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Jogar a Abertura Defesa Siciliana no Xadrez.

Mastering the Sicilian by Danny Kopec

This aggressive first move is strong, because if an exchange occurs with White's queen pawn, then Black's center pawns outnumber White's center pawns, which will be an advantage later in the game. This move also avoids symmetry with White. Nf3 d6 Nf3 - Moving White's knight to f3 is an aggressive move for White. The main advantage of this move is it clears the king side pieces in order to castle kingside soon. It is also strong as it controls one of the centre squares and prepares to play 3.

However many players also play White forms a pawn chain of their own. However, though this move is not bad it is very passive and does not try for an advantage, d4 is more aggressive and fights for the initiative and advantage.

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This move sets Black up to complete a king side Fianchetto; finishing their defences and setting themselves up for a strong queen side attack. This is considered as the Dragon Variation. Nc6 are also playable. There are lots of different lines to choose from, ranging from the Sicilian Najdorf and the Taimanov to the widely criticized Chevenningen.

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    How to Play the Sicilian Najdorf - Chess Openings Explained

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    Mastering the Sicilian

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