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Drawing is for me a way to learn to love a place, to become part of it.


I like to draw architecture but I am more attracted to urban scenery, portraying how people live in the city. I always carry a small watercolor travel set from Windsor and Newton and my sketchbook in my bag. I always thought that drawing was a solitary experience until I found Urban Sketchers.

It was amazing to find so many people doing the same thing. It is a great place to share! Pushing How to Look in Sevilla: Seville was founded as the Roman city of Hispalis.

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It later became known as Ishbiliya Arabic: In , Ferdinand Magellan departed from Seville for the first circumnavigation of the Earth. The 20th century in Seville saw the tribulations of the Spanish Civil War , decisive cultural milestones such as the Ibero-American Exposition of and Expo '92 , and the city's election as the capital of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. Text extracted from Wikipedia. In this session will look at the space around us, the streets, the squares and the activities, the people and we will capture on the page that sense of space of being present here and now, between the sky and the ground, in Sevilla.

We will look up to the sky to see the contours and outlines of the buildings, we'll feel their weight and proportions and rhythms to make them present on the ground. We will learn to feel the space, what is free space and was is built up or occupied and transfer this to our drawings. But space is not empty but occupied with people and activities of interest to telling the story of a place. Urban sketching is about telling stories. We will work in colour to draw both setting and story, drawing out what interests us.

We will work in watercolour and other colour media to show the story in full colour. Starting with quick watercolour washes, we will play at highlighting the setting or the action within the overall picture. From there we can progress to more complex scenes of activity or busy architecture.

Pushing How to Look - PYSB Sevilla 2018

The colour will serve as the background to the drawing scene. Line work and detail can then be selective to help us focus where we want the sketch attention to go. Colour blocks will help us break the scene into manageable areas and to avoid worrying later on about spoiling a neatly drawn picture. I see trees, cars, buildings, people passing by I sit down seduced by the idea of sketching everything that surrounds me.

I want to try to explain where I am, but also how I feel in this place. I would love to be able to reproduce in my sketchbook all the life around and the joy I experience now. There are too many things here.


I feel confused, incapable There are even things I do not know how to draw: What do I have to draw or leave out? How could I manage all of this stuff inthis little sketchbook? How do I have to structure the page? The fear of the blank paper is here again. Only children know what they are looking for. When I think of my own sketchbook, the sketches I do like the most, I always find three key things in them to be able to say: I prefer to "half-finish" my sketches. But I also like to leave place to guess and define what is not drawn in a precise and meticulous way. For that reason, there will always be parts of the drawing that are not well defined, empty places, abstract shapes.

My feelings are sometimes captured in words, rhythms, unreal colours. I love to join reality and imagination as a part of the game of guessing, not only where I am but also how I feel or what do I have to say about that place. In my sessions, the focus will be on: What captures your attention. Always, when we arrive to a place we first filter all the information through ourselves.

Visual information is right in front of us: Nevertheless a place is not only this it is also felt through sounds, smells and sensations that we perceive a place. All along the first session we are going to experiment the place taking our feelings as a starting point and also being conscious of the whole experience from us.

Course runs from 11 to 13 October with a welcome meeting on Wed 10 evening and a sketch meet with the local urban sketchers on the Sun Welcome at our base Tramallol. Welcome and get together at our base Tramallol. Morning workshops with Swasky, Inma and Isabel. Afternoon workshops with Swasky, Inma and Isabel. Evening all groups meep up and share.

Morning get together at our base Tramallol. Meet at Tramallol from 10 for coffee and open exhibition. Sketch meeting - open to all. Seville is world famous for its oranges so I was half expecting to see great orange groves, here and there, all in neat rows, or at least signage to orange groves.

Sketches of Sevilla

Every street, every plaza and every park is covered with orange trees. I was later told that there are groves outside the city but vast quantities are taken from the streets, and once they are ripe, lorries trundle about the city harvesting them. On the way back to the airport I dropped into the ancient town of Ronda for lunch. Ronda was a favourite spot for Ernest Hemmingway, Orson Wells and numerous other luminaries. I had no time to paint, though I did this quick drawing from the restaurant table in the old town.

The overall view however is breath-taking and I would have liked to have stayed longer but I had a plane to catch. I hope you enjoyed this painting story of my trip to Seville. Do get to visit Seville if you can. It is a splendid city.


You can download my simple commission process here PDF. If you enjoyed my site and, painting stories why not sign up for my newsletter? Better than having to go to the site direct. Gorgeous sketches of Seville, Liam. If you ever get the chance, try visiting either in Semana Santa, Holy Week, when the streets are alive with processions, or for the Horse Fair — all horses, carriages and couples in traditional costume. Wonderful sights, sounds and smells.

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I hope you are keeping well. Mind you too hot to work beyond about 11 am when I was there. That pig was at the Royal Bath and West Show a few years back.

It was scrubbed with lavender and baby oil. Your pictures have brought the city to life for me, thank you. Thank you very much! Your email address will not be published. Home Drawings A painting and drawing trip to Seville, Spain. A painting and drawing trip to Seville, Spain 5 Mar 10 Comments. Hi Terry, I hope you are keeping well. Thanks so much for that. Do get to visit if you get the chance.