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But when you do dig through your karmic suitcase, then finally, you can confront your outstanding karma and lighten your energetic load. No person in your life — from your mother to your spouse to your mailman — is a coincidence. Everyone is placed into your life strategically for a reason. While you have the free will to walk away from or remain with a certain person, karma overpowers free will.

This means that the course of karmic relationships will play out as planned despite your best efforts. Acknowledge the role of each person in your life: Why are they there? What have they come to teach you and vice versa?

2. Be thankful to the universe

If you stole, others will steal from you in following lives. If you nourished, you will be nourished. Your actions throughout your various lifetimes become the circumstances of your being. One of the most fascinating facts about karma is that it often causes us to reincarnate in a reversed manner.

This means that your parent may have actually been your child in a former life. Then, before reincarnating in this lifetime, the souls agreed the take on the opposite act.

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Souls switch genders, too. No matter how important it is, whether you help an old lady to cross the road or give a room to the homeless one, it will be rewarded to you. You will feel great about having done a good deed each day and others will respect you more. Be thankful to the universe for everything you have in your life, karma loves it.

You should express gratitude to everyone who cares about you. Let them know how much they mean to you or present them with something you know they want or need.

5 Ways Karma From Your Past Lives Affects You Today - mindbodygreen

Praise your partner when you see them trying to entertain or help you. Once you start to be thankful, your karma will thank you too. All people lie and oftentimes get their lies back. It may seem impossible to live a life without any deceptions at all. Then I realized that being honest is a lot easier in any situation.

Volunteering once a week is a fabulous way to help those in need and spend time with use. Are you then doomed to a life of paying for past mistakes, interspersed by a few moments of pleasure? By the quality of your current actions, Karma can be transformed, transmuted into a different form, or transcended completely. Here are eight practices that can help you increase the quality of your actions.

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The choices you make influence your Karma in two ways. Making quality choices can soften the intensity or magnitude of situations resulting from returning Karma. The energy of the Karma has to be returned, but it can be transmuted. For example, instead of falling down and breaking your leg, maybe you just stub a toe. The Karma was returned but the quality of your life choices lessened its effect. Your choices also determine the quality of new Karma being created and stored to be released as future events in your life. Do these choices serve me and those who may be affected by them?

Are my decisions coming from my heart and higher self or my ego?

How Does Karma Affect Your Life?

This an important aspect of your spiritual growth. First, accept that what has happened has happened. Then, see if you can, without judgment or evaluation, understand why it happened. From the Vedantic perspective, every hurt you encounter is the return of some Karma. Forgive and move forward! Forgiveness is hard for most people, and gratitude can also be challenging. However, if you believe that everything that happens to you is past Karma being released, then each time you release Karma, it is gone.


Try to be grateful for everything in your life. Any challenging situation gives you two choices. If you see it as a problem, you can get drawn into lower energy, which recreates the same Karmic energy, and you make no progress. Looking for growth opportunities allows you to release the Karma and remain free to move ahead on your spiritual journey. An astrological chart gives a picture of your Karmic probabilities.

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A competent astrologer can interpret your chart and give you advice concerning the possible effects Karma will play in different areas and at different times of your life. An enlightened person could take on some of your Karma, but this would be with a special relationship developed over several years. Vedanta says that if you understand Dharma and Karma, you will know everything. Dharma is usually defined as purpose or truth.

Life Is Karma: The Law of Karma & Reincarnation

When you find your true purpose in life and live in total alignment with that, your actions will become spontaneously correct and you will never create Karma. The most powerful tool you have on your spiritual path is meditation, especially a practice that includes mantras.