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You may repost 1 respect thread per day 7 per week. Characters in ongoing series should be reposted as necessary. You must obtain permission to update old Respect Threads and you must message the moderators when you have obtained permission to update a Respect Thread. In the region of eternal ice where I continued my training, snow falls as sharp as glass and glimmers as brightly as any jewel. But the other side of this beauty is the shadow of death whose name is called with a mixture of fear and respect He was born in the fictional village of Kohoutek, in eastern Siberia.

His mastery over his Cosmo grants him the ability to create ice and snow at temperatures as lower than absolute zero by stopping subatomic particles. Calm by nature, he displays a seemingly emotionless exterior, but a more tender side of his character emerges on occasion, such as when he expresses his gratitude to Andromeda Shun for having saved his life and his undying devotion to his mentor Aquarius Camus.

He first appears in the series as he receives an order from Sanctuary to eliminate his fellow Bronze Saints, but he quickly abandons this mission when he discovers the truth about Saori Kido's identity and joins her in the battles against her enemies. Hyoga appears calm, collected, and unemotional.

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Beneath the surface, however, he is passionate and devoted to his ideals. As a Saint born under the Cygnus constellation, Hyoga is able to control and manipulate ice and snow as he pleases, as he mastered the basis of the technique of the Saints of ice, stopping the atoms of matter by the power of their Cosmo. Completely atomizes a permanent Glacial Ridge size of the glacial ridge another view.

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Hyogas attacks reach below degree F temperatures. Tanks Black Swans Black Blizzard which can freeze a roaring flame. Takes Ikki's Genmaken and survives having his mind destroyed which destroys the mind. Ikki impales his heart and he survives. Froze Milo through his Gold Cloth and managed to damage him. Raises his Cosmos to Camus level, is on par with him.

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Freezes Camus - with his absolute zero freezing aura. Learns the Aurora Execution and uses it to kill Camus. Is able to fight on par with Milo who is at base light speed and can go FTL like all Gold Saints and manage to hit him several times.

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Awakened the 7th sense allowing him to surpass the speed of light and fight on par with Gold Saints. Hyoga takes an Aurora Execution from Camus and barely survives. Can fight even with the Scarlet Needle Venom taking away his senses and massive blood loss. Survives an attack from Hades equipped with his sword. More info and calcs here. Injuries Hades when he combines his attack with the other God Cloth Saints.

Diamond Dust - Hyoga manipulates the atoms in the air to create ice crystals which he uses to damage or freeze his target.

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Kholodnyi Smerch - Hyoga captures his Cosmos into a single tornado, which is unleashed via an uppercut. Kol'tso - Hyoga freezes the water molecules around his target and creates a ice ring to stop their movements. The rings grow tighter and increase in number as time passes to completely immobilize the target.

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Freezing Coffin - Hyoga freezes the area around his enemy then creates a block of ice that consumes the enemy. Aurora Execution - Hyoga shoots out a cold aura that reaches absolute zero temperatures. While hesitant and confused at first, Aoba ultimately complies, successfully initiating the Coupling process and giving both Valiancers increased capablities.

Though Aoba himself is an not a experienced pilot, he benefits from the psychological connection brought around by the Coupling process and is able to use the knowledge Dio shares with him to operate the Valiancer and engage in combat. Dio and the Bradyon, on the other hand, benefit from increased speed from the extra aero-scales and reaction time. After a short skirmish the Luxon takes out Mihailov in battle and Bizon orders the Zoglilian pilots to retreat, because of the loss of Mihailov.

Dio utters the voice command to deactivate the Coupling process, causing Aoba to lose control of the Luxon and fall to the ground. Meanwhile, in the Cygnus, the Captain decides that they have to take Aoba and the Luxon with them in order to protect classified information. As Aoba unsuccessfully attempts to open the cockpit, he finds Hina's cat hairclip. Almost immediately afterwards, the cockpit opens and Aoba finds Dio pointing a gun at him. He is escorted to the ship while the Captain reports to his superiors about the day's events. Upon reaching the ship and learning of the state of affairs in , Aoba has trouble convincing Dio and most of the staff of the fact that he is from the past.

This almost escalates into a fight with Dio, and when the latter leaves to meet the Captain, Aoba makes a last-ditch attempt and tells Dio that Hina Yumihara sent him to the future. Dio coldly replies that does not recognize the name. Dio, Gengo, Lene and Special Officer Elvira Hill discuss Aoba in the Captain's office, and they conclude that while Aoba's belongings corroborate his story, the idea of time-travel is far-fetched.

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  6. Dio objects to the notion of fighting alongside Aoba again, but the Captain's answer is rather ambiguous. Meanwhile, Lee and Corporal Mayuka Nasu bring Aoba to the former's room, where he wonders at the meaning behind Hina's last words. The Cygnus then departs for its next location. The episode ends with the Zogilian soldiers- of which Hina is one- leaving the Trident for battle once again.