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In-depth teacher training and support is offered before and during your contract. Performance incentives make teaching English at private schools in Japan exciting, motivating and fun. English teaching positions are available throughout the year, but the application process can be lengthy, so plan in advance.

How to Prepare to Teach English in Japan: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Learn more about private school jobs in Japan. Your guide to teaching English in Japan for the summer. Demand for online English education is exploding among students based in Japan. As a result, several English teaching companies catering specifically to Japanese English language learners are seeking native English speaking applicants to fill a large number of online English teaching vacancies. Want to know how much money you can make teaching in Japan? Use our Teach Abroad Salary Calculator to find out!

English teaching jobs in Japan open regularly, with start dates throughout the year.

Teach in Japan

Check the Teach Away job board for current English teaching opportunities in Japan. Your new teaching journey starts here. Discover opportunities to take your teaching career abroad with Teach Away. The type of visa you need to apply for to teach English in Japan will depend on the type of school you want to work in. There are two different categories of work visas for English teachers in Japan: Instructor Visa - This allows English teachers to work in the Japanese public school system.

Specialist in Humanities Visa - This allows English teachers to work in private language institutes across Japan.

How Much English Teachers Make in Japan

Whether you are interested in Japanese art, cinema, anime, language, culture, taiko drumming, zen temples, or Harajuku madness, Japan will have something for you. For outdoor enthusiasts, Japan offers endless opportunities for sports including surfing, skiing, hiking, and biking. Expect to be taken aback by busy subway stations, surprised as you are welcomed by the elegant formality of Japanese manners - and awestruck by the enchanting atmosphere of Japanese castles! Teaching jobs in Japan open regularly, with start dates throughout the year.

Apply through Teach Away to teach in Japan. Elementary Teachers Kuwait City, Kuwait. Kindergarten Teachers Kuwait City, Kuwait. Chemistry Teachers Various, Kazakhstan. Find teaching jobs abroad. Top Jobs in Japan. Start in April, Start in March, Abroad International School Osaka, Japan.

Nomad Interviews: Teaching English in Japan

Start in August, Start in December, View all teaching jobs in Japan. Options for teaching in Japan For those looking to teach English in Japan, there are two main options available: Have you decided on a location? Now you need to pick a demographic of students. Do you want to teach children or teenagers? Perhaps you would rather teach business English to adults.

There are advantages and disadvantages to working with each age group, so do your research. Would you rather spend time with 6-year-olds or year-olds?

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While you're in Japan to teach English, you'll be learning a lot as well! These positions are the easiest to obtain. Private schools in Japan are known as Eikaiwas. In terms of salary, there isn't much difference between the two types of schools. Whatever job you take, you can always supplement your income with private tutoring.

2. Next Things Next: Decide Where and Who You Want to Teach in Japan

However, if you work with JET, tutoring is forbidden. Being an English teacher in Japan affords you extra time to travel within the country. You also have the option to go through the aforementioned JET program.

Teaching English in Japan – Becky’s review

JET is a government-sponsored organization that sends teachers from the United States out to work in Japan. The benefits of getting a job through JET, instead of independently, include the potential for higher wages and the fact that your visa, housing, insurance, and flights are all arranged for you. Competition is stiff for a place in the JET program but, if you get through, you will have a much easier time finding jobs teaching English in Japan. One of the best things about teaching in Japan is that all schools will pay you well.

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By this point, you should have a good idea of how to go about getting a job teaching English in Japan. So, before you go, let me give you some final pointers. It will change your life forever, turning you into a more cultured, open-minded and worldly person. Hi, I'm Jeremy, and for seven years, I've been helping people make their dreams of traveling the world come true.