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La famiglia della napoletana Stella distrutta dal dolore: “Nostro cuore sotto le macerie di Genova”

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I really wanted to see Theda on the screen. The movie is pretty good. I love silent movies. They are a favorite genre of mine.

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I love how it doesn't have a happy ending. I hate happy endings. They can be so unrealistic. And I like the plot as well. Though it is very short, clocking in at a little over an hour. The costumes of the Edwardian Age that Theda wears are great. The DVD also has great feature.

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  4. Be sure to check those out. I am also a fan of the poem and picture that accompany this movie. I have the picture as a poster on my wall. The DVD seems kind of expensive, but I'm sure it is worth it. I do not own the DVD, only rented it. I plan to buy it, and will fill in the blank spaces I left.

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    But if first impressions matter, this DVD is worth it. The movie is entertaining, and the features are really great. This film's own introduction as a psychological drama says it all as far as I'm concerned.

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    It depicts very powerfully how some men easily fall victim to being manipulated and dominated by emotionally disturbed women to the point of committing suicide or becoming alcoholic, and anyone with some life and people experience will recognize these things which happen around us all too often. Ranked Top Language Lovers Bab. A Dream Comes True! Visit Italy Magazine Page. Italian Homestays Antonella Amalfi Coast.

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    Sites that inspire me! Learn Italian in Italy! Italian language learning on a post it note Cyber Italian: Inheritance by Marianne Perry: Book Review By Melissa Muldoon. Thursday , September 17 th , Please follow and like us: Comments Thank you for reviewing The Inheritance.