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It provides cocoa buyers and chocolate manufacturers with elements to retrace the history of a cocoa, remedy defects if any and define specifications. Chocolate manufacturers, couverture suppliers and craftsmen will understand how to access the quality and flavour they are seeking. This very comprehensive book reviews rennet and its substitutes used in cheese-making: It will be of interest to dairy manufacturers, cheese-makers, specialist schools and administrative departments dealing with product traceability and labelling.

This work is the first manual devoted specifically to rabbit biology. It recounts the history of the domestic rabbit and summarises current knowledge. It also makes concrete recommendations on rabbit breeding practices for both families and professionals and for pet rabbits. The impact of different methods of cultivating the soil tillage, direct drilling on the environment and soil states, on the biodiversity or on the climate are the subject of occasionally heated debates but which lack sufficient scientific and technical information.

What can we learn from the most recent investigations on the subject? Which innovations are currently taking shape? This work summarises the most recent knowledge in this area.

It is a delicate task to assess the impact of marine mining on shore stability. This publication will prove invaluable for enterprises, consultancies or the authorities controlling studies. Pesticides are today the subject of considerable environmental issues. This work presents the outcome of fifteen years of research financed by the French Ministry of Ecology on the reduction in environmental risks from using pesticides. It emphasises especially the transfer of results to support public decisions.

This work starts by describing the coastal erosion phenomena and then offers support for decision-making and action initiatives to manage the shoreline. It describes the potential solutions and technical possibilities.

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This new edition of the practical guide covers all the problems encountered in soil description, from the selection of sites to be observed and the choice of material to the stocking, processing and communication of the information collected. Based on the author's sound experience and numerous publications, this book is firstly written for fish farmers.

But it will also interest the distribution sector, consumers and educators. Ranging from the establishment of indicators for urban planning to the measurement of coal stocks and including legal and economic instruments for soil protection, this book from the Gessol programme summarises the latest biotechnical and general knowledge on the subject. It underscores the importance of sustainable land management among global challenges and identifies possible levers of action.

It is an irreplaceable tool for establishing correlations and conveying information. A complete overview of the engineered structures built on dykes known as spillways: This guide addresses the various types of engineered structures on river dykes, their functional aspects, the hydraulics, the river morphology, the civil engineering and flood management. Designed for teachers, development managers and technicians, practising veterinary surgeons and students, this work includes a precis of horse nutrition, feed recommendations drawn up for each category mares, stallions, foals, carthorses, riding horses, draught horses, ponies and donkeys in their breeding and use conditions and feed composition and nutritive value tables.

This work provides an overview of various models of sensitivity analysis and exploration of models developed in oceanography, fishery, environment, water management, ecology, agronomy, etc. It suggests an approach for choosing the method most suitable for its need and shows how to apply these methods in reality.

Savoir faire

It is targeting modellers and model users who wish to acquire or consolidate their understanding of analytical methods and exploring models through simulations. The European eel is a threatened species. This guide provides tools and methods to serve as references in implementing the management and restoration plans scheduled for under European regulations.

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  • This guide describes and explains, with concrete examples, the dynamics and planning principles of mountain rivers and torrents. It takes stock of the major morphodynamic principles, especially sedimentary dynamics, the specific hydrology features of mountain catchment areas and mudslides.

    Illustrated by concrete applications of different concepts, it is designed for contracting authorities and technicians. This work tells the story of the clementine and summarises current knowledge origin, distribution, varieties, fruit stock, market evolution, physiology, biotic and abiotic diseases, pests, etc. It also suggests cropping schemes for designing and managing an orchard, from the propagation of seedlings up to the packaging of fruit including crop protection methods and cultivation techniques. This book presents the main genome analysis methods and their major characteristics.

    Depending on the objective, markers are proposed and their use discussed. This clearly written and educational book details the methods used in recent years to improve plants. It then proposes data sheets for 50 cultivated plants. This guide is responding to a need for in-depth knowledge of its biology and histology. My account Empty cart. Leading products Bestsellers New Products Future releases Our free ebooks By categories South countries selection Popular science Natural landscapes and environment Agriculture and crop production Animal rearing and production Fishing.

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    Pesticide Residues On Food Grain

    Savoir faire The Savoir faire collection includes technical monographs for professional use. Girard Edition A reference tool on pond production and management: Fleurat-Lessard Edition The book presents the different approaches to preserving the quality of grain stored in silos and legally authorised plant protection products. Suivi des Pesticides - Eau - Fiche technique - Linuron Suivi des Pesticides - Eau - Fiche technique - Metaldehyde Suivi des Pesticides - Eau - Fiche technique - Phosalone Suivi des Pesticides - Eau - Fiche technique - Simazine IBNC - Guide d'identification: New caledonian approved procedures for inactivating pathogens Protocole Chats Australie Protocole Chats - Pays du Pacifique indemnes Protocole Chiens Australie Protocole Chiens - Pays du Pacifique indemnes Animaux de laboratoire I.

    Certificate import products for human consumption exported for New Caledonia April 30, version Certificat import Cire d'abeille devant accompagner les produits d'origine animale Certificat import Engrais devant accompagner les produits d'origine animale 9. Chevaux via Australie I. Cleaning and disinfection certificate for used vehicles, machinery, equipment and spare parts 30 April version 7.

    Handbook on Pond Fish Farming

    Embryons Ovins et Caprins I. Oiseaux d'un jour I. Ovins et Caprins I. Semence Ovine Caprine I. Import conditions for plants List of products in new caledonia not requiring import permit and certificate Documents techniques Protocole Carnivores Domestiques Canivores domestiques de compagnie E. Carnivores domestiques de compagnie E. Certificat export UE commercial Certificat export UE non commercial Embryons bovins congeles E. Export - Formulaire de demande de certificat sanitaire Oiseaux de compagnie E.

    Poissons eau de mer E.

    En Nouvelle-Calédonie, quel bilan pour la politique de "rééquilibrage" ?

    Poissons eau douce E. Documents techniques Anses - Fiche sur Bacillus cereus Anses - Fiche sur Clostridium perfringens Anses - Fiche sur l'Histamine Anses - Fiche sur Salmonella sp. Anses - Fiche sur Staphylococcus aureus Cyromazine - Review report for the active substance cyromazine UE - Juin Plan de surveillance - Aquaculture - Pouattes 6.

    Plan de surveillance - Crevettes