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And here they are, in no particular order: There are probably many more! It will be the most useless Game of Thrones list ever.

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If you would like to contribute any I missed, please leave your suggestions in the comments. Martin in this interview: How come characters keep getting hand injuries?

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Well, actually hand injuries were very common in the Middle Ages. When you fight with swords and axes and do a lot of hand labour, you get a lot of hand injuries. In fact, even leaving out the swords and axes you get a lot of hand injuries. They would wear protective gloves, but they would still get injuries.

"It's All In How You Look At It" by Queenofscots - Flash Fiction Horror Story

There are other touches of realism; my characters who fight in repeated battles in these books tend to get scars. Every time you go into a fight you risk emerging a little less pretty than when you went in. I was thinking recently of what books I consider must-reads. Books that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, regardless of their personal preferences or reading habits. These may not be my favorite books some are , but they are books that I think are important, entertaining, and make the reader a better person in one way or another. What follows is a list of those books.

Mad ramblings, visual dystopia, and fun!

Feel free to argue with me or leave your own additions in the comments. A commentary on war and the cost of winning, and a thrilling read to boot.

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A classic for a reason. The story of a sad time in history depicting events that probably still happen, unfortunately , but a story still full of hope and innocence. Another classic for a reason. On the surface a great story of survival, but layered with interesting ideas and comments on civilization and religion.

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  • A series of ten graphic novels and some miscellaneous additions that chronicle the life of the titular character, a member of a family that influences the lives of everything in the universe. It really is incredible the journey that Gaiman takes the reader on throughout this series. I was tempted to put three Spanbauer books on this list, but I decided to narrow it down to just one.

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    And this one speaks to me the most. This book feels like Spanbauer poured out his entire heart and soul into every sentence. A young orphan boy becomes a local legend because he lives his life ignorant of the racial issues in the area. And I might be adding the Game of Thrones series as well. I am now a member of GoodReads as a reader and a writer.

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    Check out my Author Page , I have added a link to it up to the right. A Fistful of Flash Fiction Horror. Join us as we cry to the heavens Groves grew up in the Ozark Mountains of southern Missouri, where his love of trees and sky and things that go bump in the night began. He earned a degree in Communications from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and went on to a career spanning two-plus decades in the radio industry.

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    He also writes plays, short stories, novels, songs, and poetry. Four on the Floor. Shelby Dollar got her B. She currently lives in Kansas City.