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Aerys summoned their fathers to court, supposedly to answer the charge against their sons. Lord Rickard Stark demanded a trial by combat , and though the king granted him the request, he chose "fire" as his champion. Lord Rickard was suspended from rafters over a blazing fire whilst dressed in his armor, while Brandon, attached to a device which tightened a cord around his neck whenever he moved, was forced to watch as his father was slowly cooked inside his armor.

Brandon strangled himself in an attempt to reach a longsword.

Opinions on Rhaegar's motivation in taking Lyanna differ. According to Robert Baratheon, Rhaegar raped Lyanna "hundreds of times". Rhaegar himself could not be found, either, for a large part of the war, [22] though he finally returned "from the south" [37] after King Aerys II had dispatched Ser Gerold Hightower , Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, to find him. From there he rode to the a place Rhaegar was said to have named the Tower of Joy , located in the Red Mountains of Dorne.

Eddard brought only six companions with him: The men met in battle , and only Eddard and Howland Reed survived. There was fear in her eyes, while she called for "Ned" to promise her something. When her brother gave his word, the fear left her.

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She smiled, and her fingers clutched his own in a tight grip. Later, Howland Reed found Eddard still holding the corpse. Howland managed to separate the hands of the living man and the dead girl, though Eddard had no recollection of what happened after Lyanna died. It is currently unknown what promise Lyanna extracted from Eddard, and what had caused her fear.

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Lyanna's last words, "Promise me, Ned", would haunt Eddard, who had to pay a price in order to keep his promises to her, [14] for the rest of his life. At the time of her death, Lyanna had only been sixteen years old. King Robert I Baratheon , Lyanna's betrothed, and Eddard, her brother, had had a falling out after Robert was accepting of the manner at which Rhaegar's wife and two young children had been slain during the Sack of King's Landing.

Though Robert had no desire to marry after Lyanna's death, he was eventualy convinced by Jon Arryn that the realm needed an heir.

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As such, Robert was married to Cersei Lannister. Robert remained in love with Lyanna, [12] and named the war galley Lady Lyanna in her honor. Under the influence of milk of the poppy , Eddard Stark dreams about the combat at the tower of joy. While Eddard and his six companions battle the three Kingsguard knights in front of the tower, Lyanna is screaming inside the tower.

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Eddard Stark has a nightmare involving Lyanna and the statue of her placed at her tomb. In the dream, Eddard walks through the crypts of Winterfell. He can hear the statue of Lyanna whispering: He notices the statue wearing a garland of pale blue roses, while her eyes weep blood. Eddard immediately wakes with his heart racing. Theon Greyjoy has a nightmare involving a feast of the dead at Winterfell.

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Many of the dead men and women attending are people that Theon knew personally or were slain by his own hand or command. But he also notices faces that he had never known in life. Among them is Lyanna: Brandon Stark stands beside her, their father Rickard just behind them. Bran Stark witnesses a vision from the past in which he sees a boy and a girl playing with wooden branches in the godswood of Winterfell. Love is sweet, dearest Ned, but it cannot change a man's nature. She was more beautiful than that.

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A minute later, the flame began to fade. Several minutes afterwards, there was only a small hole left on the ice of the natural burner. Fishermen said that the flame could at times burn longer, depending on how much gas there was underneath the layer of ice. Dangerous places can be found easily: Member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, Johann Gmelin, was one of the first scientists, who explained the natural phenomenon.

Years later, it was discovered that the lake was rich with oil, gas hydrates and bitumen. In summer time, combustible gases in the lake manifest themselves as pop-up bubbles. In winter time, they appear as bubbles in the layer of ice. Traveling on the ice of Lake Baikal can be dangerous because of those bubbles. Gas is concentrated mainly in the deltas of the rivers that flow into the lake. In ancient times, merchants would often decide to brave the ice of Lake Baikal to make their routes shorter. Some of those convoys would mysteriously disappear under the ice, because the ice was unexpectedly too thin in certain places, Irkutsk-based publication Kopeika wrote.

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