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In addition to his investment management background, Mr. Dever is also a technology entrepreneur. Spree grew to being the 7th most trafficked ecommerce web site by Following a venture funding round in , Mr.

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Dever left spree and founded Mind Drivers, a venture development company that has launched and grown Internet-based technology companies such as Internetseer sold in to Landmark Communications, the founders of The Weather Channel and marine. Dever devotes his time to running Brandywine Asset Management, which follows Mr. Dever's Return Driver based methodology to trade broadly diversified portfolios in the global currency, interest rate, stock index, metals, energy and agricultural cash, futures and options markets. More information can be found at www.

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More than ten years in the making, and supported Exploiting the Myths systematically rips apart the conventional investment wisdom - myth by myth - then replaces it with a "return driver" based methodology that results in a "Free Lunch" portfolio - one that produces both greater returns and lower risk. More than ten years in the making, and supported by the twin pillars of extensive research and more than 30 years of trading experience, this book finally lays to rest the traditional investment paradigm.

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As you might have guessed, this is not your typical investment book. Exploiting the Myths presents an entirely new, and eminently logical, process for investing - all of it supported by numerous relevant facts and studies. I want to mention right from the start that this book review of Jackass Investing is my opinion only.

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Every reader has different tastes and ideas about what they are looking for in a book. I think by now any regular reader of my site knows that I like an investing book that offers me strategies and concepts that have actual ongoing real examples which I can tweak and play with to determine how suitable they are for my trading style. I am basically looking for a book that will give me ideas on how I can add profit and income to my portfolio.

That is what I am endeavoring to do with my website. I want to provide a mentoring type strategy filled website with actual trades to show investors how I apply a variety of strategies to profit from stocks as well as protect my capital.

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I then hope investors will pick apart those strategies, challenge them and formulate their own. Jackass Investing sort of does this I guess. I should mention that Jackass Investing has also been released under a second title, Exploiting The Myths: The book is basically 20 so-called Investing Myths which the author goes about debunking.

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Jackass Investing By Michael Dever is good for debunking 20 investing myths but offers no actual asset strategies for profiting. I thought it was interesting how he accepts some myths as facts that I would disagree with. For example he accepts as fact, that true portfolio diversification will provide the highest returns over time.

Jackass Investing

In delusion 3, examine what George Costanza can train you approximately industry timing. Think that the biggest traders have an aspect over you? In fable 15, learn why the other is right. What can the habit of soccer lovers train you approximately making an investment? Do you think it really is most unlikely to either raise returns and decrease hazard? See genuine portfolios you should use to supply higher returns with much less chance than those who stick with traditional monetary knowledge.