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Thank you for notifying us. The page you are attempting to access contains content that is not intended for underage readers. Log in to rate this item. You must be logged in to post a review. There are no reviews for the current version of this product Refreshing People want to say that many others have used a word they regret many years ago.

This is probably true. These kinds of statements are the kind that deserve to be in bold, for future reference. Paula Deen is not watching her empire crumble because she used the n-word 27 years ago, as if someone randomly mentioned that fact and then Walmart decided to cut ties with her. It was during this trial about current examples of racism and sexism that it came to light that she also admits to using racial slurs in the past. The trial is not about a racial slur she used 27 years ago; The racial slur she used 27 years ago became one fact that supported the case against her regarding her offensive behavior today.

Are we all racists?! I went on a date during my bachelorette days in Baltimore. We are passing through n-ville! This whole neighborhood is full of n-words. I was in shock. Sure, I had seen tons of subtle racism in my life and had heard people tell jokes that were offense or make statements that left me uncomfortable. But this was extremely blatant…and on a first date. This guy had no idea where my views lied and he felt comfortable throwing out words like that, assuming that because I was white I would be okay with it.

The little he did know about me was that I was a teacher in Baltimore and had spoken about how much I loved my students. My first response was to tell him that he was gross for speaking like that and that I wanted him to just take me home instead of out for a drink.

Now, he was the one in shock. We had a heated discussion the whole drive to my place, during which he told me that I was being too sensitive and that this was how all white Americans spoke and felt. He went on to tell me that he was positive that everyone from random cab drivers to my own father all spoke this way, whether I wanted to admit it to myself or not.

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Why he felt the need to bring my father — whom he had obviously never met nor knew anything about — into it, I have no idea except I guess he was trying to convince me that all white people felt the same as he does , but it only made me that much more furious. YES, I am sure! He then told me I was making him feel like some sort of monster, even though he was still sure that he was in the majority and I was the over-dramatic one.

I have comforted a white friend immediately after she was held up at gunpoint by a black man. Guess what word she never used? And I know many people who have managed to run businesses for many decades without ever hearing complaints of racism or sexism from their employees. Enough is enough with trying to say that racist comments are no big deal and at the same time claiming racism is dead.

Because somehow it seems to be the same people saying both things. How about we all make sure that our kids never hear us speaking disparagingly about other groups so that we can finally raise a generation that comes closer to actually being able to say racism is done. Because when your kids hear you defending actions by a public figure like Paula Deen they become ingrained with the idea that those words and those ideas are okay. If your kids are white that means they will continue to treat others that way and feel just fine about it. If your kids are not white, it breeds the kind of self-loathing that is hard to undo.

They are either learning that it is okay to treat others badly, or that it is okay for others to treat them badly. There is something about having kids that makes life crystal clear, with all of the complexities of simultaneous joy and pain. But it also blurs the lines. It leaves you raw, which allows for so much more joy to press itself up against you, soothing you and making you smile.

All of you that is left so open and vulnerable to the world seems to feel more pain somehow too, though. I know I have spoken about this phenomenon before many times on the blog. And in times like these, as kindergarten comes to a close and we prepare to move to a different state, I seriously feel like I am walking around as one, giant, fresh wound, unable to barricade myself from the intensity of these mixed emotions.

I feel sad about leaving mommy friends and about the boys leaving friends, but I know that we will still see some. Also, we are all so excited about this new house read: YARD and town that it is hard to be too depressed about leaving Brooklyn, even if our Borough President tries to make us feel guilty for doing so.

But the kindergarten thing? I am struggling with this. Partly because it represents such a huge jump age-wise for Carlitos. He is going to be in a real grade next year. I know time is now going to begin passing even faster than it already has. I just know it. The other problem is how stinking amazing this year was for Carlitos. For all of us, really. I knew he had free, hot, delicious lunch waiting for him every day, along with friends who loved him and laughed at his goofy voices and faces unlike his mommy who told him to tone it down daily once or twice , and the single, most amazing teacher I have ever encountered.

Every day, I knew I could count on her filling his brain with gobs of knowledge and an impressive skill set, showing him love and thoughtfulness, and holding him accountable. She has the magical tri-fecta down pat and frankly, it made this year pretty magical. Carlitos began this year not knowing how to read. The kid did not know how to read.

It was time to bond as brothers. I figured he would begin to learn in kindergarten. When the year began and I realized several other kids in his class already knew how to read, I panicked. I felt like a horrible mom who had failed her kid. He is reading at a second or third grade level at this point.

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If not beyond that, when I think about the books I see him poring over half of the time. His growth this year has been in all directions, including depth.

Reward Yourself

And I owe such a huge portion of that to his teacher and to the incredible experience he had with his classmates this year. The joy is there too. I am so proud of Carlitos and happy that he made it through his first real year of school with such aplomb and strength. I am so happy that he loved it and that his first year left the positive imprint in regards to education that I had hoped it would. It makes me smile when I see him with his little school friends, bonded by their time together during such a special year.

Yes, the joy is definitely there as this school year comes to a close. Some goodbyes just really kill me.

The Mommy Chronicles

The last time I felt like this was when our nanny moved back to Mexico , which makes me realize that there is possibly a connection. I seem to feel really attached to people who play a strong role in caring for my children and aiding in their formation as healthy, smart, strong and happy little human beings. For me, at least. I mean, as all these stupid tears and stuff seem to be saying. So I am just doing my best to absorb the happiness and sadness simultaneously.

And figure out how to laugh while crying, I suppose. I am already really good at that. And that Xavi has that as well as he begins pre-school. Be prepared for a tear-filled post on that day.

In the meantime, happy graduation to all of you and yours! I hope you are getting through this season of change and goodbyes with less tears than this crazy pregnant lady! And with more celebratory champagne! You have officially been given permission to have an extra five glasses glass on my behalf. But please return the favor next Spring. I will be the life of every graduation party in ! Kids are shooting other kids with guns? They are learning all of this.

Kids demonstrate learned behavior. Thankfully, that means something very hopeful: Of a whole generation, really. Because, as any teacher knows, it is much easier to teach your students shapes or verb conjugation if they have had breakfast. A healthy breakfast, not Hot Cheetos and Mountain Dew.

My kids eat pretty well. Yes, that includes fish and veggies. However, this does not mean that our family knows what we are doing. Because I am just a mom, trying to do her best and using common sense whenever it comes to me. I think we all know how often that is. I am hoping thinking many of us are in this boat together. You know who does know what they are doing? So when she writes a nutrition and exercise program called Healthy Habits that is geared toward children, we should probably put down the brownie and listen.

I was able to get a sneak peak at this program and as a mom and an educator, it was exciting. It is an 8-week program that is so simply organized and color-coded that a child could figure it out! Wait…which, I guess, is the point. The format of the book and program was definitely created for classrooms, organizations, or groups. However, if you home school — or are simply a Type A mom — this program would be a really fun experience for you and your kids. There is one topic a week, with clear information to be taught and then fun activities for the kids to complete centered around that topic.

The weekly topics include: Honestly, it got my teacher juices flowing a bit and I am going to try some of these lessons and activities with my own kids. As much as it was exciting to read through this booklet, it was also a little disheartening. It made me realize that I still have a long way to go in the healthy mindset I give my children as they head out into the world, making their own decisions about their health.

Also, I realized that my own relationship with food is not something that could be described as healthy. It feels like your stomach is stretching.

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You need to rest in order to digest. If I want my kids to make healthy choices I need to be their model. This booklet was a wake up call that not only could I be doing more in terms of truly teaching my kids how to think about food in a healthier way, but that I need to follow these same guidelines if I want them to look to me for guidance.

Interview With My Girls

There are so many aspects of being a good parent. Of raising a productive member of society who is happy, fulfilled and healthy. It can be overwhelming and leave you not knowing where to begin. This program is definitely a smart and easy place to start. Here is the link so that you can find out more about Laura and her books: Heck, or just get together with a few other moms and do this program as a group!

Although I was given free access to view this booklet as press, I was not compensated financially in any way. The opinions given are mine. Well, actually, I guess cancer tried to beat us down. Actually, to be more specific, Thyroid Cancer has really come at us with a vengeance. Yes, the past couple weeks we have been dealing with a second case in the family and additional family members having biopsies done. And I can tell you it is not fun to watch. It is wonderful to have something exciting to focus on. The special role this baby will always be able to claim as our bright light during a dark year will almost entirely eclipse the fact that their arrival will also turn Xavi into a Middle Child.

A scary thought, indeed. So in the vein of focusing on this little ball of happiness in my tummy, I should let you know that all of the tubs and boxes of polo shirts, sweater vests, tuxedos, blue onesies and swim trunks we saved were worth it. This year, Tay Tay has started her last year of preschool and she is more in love with Peppa Pig than ever! It is all Peppa Pig here! Remember those day of sleep!

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As a kid and now an adult, I have had sleeping problems for most of my life. As a kid, I remember those nights not sleeping before a test and as a adult, there is so much to worry about and ironically most of it is done late at night when everyone else is sleeping! This … [Read more All opinions are my own and not swayed by outside sources. According to a recent study, That makes home internet … [Read more Most of my readers who have been following me for awhile know that I'm a huge advocate for imaginative play and getting out in nature with my family.

I think both are hugely important to the mental and physical development of children, with great added benefits for adults as well.