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The various systems are not equal in their contribution to your riding satisfaction and performance. Many times this is not in sync with how brands position and market their parts.

It may also be more balanced with mid-level aluminum wheels but top-of-the line shock and fork. With all this said, if you want the more expensive stuff, go for it! But make sure that you are informed and honest with yourself about what is really going to affect your riding satisfaction.

1 248,24 RUB

Some ask or challenge why it is better to do a single-sided fork, and if it is not better, then they suggest that it should not be done. If a new product is different but not necessarily superior, why do it? Given enough time and work, ONE best solution i. In the s superbike racing in the USA was very competitive and popular. And the bikes used transversely-mounted inline four cylinder motors. The four Japanese brands were winning on Sunday and selling on Monday forget that most motorcycle shops are closed on Mondays!

As the 90s rolled in Ducati was trying to turn its business around and saw superbike racing as a way to make the brand relevant again to U. However, for a given engine displacement, a twin makes less power than an inline four. Fortunately for Ducati the superbike promoter saw the addition of the Italian brand as beneficial to the racing series and provided a handicap — twins could use a larger engine to offset their inherent design deficiency. So brand and product managers can get to points of serious conflict with their engineers: Beyond the commercial marketing side of things, there is the reality that things that are different and veer off the path of the optimal engineering solution can offer other value.

Going back to motorcycle engines, twins have a distinct sound, feel, and power delivery that result in a different riding experience that many riders find more satisfying. So Cannondale had to come up with innovative solutions to address the inherent lack of rigidity. Let me be… um, frank. Some forum commenters are losers. Unwilling to use their real names, these commenters pontificate without accountability, common sense, tact, and in many cases knowledge.

There have always been these types in the crowd, and I expect there will always be. But in the age when the heckler sounded off during the gathering of a village of a hundred, the person could be seen, challenged, evaluated, and disregarded if they spewed garbage. Now with amazingly powerful and portable digital devices, one can say anything, anywhere, anytime, in seconds, and invisibly without consequence. As a young product manager I was told that one had to have thick skin to succeed.

More specifically a successful product manager needed to develop a good and fast filter that enabled them to discern to whom to listen. That was easier to discern when customers expressed their opinions in person or in written letters, and product reviews were printed in monthly magazines. Now the sheer volume of voices on the internet can make one want to avoid it all. But the product manager must still be attentive to the credible feedback. The recent introduction of the Cane Creek eeWings titanium crank received tremendous response, and we were certainly interested in what was being said.

It turned out to be the biggest and best response the company has seen in years. While the hecklers were out there, they were outnumbered significantly. But the sheer stupidity of some of their statements stood out, while others were clearly misinformed or making reckless assumptions.

There were comments like titanium is soft, turns green over time, and is one of the most flexible metals. All of which are incorrect. Then there were the experts that said titanium cranks must be more flexible than carbon cranks and that spindle joint is not as durable as a splined or lobed interface. Early titanium frames were flexible because they were built from small diameter tubes whereas aluminum frames were much larger in diameter. There were also the inexplicable comments such as the spindle parts do not look machined, the opportunity cost to the company was not worth it how in the world would someone know what it cost us to develop eeWings and what we had to pass on to do so?

The last is interesting for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that the crank is not made in China. First, this begs the question of what any of us really needs to enjoy riding a bicycle much less just to survive. Not to get philosophical, but we live in a WANT society and hopefully in relation to cycling the WANT is something that enhances our riding experience. Lastly, there are many, many things in life that I neither need nor can afford.

1 248,24 RUB

However, some of those things I appreciate for their beauty, for the fact that someone achieved their dream, because they accomplished something others could not, or for the honorable reason of simply making the best possible thing. This blog is not limited to topics related to Cane Creek or even bicycles for that matter. However it will always be true to its title and offer my candid view on things. Somehow my better half has survived my wheel-centric view of the world and now just rolls pun intended with it. Now you too can get a dose.

While product innovation and the resultant possibilities of what new products offer is mindboggling these days, a disconnect between features and experience is growing. For many products, especially those in the sports and recreation areas, brands have mistakenly correlated technology with Fun.

Certainly, there is a correlation, but at some point Fun gets misunderstood and lost as technology sterilizes and isolates us from the core experience. It may have been Keith Code, Nick Ienatch, or some other scribe from the motorcycles rags that colored my world as a dreamy college student. Nonetheless, I have never repeatedly experienced truer words. The true torch bearer for this concept is the Mazda Miata. Since its introduction thirty years ago, no one that has driven one has not had fun. And during those thirty years it has always been under-powered and not fast. Fun is an experience wherein joy, thrill, satisfaction, and challenge are rolled up into a tasty burrito.

Generally my book choices have been motorcycle related. Of course now with a tablet and a Kindle app I can carry an assortment of titles with me. Some books are hard reads, slow going, and lacking in interest, these are best read in short bursts over lunch a few pages at a time. Others, though, grab you and make you want to sit longer to see what happens next. Atlas Rider who rode from Phoenix, AZ through South America with the goal of arriving eight months later in Ushuaia, the capital of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world. Many of us have been in the situation in which we needed to take a momentous trip or make a life change that everyone we are close to tells us is crazy, or dangerous, or self indulgent.

Six of the eight Lawrence Broughs are beyond certain identification.

Latin America | Atlas Rider

Many have tried to purchase it, without success. But the right brand has a phoenix-like quality, as both revitalised Triumph and now Indian motorcycles can testify. And now a hand-built Brough Superior for the 21st century has emerged.

Anxiety Across the Americas One Man's 20,000 Mile Motorcycle Journey

The current Brough Superior Limited makes every bit as much of its association with Lawrence of Arabia as the late George Brough intended. Clearly he remains very good for business. Even so, if you are interested in purchasing one of these very exclusive motorcycles, arranging a corresponding race with a Sopwith Camel might not be so easy. For all the latest news, advice and reviews from Telegraph Cars, sign up to our weekly newsletter by entering your email here. Search our marketplace for a massive choice of cruisers, scooters, off-roaders or tourers on Bike Trader Time to get rid of your bike?

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Anxiety Across the Americas: One Man's 20,000 Mile Motorcycle Journey

Friday 14 December Lawrence of Arabia's last ride The death of T. Lawrence - Lawrence of Arabia - 80 years ago remains shrouded in mystery. Nigel Winter outlines the famed soldier's final days Photo: Nigel Winter is the author of Travelling With Mr Turner For all the latest news, advice and reviews from Telegraph Cars, sign up to our weekly newsletter by entering your email here.

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