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This book added so much to the series for me. I really enjoyed getting a new look at the lives of the squires. I recommend this to anyone who can open their mind and enjoy a compelling story. There may be spoilers. After the disappointment of the last book I read and DNF it was so wonderful to be engrossed in a story. Nothing broke my immersion. All they did do is give me a healthier respect for their time and place in my own writing. Savitar was a bright spot I actually cheered out loud over. Puss in Boots drew me in more than any other Dark Hunter since Valerius. Read it and enjoy.

This one right here, this book had me like I was so freaking surprised about what this book was about, which made me love it even more to the end of the planet.

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Sherrilyn Kenyon you never cease to amaze me, all your books have me going, but this one had me on edge. When two of your favorite characters are in the same book you know it is going to be good, Acheron and Savitar. Ravyn is an Arcadian Were-hunter, Dark-hunter, which I would never believe possible, but I was proven very and I do mean very wrong. Ravyn is like any of the other Dark-Hunters, he wanted revenge for what happen to his family. He got blamed for it, which really wasn't his fault, and his family was starting to make me mad because they were blinded by angry.

Susan is a reporter who works for her friend since college, Leo. She use to work in the big leagues until something happen to her and everyone ditched her. She is a sarcastic nut case, in my opinion, she is way to sarcastic for her own good. Don't get me wrong Ravyn and Susan make a great couple just like the rest of them do. Just I didn't like Susan very much, sometimes her sarcasm was just a little to much for me. But sometimes they were funny and made Ravyn laugh, so I can't really hate on all that. Ravyn on the other hand he was ok, It also hurt me to know that his family was in town and didn't rally care anything for him, because of what happen years ago which wasn't even his fault.

Towards the end of the book Nick was another one of my favorite characters, I just wish he didn't take what Acheron had said to him to heart. Acheron was only upset I hope Nick sees what he did wrong and try to fix it.

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Other then all those crazy little nid bits, I still enjoyed the book, it was a quick change then the other books, not a huge change something minor. I just wonder if Ravyn and Susan will get married or have kids. We get to see an oddly noble side of Stryker, Nick makes his not so triumphant return, and the wheels are set in motion for some BIG things down the line.

Not going to lie, Nick's part in this story kind of slayed me. His anger at Ash and how that one moment in time changed him from an laid back, slightly sarcastic guy into someone who is willing to strike out at his former best friend the way he does But this isn't Nick's story. This is Ravyn and Susan's. And they pretty much rock. I love how Susan had the badass fighter thing going for her. I admire a girl who can kick ass with the best of them. The background characters are as always stellar. We finally get to see how Stryker and his Daimons always know the worst possible time to attack.

Stryker's plan to take over Seattle, I have to admit that it was pretty ingenious. He's one of them that I love to hate. I still love to hate him, though. The reread's still going strong! The world of the Dark-Hunters continues to expand and I'm loving it all over again! Second Chances by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Originally included in the Dark-Hunter Collectibl… More.

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