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I meet one couple and fall in love with them, read another book in the series and love that couple and so on. Each couple is so different as each Warder brings his own set of needs, insecurities and power to the relationship and that is balanced by the strengths and qualities of their Hearth, giving each story its own flavor and depth.

I love this series and have heard that Calmes might be writing one last story in the series. I hope its true. Here is the books in the order they should be read to fully grasp the role each Warder plays in the group and who all the characters are that are mentioned, complete with outstanding covers by artist Reese Dante:. His Hearth Warder 1: Julien is searching for his date at the company Christmas party and finds him with another man in the copy room.

Their connection to each other is immediate and Julien finds himself taking Ryan home after the dinner is over. One night turns into the weekend of love and lust that comes to an abrupt end when Julien comes out of the bedroom to find Ryan in deadly combat with four demons. Tooth and Nail Warder 2: Warder Malic watched as his best friend and fellow Warder Ryan find his Hearth and vowed never to let another get that close, no matter the cost.

Just the thought of loving someone, being that vulnerable, scared the hell out of him. Malic preferred being the snarly, sarcastic person that his reputation purported him to be. Until he came across an angel being attacked by drunken thugs in a bathroom and everything changed. Dylan is only On his way home from his temporary job as a Christmas angel in a seasonal boutique, he stops at a bar and gets into trouble immediately. He is rescued when a tall, scary, blond man pulls off his attackers and makes sure Dylan is safe.

Dylan knows he has found the man he was meant to love. Now if he can only convince him.

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Malic is drawn to the gorgeous young man in his arms. The strength of that attraction sends him running off into the night. But fate has other plans and Malic soon meet up with Dylan again, and again. How much will it take before Malic accepts what Dylan already knows to be true, Dylan is his Hearth and they belong together.

Warders Volume One by Mary Calmes | Dreamspinner Press

Heart In Hand Warder 3: Then Leith disappears into a demon dimension while trying to rescue Simon and others from a demon trap. Now Simon must risk everything, including sacrificing his heart, if he is going to get his Warder and love back safely. Warder Jackson Tybalt is secure in his relationship with his Hearth until he catches him cheating on him.

Jackson now threatens the security of his group and the welfare of the humans he is supposed to protect. Then kyrie Raphael offers him a relationship that Jackson thinks is built on darkness, lust, and pain. This is what Jackson has been seeking and Jackson accepts.

Raphael is a demon who just happens to hunt his own. He has wanted Jackson as his own for some time and jumps at the opportunity the depressed Jackson gives him. Far darker than the books before it, it has a depth combined with a vivid description of a man lost in emotional turmoil. And Raphael is just an outstanding character. They are an interracial couple, with the added twist that Joseph is also blind.

They are an established couple which makes the story even more interesting. When a demon threatens the family, the local Warder group demonstrates just how ineffectual they have become and Marcus must step in and take charge of the situation.

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Again, a totally different take from the other couples. It is a study of a traumatized man trying unsuccessfully to recover from an ordeal. Marcus and Joe grab the reader from the start, their story is multilayered and easy to empathize with. Cherish Your Name Warder 6: Malic is accompanying Dylan, home for the holidays. An amnesiac Malic must fight his way back to a home he no longer remembers with just a name to use as a beacon.

As a Warder Christmas story, it has all the right elements: I love Dylan and Malic and loved that we got another story featuring their relationship. We left it at the very beginning of the bond in Tooth and Nail and this gives us a glimpse into the relationship months later. As with the previous books, some of the other Warders make appearances as well. And now all the books have been published in print editions in two books.

Collection 1 contains books , and Collection 2 has books All available from Dreamspinner Press and Amazon. Here are the covers for the printed collections, I love those covers, just gorgeous:. I love the Warder Series. They are available at Dreamspinnerpress. I have the series and I love putting in my headphones and listening to them as I do my daily tasks.

And I adore Malic and Dylan! Does the baddies sleep during the day? I love Mary Calmes. I dunno but she's my chicken soup for my reader's soul. She is my balm I don't give a flying shit if she has the same ingredients in her stories for the most part--sometimes she can surprise you, ex. Mine that shit works for me.

Doesn't work for you? But this must have been beginning Calmes because this was clunky like a motherfucker. The title is "His Hearth" I should have known something was going to be homey, right?

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I think my biggest problem is being stuck on the characterization of the main characters. Julian is 6'3", believes in monogamy, doesn't do one night stands, kisses like he's fucking your soul and his tongue is a monster dick. Basically he has it going on. And he doesn't know it Ryan Dean is like a walking erection. Our boy likes to fuck. My issue is--you know what? Let me summarize it and you can maybe see my conundrum. Julian drinks his Patron, knocking it back, feeling nice. Hottest mofo Ryan on two legs presses against him with a stiff dick, wants to bone.

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  8. But Julian believes in monogamy, likes to get to know who he has sex with, wants a relationship. Ryan basically invites Julian back to his place to slap skins. I don't do that. I'm not like that.

    His Hearth (The Warder Series #1)

    You have a reputation for fucking and leaving. I'll kiss you and that's it. And then you know how the night ends? Ryan - 1 ; Julian - 0 Why drag out the inevitable? I couldn't get over it. Just fuck him already and be done! It was a mix of mixed signals, weaker fantasy and over explaining. I got possessive "mine"-ing, consuming kissing and buttsex.

    Oh and everlasting monogamous love. This is probably my lowest Mary Calmes rating. I want to read the rest of the series. Long live Mary Calmes! View all 12 comments. Okay so this was just strange. I love her OTT crazy stories but the paranormal stuff happening at the end was just, well, strange. Or at least it would have benefited from being longer.

    View all 4 comments. Oct 14, DarienMoya rated it liked it Shelves: View all 3 comments. Jul 30, Ravyn rated it did not like it Shelves: I'm not sure where to begin. The novel begins with Julian, our main character, out for dinner in celebration of his recent promotion at the publicity firm where he works. Unfortunately it's not much of a celebration for him, since he just came from catching his boyfriend in the act of cheating on him.

    Then to make matters worse, said ex-boyfriend shows up at Okaaaay Then to make matters worse, said ex-boyfriend shows up at the restaurant and confronts Julian, blaming everything on him because apparently Julian wouldn't have sex in the 2 months they'd been dating. Julian is really into long-term monogamy, and not jumping into bed, so he says. But not to fear, just as the scene between Julian and The Ex is getting ugly, one of Julian's clients shows up to save the day.

    Ryan Dean is one of Julian's past publicity clients. He's a world-famous model and has his own local TV show as well. So he's hot, famous, super awesome, blah blah, and also apparently has been harboring some secret crush on Julian and just so happened to be in the restaurant when Julian's Ex was yelling at him. So then Ryan and Julian go home and have sex This, of course, is right after Julian kept going on and on about how he doesn't like to jump into bed with people and just broke up with his boyfriend over the issue.

    So there are lots of problems with this book, mostly having to do with the total lack of plot, lack of character development, lack of direction, lack of realism - you get the idea. I felt like I was reading someone's brainstorming ideas or something, because there's just nothing cohesive about this that I would call a "story. Seriously, one of the worst things I've read in a long time. However, I have read some decent stuff from this author in the past, so I think she needs to calm down and stop putting books out so quickly because this just isn't cutting it.

    This story takes a total turn at around the three-quarters mark. And not in a good way. More like a "This is now officially the worst book I've read all year" way. All in all, I found it to be completely unrealistic bordering on ridiculous. I quit reading, for real this time.

    Sep 18, Deborah rated it liked it. Where do I start with this? I found that for me anyway the crazy OTT plots and the endless fashion descriptions were just too much. But she won me over.

    Kindle Editions

    Having just re-read A Matter of Time and the Marshalls series I decided it was finally time to give this ago. And since I love paranormal reads I was almost giddy with excitement. Hot mess is how I would describe it. The characters Where do I start with this? The characters are all good and likeable but Although this was dragged out and annoyed me no end.

    But it seems that while he struggles with easy sex he accepts all the paranormal stuff straight away. Willow Brooks Was there really cheating? Bo I haven't read this series yet. It always kinda scared me, and that's saying a lot because I love MC. Aug 01, Ami marked it as dnf. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. It started good, I actually enjoyed Julian's "voice" for once. I thought he was quite funny, I still enjoyed it until first meeting with Ryan, I thought it was cute.

    But then Ryan sort of "forcing" Julian to come home with him I started wanting to pull out my hair. Then after pulling and pushing, Julian came home with Ryan, and Ryan practically told Julian that Julian was a good boy, who didn't sleep around, so he needed to get laid I mean, WTF?? I just had it I don't want to finish this. Another disappointment story from her, and I don't think I'm checking her other titles anytime soon.

    Jul 27, Amanda rated it it was amazing. I love the way Mary's mind works. She takes the ordinary and twists it into something extraordinary. I'd like to go on, but I don't want to ruin the surprise for anyone. D Another great story and one I'm sure to reread again in the future. I swear, I remember liking the rest of the series, but I just did not like this one much at all. The pace was too fast, the MC was too "Jory", as usual, and there was too much going on, with not nearly enough time focused on the whole paranormal demon hunting aspect, which really seemed to come out of left field.

    I came to the conclusion while rereading this that Mary Calmes essentially writes fanfiction of her own characters. She created a specific set of characters, and just uses them over and I swear, I remember liking the rest of the series, but I just did not like this one much at all.

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    8. She created a specific set of characters, and just uses them over and over again, in different settings and worlds. The secondary characters change up a bit. I shouldn't complain, everyone knows what they're getting into when they pick up a Mary Calmes book, I just didn't feel that this particular one was done nearly as well as others by this author.

      It's Mary, of course I loved it! Why oh why did I not read it sooner?? I am going to devour this series I just know it. This was a good book. It goes onto Ryan and Julian eventually hooking up and starting to date. They protec This was a good book. They protect humans from dangerous creatures and Julian is his Hearth, a person Warders emotionally invest in.

      When Ryan explains this, Julian takes it pretty well. View all 15 comments. Nov 29, Karel rated it did not like it. I've compiled all the people who are really good-looking in this book: As usual, everybody wants to have sex with J, which gives us a question: Given that for every guy who wants t 1. Given that for every guy who wants to get in his pants, you use one drop of white paint, what would you get?

      Series Spotlight: The Warder Series by Mary Calmes

      This includes Ryan Dean Channing Random guy at the club And Mitch Carmichael, who showed up mysteriously for no discernible reason other than to underline how desirable J is. Which brings a few more questions: Is he wearing a kaleidoscope? I feel so threatened; Here I am, flipping burgers and fingers at MacDonald's and everyone in this book is just so amazing at their job it's like failure isn't even an option.

      All my nitpicking aside, this is typical Mary Calmes. If you want to self-insert yourself into the book and enjoy the description of how everyone fawns over, long for, loves, and want to have sex with the narrator MC, read this. If you're having a lousy day at work and want to feel like you're the best on your job there is, read this.

      Aug 28, Lucy rated it liked it. That could have been it. Or, it could have been that the blurb is definitely misleading, in that this is a paranormal book, not a contemporary which is what I thought it was. Finally, it could have been and I think this might be it the fact that while Julian i Reviewed for heartsonfirereviews. Ryan, who sleeps with everyone for one night and then discards them. That being said, the idea of the Warders was a really good one, that I liked a lot.

      They protect the city from demons, and are fighters who need a hearth, someone of their own that keeps them strong and gives them a place to recharge, a home. This is interesting, and worth continuing the series. The writing was catchy and Julian really was funny. Apr 15, Kelly H. Maybedog rated it really liked it Shelves: You can totally tell this is a Mary Calmes book: People push and push and push to get him into bed.

      This was not one of her best but it was probably the hottest. Smokin' sexual tension and then red hot sex, although the sexual tension went on a little too long. I was thinking, "Enough already," near the end of that part. There wasn't much else to it until the sudden swerve into fantasy land. But I like the s You can totally tell this is a Mary Calmes book: But I like the set up, very Buffy-esque. I hate hate hate it when authors have someone's hazel eyes changing color depending on mood.

      It's complete and utter bullshit. Jul 20, Serena Yates rated it really liked it Shelves: I really liked this story. A mystery, I thought. Ryan has some deep dark personal secret that he isn't ready to share with his lover Julian. And when the truth of the actual story twist hits you, it changes pace, full-force into paranormal land. Feb 09, Helen rated it it was ok. Crazy even for Mary! Jul 31, Dana rated it liked it Shelves: I went into this book blind. And thank God, because I wouldn't have picked it up. It was nice, like bookish drug, but still not my cup of tea. Nov 25, Elisa Rolle added it.

      For a reason or the other, his boyfriend is not so happy, and he decides to cheat on Julian right the day Julian has got a promotion and is invited by the big boss to an important dinner with his partner. Suddenly Julian becomes the hottest guy around, from not having neither a boyfriend to take to dinner, he has: If not some of them, like the businessmen or the stranger in the bar, are worthy of a story, their characters come out in only few sentences.

      Almost half the book is spent in one night, like an old movie: And during this night there is something else that let me a bit perplexed: This was an all right story, but I think it will be best read with a sequel, to help the reader the close the loose ends. May 19, Sans rated it it was ok Shelves: Well, now I understand what most of the reviews for this book were talking about.