plus the bunkhouse in the back. Janelle My life has been a collage of airlines and exhaustion, and I wouldn't change a thing!

Who is the ‘crazy American’ behind Svalbardi’s HK$950 iceberg water in Hong Kong?

Dabby the Silver Streak. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Divide stations by 3. That tension permeates recent statements from city leaders, including an announcement from executive mayor Patricia De Lille on January 17 that read: But the feasibility of scaling up these ideas to meet the needs of 3. Once Day Zero hits, the daily limit of 50 liters of water per day will shrink to an allotment of 25 liters. For reference, one toilet flush generally uses about 9 liters of water; the average American or European uses at least liters per day.

In other words, residents will need to redefine their daily habits.

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The city has already published materials suggesting how to cut back on household water use—including letting yellow mellow and stop-starting showers. The culprits behind this crisis appear to be a combination of climate change and city mismanagement, Wolski says. Municipal water comes primarily from surface reservoirs that rely entirely on rainwater, and can withstand up to three years of lower-than-average rainfall.

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But the region is entering its fourth year of drought, and the city does not currently have major backup resources. The upgrade fixed leaks in pipes so effectively that the city saw a decrease in water demand and slowed their efforts to seek alternative water sources, he adds. But as climate change intensifies extreme weather patterns worldwide, drought-prone cities no longer have the luxury of assuming that rainwater will replenish reservoirs as they once did, says Sandra Postel , an international water expert and director of the Global Water Policy Project.

Climate change is making the severity of droughts worse, so this new normal requires new thinking in terms of how we manage water. Today, having diversified its water sources and fixed leaks in its water distribution system, Albuquerque is now on track to secure water for the next years —an ambitious achievement that Postel attributes largely to community involvement in the planning process.

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The threats of climate change have long seemed abstract. For example, marked one of the worst wildfire years on record throughout the world, with millions of acres sent ablaze across the western U. North points out that one unfortunate reality of these climate and environmental disasters is that vulnerable populations often suffer the most. Cape Town officials are making some effort to help vulnerable populations during this crisis, according to Wolski.

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For example, the city plans to keep water running in some poorer neighborhoods, and groups have also begun to organize and plan for Day Zero water deliveries to the elderly. The rainy season will start up again in May, but even if the drought breaks, the precariousness of relying so heavily on rainwater will remain.