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Jobs can come up at any time and in any part of the world. There are cruising seasons that move, seasonally, around the world. New crem members try to be available in the correct location at the start and finish of these seasons. Most agencies and employers refer to a particular season in yachting. Each part of the year will be a prime yachting season somewhere in the world. There are several yachting hubs where prospective crew will base themselves in order to be available for upcoming positions during the prime season.

The prime cruising season in Europe is from June to September. Many yachts spend their summers in the Mediterranean operating charters or cruising privately. During these months, many additional crew will be hired to help out while yachts are on charter. Lauderdale USA is the yachting hub for yacht crew, especially for beginners. Superyachts typically come to Ft. Lauderdale for repairs, yard work and crewing once they have returned from trips to the Mediterranean, East coast of the USA and the Caribbean.

They often depart in early winter and early spring for cruises.

Fraser Yachts

The Caribbean Antigua, St. However, most US based yachts pick up their crew in Florida or their home port before they leave. During May to September many superyachts leave Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean to head to the northeast coast of the United States. You will find a great deal of yachting activity in and around this area, all the way down to New York and the islands located off it.

Superyacht leave the Pacific island before the cyclone season and spend the austral summer months - November- May - in Sydney or Brisbane Australia or Auckland New Zealand. Coaching students on CV preparation, and job interviews; Networking with international Crew Placement services and Direct referrals to captains and owners of megayachts. As a graduate of our professional International Yacht Training, you will be expected to register yourself on one or more of the crew placement services and provide these services with your CV and training credentials.

The SuperYacht Crew Academy will assist with advice and authentication of your credentials. They provide a complete range of services to Superyachts arriving in Sydney and Brisbane, including crew placement. They do not charge for registering job applicants and will assist with CV preparation if needed. Check out their site for a current listing of superyacht job vacant positions.

YPI Crew is a yacht crew agency in Antibes with years of experience matching crew with yachts within the yachting industry, not just in the Mediterranean but worldwide. Recruiters are professional, conscientious and adept in finding the perfect solution for both parties. Their team has extensive experience in the Superyacht industry having worked for the most prestigious owners and celebrities. JF Recruiting a yacht crew C.

V database with No Agency Commission, a free crew search facility and a day guaranty. Free for crew to register. For full details, click here. We are continuously striving to improve our ability to offer the highest quality of personalized service. Part of our continued success is due to our highly experienced team and loyal following of Captains and Crew. Come visit us to see why we're a "leader in the field"! An international yacht crew placement agency providing captains and crew for the maintenance and operation of sail and motor yachts worldwide. For information on what they have available click here.

The Crew Network - Worldwide. Established in as Worldwide Yachting Services , The Crew Network has been providing crew to the yachting industry for over a decade. With offices in Auckland, Ft. For more information on The Crew Network, click here. A sophisticated online crew placement website with news feeds on superyacht positions plus google maps showing where to find dockwalking marinas, crew houses, crew agents, and more. Fred Dovaston Yacht Crew Recruitment.

Dovaston is one of the world's top yacht crew recruitment agencies. We recruit professional qualified and experienced crew for luxury yacht, superyacht, megayacht, private yacht and charters. Visit our website for detailed information. Crew Jobs Super Yachts are built to last and every year more are added to the fleet. Depending upon the size of the yacht, the most common crew positions are: Kick Start your Superyacht Career. Certified people get the Jobs. IYT certificates are the most widely recognized commercial global certifications by the major yacht registries and governments STCW stands for: A crew member must attend a set of 5 basic courses that cover: Register with Crew Agencies.

Scroll down for more information and links to Crew Placement Agencies. Captains give preference to crew members with useful skills For someone new to the industry, there are many ways to enhance your appeal to yacht owners and Captains. Depending on the position you are applying for, there are a variety of skills that can give you an edge over the competition, such as: Get top pay for your superyacht crew job.

Many variables are taken into consideration when determining the salary for each position, such as: Your work experience Training, licenses and certificates Size of the boat Job description the yacht may actually employ you for more than one position Whether the vessel is for Private or Charter use - or both. Be prepared to make a solid commitment. Some very important things to remember when you step aboard are: You may not tell others, or put online, anything at all about the owner, guests or the vessel's itinerary. If you can't resolve an issue through the command, ignore it until the end of your contract, then find another yacht.

I have almost 5 years experience in the hospitality industry ,mostly waitress. Or all these online sites and etc. I am about to finish my undergraduate degree and I am keen on going on the yachts. When should I plan on heading and where? Ofcourse I will need to take a few weeks to do my course before hand. Your advice will help big time cheers.

Where to go is covered in the article. Just remember that miles are more important than courses. I managed to get a spot on a delivery next week to the British Virgin Isles. Any advise on getting my US visa? I am from South Africa as well, im finishing matric this year but want to go and work on the yachts for a few years. Where would you recommend I start off? Fore where to go, have a look at the article… The first thing to do when you get there is find a crew house where you can leave your stuff and connect with other yachties.

Then start dock walking asap. Hi Roger great article thank you. Have you heard of http: They are very profesional and go into Extream detail with regards to the industry. They offer loads of valuable info at a really reasonable price. Kind of like having a big brother and sister in the industry. Good luck all this industry rocks! Very interesting to read, I have been looking at yachting only from the point of people rich enough to buy and charter them, never from the side of people who work on them!

Great post, so interesting to read! My brother currently works on super yachts whilst I have one more semester left at Law school! Every time I Skype him or get a photo from him partying it up in Malta or St Tropez i need to convince myself to finish my degree…. Im 22, from New Zealand and so keen to get on a yacht once i finish my Law degree in June I just had a quick question regarding what it takes for a girl to get employed on a boat?

It is pretty much based on looks and having at least some sort of intelligence? Hey Roger- thank you for info, have you come across any guys Personal Training on the yachts? If so will that make my life easier to find a job if I offer that as addition to a deckhand? What a great site I am faced with a decision and would like someone with your experience to assist if possible. I have got my yacht master and have been chartering Catamarans in the Caribbean for 3 years.

It was myself captain and my partner running the boats and the charters. I am use to the long hours, the hard work, demanding guests, tendering them all over and the maintenance of the yachts. Anyway have split with my partner and looking to move into the super yacht industry for a change. I know I will probably start at the bottom and work my way up. I want to carrying on earning the dollar of course and save as much as possible I am 32 years old, which is why I am concerned to move and start again. I just have one question … I am 38 but healthy fit and look a lot younger or so evryone says, I have studied, worked, married, got divorced, had my own company and I really realy want to now just get out there and do this but everyone says they wont even look at my CV id they see my age?

Is it true or do I have a chance? I am prepared to work hard, just finished my stewardess, powerboat 2 and tadio course but most peope say i will be wasting my time to fly over and walk the docks? I just had a question about how to become a bursar on a boat. I have a law and economics degree and would ideally like to use there skills on the boat. Is it hard to get this job? I had completed my 3 yr Bsc. Nautical Science course successfully, and i am holding indian CDC , STCW 95, OTF and CTF certificates, i am looking forward to work in yachts, i had send my CV in almost all sites in online and also to most yacht related offices in dubai by personaly, still now i didnt got job, would you please suggest me some places where i can hope that i will be called for job..

Could you help me to work at yacht???? I has had experience in the SPA for 10 years. I wonder if you could give me some advice. I have 4 weeks off 15March to 15April andI wanted to use that time to get a feel of superyachts. Hi Roger, this is a great read and very helpful. Are there companies that advertise in the UK, or online that eliminates the risk of hanging around harbors just waiting for a random job to appear? To me, having done plenty of seasonal work, this is a big risk to take when taking money in to consideration. Roger, I am designing a marina in Florida for foot vessels. I have found that there is not much information on marina design out there, specially for this size vessel.

My project will have roofed yachts, so providing an adequate height is important. I am a 40 year old male with over 20 years experience in high end Hospitality based businesses. I am very fit and have no hesitation in working very long hours. I am recently divorced and I am looking to move my life into a different direction. I live in Australia and would appreciate any advice you could give me. Do you think at my age would count against me.

I really enjoyed reading your article…extremely informative and you put it very bluntly and direct. Thank you for the great post! For a fap year id loke to work on the yachts!

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Who do i contact? And where do i start? I dont know what els to do i am really struggling. I want to know your opinion on this. Well, he works on a boat that is 31 crew and people come and go all the time. I would like to know how married people in this same situation learn to handle it. Where did you study? As a female with cruise line experience as a fitness trainer, what course would I need to do to even be looked at? Is basic safety a requirement some water safety course or something of the sort?

I am saving to move to a port and do the walks!! Can you suggest most popular ports. Hi Roger, I love your post so true. I worked on cruise ships and private yachts for 25 years , I had the best days of my life working on board. Now working shore side it is boring and the land eggs, have no clue on how to work hard. I tried applying for yacht jobs for years but never get a reply. They always want experience, but how do you gain experience in the first place, if no one is willing to give you a try??

Would something like that be possible? The consulates have not been helpful. Still awaiting Seamans book. Any suggestions will be appreciated. I just need you to expand on the Seamans book situation. Im about to do a whole range of courses. What are the advantages of a seamans book and can I get one if I have no experience on boats but am leaving for Fort Lauderdale just before season starts? To get a seamans book you need to be signed up to a boat.

Very nice your post! I worked on cruise ships as a photographer, than, as a shopp staff. I was searching to work on yachts because it seems the she salary is better.

Superyacht Crew Jobs, tips for yacht crew placement.

But I have some questions: Wich position do you think I could apply to work on a super yacht? How long time of vacations? To embark on a yacht, do we need to pay the fly ticket and visas or they pay for that? Do you work straight with the company or with agencies? Wich are the facilites of work on a super yacht?

Do we need to do medical exams before embark? Thanks for your attention. I was wondering, and feel free not to answer, but what do you do now? What did you do after you left the yachting world? Are you still involved in the maratine industry? Also, while you were looking for perminent work and doing day work, where did you stay, did you have a flat share?

Highly recommended to find them and stay there. Thanks for the great article. As a person with very little to no boating experience. What do I do? I am a chef and a sailor and I was looking into the possibility of getting on a yacht. It seems that most chefs are women however. Is that generally the case?

Hi Roger, I am seriously considering a career in superyachting. I am currently 19 years and a studying mechanical engineering thinking about dropping out. I am a watersports instructor but do not hold any formal yachting are they essential? Is it an easy transition into good level jobs once you move on? Can i get job as an Engineer in Super Yatch?

If…yes, then what will be the starting salary package. Your site provided us with helpful info to work on. Looking to go to the Caribbean this next season, when it comes to going over their what additional paper work should one have before going over their, ie visa, bank accounts, insurance, etc?

Hi Roger, I am 18 years old and will be finishing Matric this year and am very interested in working on these yachts. Is it possible to get a job when i am still pretty young and inexperienced or would you advise doing this after my studies? Thank you for shearing! Really interesting and useful to read, as I am considering to move out on the sea for a couple of years! What are the chances for become a good friend of the owner? What do other people put for this? Can we use the address of Relatives? Do I need a mate license to apply for a mate job, or world my experience count? Hi Roger, thank you for writing this because I am planning on heading out there in march.

One question I want to ask you, if I had to get a stcw, powerboat level 2 and ENG1 would that be enough to get a job as a deckhand? Also when you starting off how would you come to actually knowing what you are doing, for instance varnishing the decks and all that kind of stuff. Would they be o the docks somewhere or what? Really great blog, thanks for all the info. This was the best read and information I have found on the net!

My boyfriend is 30 and wants to come. Great stories and advice. I am a mature 52yr old Beauty Therapist looking for new adventure in my life and at the possibility of working on yachts. I wondered if you can give me some insight into the life of Therapists you have met while working in this area. Thanx roger for this awesome post. I worked on merchants ship. Can i get a chance to work on yachts as a deckhand. So this is the plan I do this course which ables me to work on super yachts.. I work hard for a couple years and save with the intention of getting a mortgage somewhere,maybe open a small business.

Is it possible to save that much money to invest for the future and enjoy perks of stopping at port and exploring,partying etc.? Hello Roger, Please i thank you very much for your advise, please i would like to have my yacht engineer training, would you please recommend me to any cheap school that you know of in south Africa, iam currently in Est Africa, Thanks Roger. Hello Thankyou for the advice.

I have been researching for a long time about yacht life and all things to do with working on a superyacht. In order to finish my school I have to do a practicle with placement for minimum 4 weeks in the time of June — July I currently reside in Germany so anywhere around Europe would be most suitable for me.

Search the superyacht industry:

The main question is: The only problem is I hope it is not a problem , in the time I would hopefully do the practicle, I would be 17 years of age. My experiance is quite varied in many things including first aid and manual labour. I would be very happy to get an answer back. I would really like to run an engineering course here in RSA preferably near Pretoria region any place you could recommend?

And will it benefit me having enough hours in the engine room? I would love to do this but there is something s preventing me from getting certain vacancies. I have a tattoo on my left forearm — not too big but definitely noticable and I have a tattoo on my inside right ankle — also not too big but noticable.

Do the people who do placements frown upon this? I can cover them by wearing long sleeves and long pants, but if they were not covered would it be like almost insulting?? Thank you Roger for such an informative post!

‘Below Deck’: See What It’s Like To Join The Crew Of A Luxury Yacht - TODAY

To try be a stewardess would you recommend I do a stewardess course plus the stcw to improve my chances of getting a job? I have no prior sea experience- yikes. Im 34 years old and have been working in banking on the client side since i was 19 years old. I have the security of owning a property in London which i see as my nest egg. Basically my question is do you think 34 years old is far to old to enter this business? I have a huge itch to see more of the world but work hard and continue to make money. Thanks for sharing some of the realities of this work.

When I go out to Antibes for example, will I need to take every thing I need as if I will be not returning? Ie if I end up finding work after a month, is it then immediate? I am security officer on carnival cruise lines n i am looking for job on yatch i am working as security officer for more than two years and on airport for more than 5years please advise me thank you.

What a data of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious familiarity concerning unexpected emotions. Hi there, Our daughter has been on a boat for 4 months. Everything you mentioned is true. My question is this, she and a deck hand have fallen in love. It is very upsetting hearing stories of the captain and first stew, who just happen to be a couple screaming at them for falling in love. Our daughter and friend, have been humiliated and threatened to be fired. If they were not doing an excellent job because of their relationship, I might understand the issue.

Is it legal to control peoples personal relationships on board. This sounds primitive and inhumane in my opinion. Is it as you mentioned that you work for about 3 weeks and get a couple days off in which ever destination you stop at? Is that how it works for the whole season? I have joined your feed and look ahead to looking for extra of your magnificent post. Also, I have shared your web site in my social networks. This article is very astonishing, just what i am looking for to go over on my coffee break. This post is very superhuman, just what i am currently looking for to view on my downtime.

This weblog is very strange, just what i was looking for to read on my intermission. Hi roger Thanks for illuminating things a bit more for me, searching for info online has been difficult to say the least unless you are able to either buy their book or go to their school. Damn, i just need to know where to start, so thanks for the post in the spirit of just wanting to help others, cheers. Now, the other thing was in your blog you were going to talk about the various jobs i thought you said early in the transcript.

Are their vessels that hire seconds or sous chefs possibly to get my experience in? I am 18 have a British and American passport I speak Spanish I am a qualified swimming instructor and life guard and am PADI qualified I am willing to work hard doing anything and am a good team player what additional training should I get or where should I begin to get on a charter please. When you make a website, all your web pages are served from the server residing somewhere on the internet. One should keep in mind that communication lines for live support are kept open for paid accounts, who are given top priority.

Japanese Gardens — Although the gardens are technically in Fort Worth, Texas, it is only a short drive. Synthetically-manufactured fertilizers may do harm to your health, as you would consume the remnants of the chemicals from the synthetic fertilizers. Some gardeners therefore choose growing tomato plants organically.

These types of tomato destroying pests find it hard to get to the tomato plant as it hangs off of the ground. Is it to late for me to apply to work on a yacht cause of my age? A few years back i started looking at Jobs in Africa and came across an offer for an assistant deck hand on a yacht was they best most enjoyable work to date.

I think the admin of this site is actually working hard in favor of his web site, since here every stuff is quality based data. Roger this was some great info! What would you say about a husband and wife duo looking into making a go of this for a couple years? Is it allot harder to get hired as a couple? Im 24 Female, with experience in hospitality and working on cruise ships internationally. Hi there my name is Michelle Du Toit.. Please can you contact me with the information via email. Dear I am searching for a job as a Kinezitherapist,Physiotherapist,Massage therapist. Or can you give me an advice where can I apply?

I was working in Bahrain. Send me an email and I will send you my CV. I was working in our Government hospital. I speak English and Russian. I was working eleven years as a border police officer. I am married with two children. I want to work there. Any advice or suggestions would be gladly appreciated! What a pleasant YouTube video it is! Awesome, I loved it, and I am sharing this YouTube record with all my colleagues. I was curious if you ever thought of changing the layout of your site?

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A quality oriented company always takes care of the fact that there is no trace of plagiarism in the material to be delivered. Essay writing is a requirement for everyone who undergoes an academic training. Moving out would need your family to leave everything behind and welcome another chapter in their lives which is adapting to a new environment. If you are planning on downsizing the office, many desks, computers, chairs, and other large pieces of furniture will have to either be sold or put into storage.

Delivering your goods safely to its final destination. There is such a discrimination and racism in the yachting industry that it is beyond any imagination and can not be described! Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My site looks weird when viewing from my iphone 4. If you have any suggestions, please share. Writing manually is time consuming, but there is tool for this task.

Just search in gooogle for: I would love to work on super yacht to get more miles under my belt — eventual goal of buying a boat and doing charters. You truly make it appear to be so natural with your presentation however I observe this matter to be truly something which I think I could never get it. It appears to be excessively muddled and to a great degree expansive for me. I am very glad to read this nice article. I am happy that you made this concept very clear in front of people and to be very frank this is useful information too. Hi there I was wondering if you know anything about travelling on a Portuguese passport.

I have just finished a season and wanting to do a crossing to the Caribbean do you know what are the requirements regarding visas or how do the EU people go about it when it comes to going throw some of the USA ports. Will this be a problem when trying to get a job. Le ofrecemos calidad al mejor precio, trabajos garantizados, asistencia rapida, atencion permanente las 24 horas del dia, instaladores autorizados. Thanks for putting this post together. Very well written and great insight. Hi Roger, thanks so much for this post. He is currently a bosun on a 50m superyacht. He gave us six motnhs of work to stay at home with me, for us to spend some quality time together and all that.

I would just like to know, as someone who has no idea how it must feel to live in suhc close courters with another person, especially not with another person of the opposite sex… Do you think there is room for this situation to become a problem within our relationship? Could this be a potential hazardous situation where he shares a room with another girl? I precisely wanted to appreciate you yet again. This has been the hard case in my circumstances, nevertheless encountering the very well-written mode you treated it took me to cry over happiness.

I currently work on cruise ships, not as a stewardess but I have my sea legs, I have my STCW training, all my visas and medical. I was wondering if all yachts ask about criminal convictions? And if so do they actually check? It would be really nice to have the different seasons too! One minute, you would be helping guests, while the next you would be standing watch. Informe acerca de nuestros servicios: Hi, I have worked in a cargo ship as an ordinary seaman and i am having an experience of 7 months and now i am having interest to work in yacht please advice me what to do.

My brother recommended I might like this website. He was entirely right. This submit actually made my day. You can not believe simply how a lot time I had spent for this info! Hi… I am trying to start this career too. I am doing the STCW 95 course and looking for my very first job in this field, can you send the website where i can leave my cv i clicked the link you put on top of the page but is not working anymore. Hi Roger, Thanks a lot for the blog! How will this benefit me? I have a international diploma with the City and Guilds culinary institute.

What are the chances of finding a position compared to those who want to work on deck. And what are the honest earning potentials. Where else could anyone get that type of info in such a perfect method of writing? I am happy that you simply shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing. What may you suggest in regards to your put up that you made some days in the past? I am glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Kids play video games, plus adults do, too.

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Copyright is the only concerned at the moment.. Would this be illegal?.

Register with the Yacht Crew Placement Agencies

I am new to joomla and my boss is asking me to add some of the joomla functionality to the current website so that the owner of the website can itself modify the contents. I am having no idea about how to do that. My boss says that there is no need to re-build the website in joomla. If anybody can help me, I will be highly obliged.. I just now would decide on to supply a enormous thumbs up with the excellent info you can have here within this post. I will probably be coming back to your blog web site for additional soon.

Quality and valus In Great Services!!! I like all of the points you have made. Hi, do you allow guest posting on rogernorton. Definitely great bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how much effort you place to create this type of great informative website. Hey very nice website!! Ill bookmark you blog and take the feeds alsoIm happy to find a lot of useful information here in the post, we need work out more strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing.

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She didnt go to the places to network etc she had her interview over skype got accepted and they flew her to where she needed to go…so genuinely you dont need any experience? Its such an informative and amazing post. Everyone has a different opinion and I liked that you have added a disclaimer there. If you want to explore more and want details about super yachts than visit: Hi Mandi, I am 50 years old, just sold my business in S.

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  • Work on Super yachts: Advice on everything you need to know | Roger Norton.

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As i need to know i am 21 years and if i go on docks for finding a job are there any possibilties of finding one? Like the docks of fort Lauderdale or any other? Hi Roger Thank you so much for the great piece of writing, really enjoyed reading it. My girlfriend and I are also from SA Durban and planning to work on the yachts and thus trying to get the relevant documents together. Would you suggest we rid of most of our belongings before we leave? Also, what would your ultimate advice be for us apart from the above before we leave to go to FL.

It depends on experience of person. Great to know that you have enjoyed working on superyachts.

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