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Bruff reminded me that somebody must put my cousin's legacy into my cousin's hands-- and that I might as well do it as anybody else. His will took no notice of my father or my mother; but he left to my sister always supposed to be his favorite in the family a most extraordin ary legacy of possible pin-money, in the shape of a contingent reversion to the sum of three thousand pounds, payable on the death of Lady Malkinshaw, provided I survived her.

Trumbull was to have the gold-headed cane and fifty pounds; the other second cousins and the cousins present were each to have the like handsome sum, which, as the saturnine cousin observed, was a sort of legacy that left a man nowhere; and there was much more of such offensive dribbling in favor of persons not present-- problematical, and, it was to be feared, low connections. Well, but I am not the superintendent of his majesty's finances -- I have my purse -- surely I would do much for his majesty's welfare -- some legacy -- but I cannot disappoint my family.

If so be that it be so, the legacy may go to the devil with him that gave it. Your eyes are opened, sir; and you will not fail to remark as I remark that the Combe-Raven property happens to reach the same sum exactly, as the legacy which your wife's own instructions directed you to leave her. It was only this morning, when the codicil giving the legacy to Geoffrey was waiting to be executed, that his real feeling in the matter came out.

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Subaru Confidence In Motion. Up to 90 MPGe. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

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Sharing Values WorldWide We aim to build capacity in individuals and community-based organizations for the furthest reaching positive impact. We engage multiple sectors of society, including policy makers, non-governmental organizations, local business, community organizers, and educators.

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Economic Empowerment Are you committed to empowering communities through innovation and entrepreneurship, socially responsible businesses, and workforce development. Promoting Gender Parity Legacy International is proud to be a champion of gender inclusivity and recognizes the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women and PressForProgress.

Core Values At Legacy International we believe that uniting people through core values creates changemakers worldwide. Donate to Support Legacy Your donation helps Legacy to continue its year history of training, mentoring and supporting a global network of leaders. Capacity Building With all of our programs we aim to build capacity in individuals and community-based organizations.

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