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There are two more books left in this series, but, to be honest, this series is becoming quite tiring. Apr 08, Papa Tandoh rated it it was ok. I'm a stickler for series. Evil Star was alright and with this: It's a young adult's fiction novel of two orphans abandoned in a tunnel near a Washoe native American reservation. Scott, the apparent protector of the two, and Jamie Tyler, the doubting protagonist, performing in a rundown play house in Reno, I'm a stickler for series.

Scott, the apparent protector of the two, and Jamie Tyler, the doubting protagonist, performing in a rundown play house in Reno, Nevada called Why are they in this book, could they be two of the five? As members of the five it is there sworn duty to return the world to order when the Old Ones, the first ever evil, returned.

The admittance by the main character of feeling inferior to his twin brother despite not knowing who was born first can only lead one to assume that this is going to be a coming of age novel meant to inspire our youth to "come into their own". It starts fairly slow with the characters; Jamie and Scott have the uncanny ability of reading each others thoughts.

An assumed parlor trick they pull as part of their "Circus of the Mind" act. When two men arrive and abduct, or at least try to abduct, the boys from the play house. The subsequent storyline revolves around Jamie's quest to not only return to the side of his brother but rescue Daniel the abducted son of Alicia. Throughout the story it's revealed that Nightrise the multibillion dollar corporation is behind the abductions as they are working towards the rebirth of the old ones.

Jamie is shot,you know how and why, and in his trauma induced stupor he is transported years into the past to take the place of his deceased ancestor in the first battle between the five and the old ones and it is truly an oasis of action to break up the tedium. The climax comes when after Jamie's return to the present he is rejoined with his brother who has been severely mentally altered in his time under Nightrise supervision.

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Scott has been tasked with assassinating the president to be and that is the setting of the brother's reunion. Jamie saves the day and the good guys win another battle It's a "to be continued" sort of affair and if you didn't pay attention to the hero's plight you might not notice how he ends up being his brother's keeper. You wouldn't notice how completely incapacitated Scott was and how Jamie went threw all the trials of: And how all these have made him along with his powers that much stronger. I like subtlety, a proud book is an easy book, but the lack of thrilling pace, and the detached writing really hurt this book.

It was saddening and I really hoped it would bring back memories of Raven's Gate but sadly it came up just short.

nightrise (everafter, #3) by Nell Stark

May 10, Jennifer Wardrip rated it really liked it Shelves: The Old Ones are still a threat to the safety of the world, and the five young gatekeepers are the only ones equipped to help. Previously, Matt and Pedro were in Peru attempting to close the second gate. Their attempt failed and Matt was seriously injured. The adventure continues in a new location - Reno, Nevada.

A small, rundown theater is hosting a performance called The Circus of the Mind. The featured act involves twins named Jamie and Scott. They amaze the audience by reading each others' minds. No one seems to know the secret of the trick. Actually, the secret is, there is no secret. They really do read minds and not just each others'.

Readers will soon guess that Jamie and Scott are the next two of the special "five. When the evil corporation, Nightrise, becomes involved, it is clear that the Old Ones' power still reaches around the world. When Scott is kidnapped by Nightrise and taken to an isolated juvenile detention facility in the desert, Jamie begins his rescue attempt with the help of Alicia McGuire. She wants inside the prison as much as Jamie because she suspects her son has been kidnapped, as well. Nightrise seems to be making it a habit to kidnap teens with various "special" abilities.

Could they be looking for the five young gatekeepers? Horowitz thrills readers with kidnapping, adventures in the present day world, a world 10, years in the past, and the dream world Matt became familiar with in the first books. There are shape-changers, fire-riders, and mutilated humans to be battled. Some might find the story filled with twists and turns a bit confusing, but fans of the earlier books will be pleased with the surprises Horowitz has hidden in this new episode.

The "to be continued Jul 04, Erika rated it it was amazing Shelves: So, this is the third book of one of my favorite series, The Gatekeepers!

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When I finished reading Evil Star , I was a bit dissapointed, not with the story, but with some mistakes I found there. I started to think that maybe this book had an extraordinary plot like the others, but maybe it would contain some errors that would make me start disliking it. But fortunately, i'm glad to say that it didn't.

This was super amazing!!! I was starting to compare this with Necropolis which is the most incre So, this is the third book of one of my favorite series, The Gatekeepers! I was starting to compare this with Necropolis which is the most incredible, fantastic, awesome, outstanding book in the series. In this third part of The Gatekeepers, you meet a new element of the 5, or better yet 2 of the 5, they are brothers. The storyline was good, and in this volume you get to see how a war, from a thousand years ago between the gatekeepers and the Old Ones, was held. Even though the stories in these books are always great for my taste, full of adventures, non stopping action, and suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat , there were some things that weren't clear for me view spoiler [ how did they find Matt at the end???

View all 4 comments. May 23, Totoro rated it it was amazing Shelves: Nightrise is book 3 in the series. This book took me a while to get into. But it got better after Jamie ends up 10, years back. Jan 06, Chris Hill rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I've always enjoyed Anthony Horowitz's books, and this is no exception. The power of five series I find to be, in my opinion, far greater than the Alex Rider series. The 1st power of five books, Raven's Gate and Evil Star were brilliant, and this one is no exception. Nightrise I found, starts off fairly slow, as it's the third installment I expected there to be more use of the five's 'powers', as they are no longer a mystery to the reader, but like before, the powers are rarely used.

However, the s I've always enjoyed Anthony Horowitz's books, and this is no exception. However, the story was revived when the main character, Jamie, is transported back in time.

Night Rise by Anthony Horowitz - review

Horowitz presented a fantastic battle scene, with just the sort of detail of the 'Old Ones' as I'd hoped for. This, for me, was truly epic, and well worth reading! I enjoyed reading about the character Jamie, but I feel he is slightly shadowed since the 1st two books are centered around the other character, Matt. I felt a longing throughout the book to know what was happening in Peru with Matt and Pedro, now that the second gate is over and the Old Ones have escaped.

I am looking forward to the forth book, which I believe shall be called 'Necropolis: City Of The Dead' and mainly about the female character Scar. Hopefully, this time Horowitz will update the reader on what is happening with Matt, Pedro, and now, Jamie and Scott, as well as including lots about what the Old Ones are doing now that they are loose within our modern world.

Certainly a series to read, and the next books are certainly ones to look out for. Aug 26, Naomi rated it really liked it Shelves: I've enjoyed this whole series -- but then, I generally enjoy Anthony Horowitz's work. While the mythologies present may be familiar to students of world religions and apocalyptic literature both religious and contemporary fiction , like Horowitz's other work, the characters are interesting and well-written. This would also be a fine series read for a family with middlers and early teens, but probably a little too scary for younger children more horror elements than the Alex Rider series.

Som I've enjoyed this whole series -- but then, I generally enjoy Anthony Horowitz's work. Some thematic elements in this series: The series runs on the polarity of good v. As in Horowitz's other works, violence is required for evil to be controlled. I finished my first book in ! My memory really is horrible.

May 16, Ezra rated it really liked it. I liked this book but I kind of wish that he kept the same characters. Just kept the plot going with the two and then they find Jamie and Scott Jun 25, J. This book, I couldn't put down. Although it's such a good book, it did get a bit confusing at times. I figured it out in the end. Jamie was dead, he comes back in another world where Sapling's dead. This bit I understood. Scott is imprisoned by Nightrise, and Jamie and Alicia go to look for him. Alicia will only help Jamie if he brings pages, it's a good book and the authors style is fantastic!

Alicia will only help Jamie if he brings back Daniel, her son. It is just a bit confusing in places. That is the only negativity that's coming from this review. The book blew me away with the astonishing style. I got pages of the author's style and I never got bored of it!

My favourite character was Jamie, who happens to be the main character. My least favourite character would be Colton Banes. Banes is mean and kills his friends. Sep 14, 15AdkinsE rated it it was amazing. The story is building up and we find out about the evil nightrise corporation. Jamie and Scott are put in danger and an ancient tribe is their only hope. Feb 22, Chelsie rated it liked it. I second guessed myself thinking maybe I had read out of order. Feb 03, Fatemeh rated it really liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

I think that it was a bit sad that Jaime had his brother being taken away. Joe Feather, the intake officer at Silent Creek, knew of the mysterious tattoo on Jamie's shoulder, having seen all of the boys during the embarrassing strip search at intake. They work out a convincing plan to save Daniel and escape, whilst at the same time, Colton Banes is on their way to Silent Creek to kill Jamie.

A fight goes on between Feather's tribe and Banes' men, resulting in Jamie being shot in the shoulder and Banes killed by an arrow.

Feather manages to break out with Daniel and Jamie, but Jamie falls unconscious following his shooting, and a shaman is called on to bring him back. During this, however, Jamie is transported back in time to the height of the war between humanity and the Old Ones ten thousand years ago in what would later become England. It becomes clear that the original Gatekeepers are exactly the same as the Gatekeepers in the present, just with different names except for Matt, who says "I prefer to use my name from your world". Matt is obviously the leader, and most knowledgeable of the Gatekeepers.

Jamie then participates in the battle against the Old Ones, in which the Old Ones are defeated and banished, having mistakenly thought that only four of the Five could come together and letting their guard down. At the place where the Five congregate, a gate is built at the location the Old Ones were banished to, and would be called Raven's Gate by future generations, whilst another gate is built in what would later become Peru. Jamie sees an eagle, which Matt explains is there to take him back.

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Jamie wakes up in the present and with Feather and Daniel travels back to Reno to reunite Daniel with Alicia, parting ways with Feather afterwards. When he is asleep that night, he is spoken to again by a grey man in the dream world of the Gatekeepers as he had been during the novel , who keeps saying "they're going to kill him".

He finally realised what it means, originally mistaking that Scott was telling him that he was the one going to be killed, but he realises that Scott is the person going to kill John Trelawny. Throughout the book, Nightrise has always wanted the other candidate, Charles Baker, to become president, who will support the return of the Old Ones. However, when Trelawny became too popular, despite bad press created by Nightrise, assassination seemed the only option, as suggested by Nightrise west American executive Susan Mortlake.

It becomes apparent that this will take place during his birthday parade in his home town of Auburn. Alicia, Danny and Jamie hurry to Auburn to stop the assassination. Jamie sees Scott with Susan Mortlake, in the crowd, and he tries to send a telepathic message to him, but it fails. Desperate, Jamie commands Warren Cornfeld, Trelawny's chief bodyguard and would-be assassin being controlled by Scott , to aim the gun at Susan Mortlake.

Cornfield shoots and kills Mortlake, and in the chaos Jamie takes Scott and meets up with Alicia and Danny. They meet Natalie Johnson, a member of the Nexus and a friend of Trelawny, who gives them her car to escape. Policemen immediately come after them and the twins bid farewell to Alicia and Danny. The twins find their way to the Nazca desert and meet with Matt and Pedro, the first and second Gatekeepers. Meanwhile, Scarlett Adams takes an aeroplane to Hong Kong to meet her father, who works for Nightrise.

As Scarlett is about to go she finds out that John Trelawny has lost the election and that it is suspected that Nightrise had rigged the ballots as a failsafe. The Power of Five series is based on ideas from a series written by Anthony Horowitz in —, Pentagram. Pentagram was meant to have five books, but only four were ever published. The third was The Silver Citadel. This novel has been largely changed, expanded and modernised to form Nightrise , notably through the omission of the Queen of the Old Ones, a significantly more detailed section set in the past, and the introduction of Scar Power of Five's equivalent of the Pentagram series' character Will a book earlier than originally.

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