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The male werewolves from Silver Lake need mates. The women in Winter Valley have no idea what's coming. The author rips every emotion out of you and the steam level is through the roof. Absolutely a must read! Product details File Size: April 5, Sold by: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video.

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Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention malcolm chey gayle eliza cougar bring sex action cheyenne brother suspense brothers erotic chemistry kept clan wants woman kane shifter. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I never thought cougar shifters could be so sexy! I liked this book.

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This is the 3rd book in Eliza Gayle's Black Cougar series. Now, I will say that this is the first book I have read in the series. I was able to jump into the story and not feel like I was missing to many details. The first two books focus on Malcolm's brothers Kane and Lucas. We do meet them here, very briefly, in this story. The story takes off from the first chapter; I love how Ms.

Gayle just hits the ground running with this adventure. Their chemistry is off the charts. This couple is forced to deal with their emotions including strong unresolved feelings towards each other and their inner most fears as they race to figure out who is trying to destroy them. I enjoyed the fast pace of this story. Malcolm and Chey are both strong characters and I enjoyed seeing them struggle between their human and animal sides as they worked together.

These strong personalities also bring out some steamy, smoking hot romance, holy hotness. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes paranormal romance and shifters. The characters were solid and well developed. The story flowed smoothly. Once I started Malcolm, I could not stop reading it till I found out the ending.

I am definitely going to read more of Eliza Gayle! One person found this helpful. Now the first three books in this series Southern Shifters come in a bundle or you can buy them one at a time, might be cheaper in bundle.

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And their are still five more in the series by this author and many more by other authors. So if you have read any of the books in this series you know about the three brothers. This book is about Malcom and Chey and their struggles to come together and the evil man that wants to destroy all their lives. So enjoy the read and see how everything turns out! I'm not sure what exactly it is but the author seems to stray from the original story sometimes.

One thing will be said and then something different happens. I'm not sure if it's changed made to the story and were never corrected or what The story was still good but was confusing to follow at times. These erotic tales have just the right amount of suspense, adventure, action, and all connect well while also be great stand alone's. I wish they had better titles, you never know what you're getting into w a book of one person's name.

Don't let that fool you. These are excellent reads - with great details. Eliza Gayle, my new to me author of the month - quickly became my favorite. The only thing I didn't like was the amount of times the past was hashed over. With the vivid deals to was very easy to visualize what was happening. Nov 09, Daria rated it really liked it Shelves: When he starts acting more grumpy than usual, his friends call him on it.

Yeah he got it bad and tells himself he isnt about to act on his feelings. Some tall dark and scary hot, yet she seems drawn to him. I liked the story it seemed a bit rushed and I kinda missed some key p 3. I liked the story it seemed a bit rushed and I kinda missed some key points. So the story is there, characters likable just need to be filled out a little more. A bit of action, smexyiness, snarky and secrets to be told. All in a a decent story. Jan 10, Greeneyes Belle28 rated it it was amazing.

I really enjoyed this book Feb 28, Sonia rated it really liked it. Good storyline,hot shifters,funny moments,great chemistry between Bhric and Marcy. Enjoy that past characters are included in this book. Need to get next book to see what happens when the Dragons come to town. May want to read this series in order. Jul 09, Stacy rated it it was amazing.

I absolutely loved all the characters in this series. Especially the strong females. This series is a little different than most shifter books which makes it very entertaining. It is a must read. You will love the books and the author will thrill you.

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  5. Jul 19, Natalie rated it it was amazing. Alpha Beast I think Marcy is pregnant and I was hoping to get to see if Kitty would be having a pup too. Bhric is so crazy and badass I wonder how much more dominant he could be for a hybrid.

    Alpha Beast

    Power play Mistakes are sometimes hard to fix, especially when it deals with your mate. There are many unanswered questions left after this book and I hope we get more answers soon. These are a great bunch of books and this world is fantastic. Nov 18, Tymecia Hixon rated it really liked it. Marcy is a force to reckon with and isn't afraid to stand her ground with Bhric. I love that for these two "Love doesn't come with conditions or qualifiers. Jul 03, Julissa rated it liked it. Started out in promising lane , then did a quick turn into meh county real quick. Oct 11, Kelly rated it it was ok.

    Formulaic This was an okay read. Very much an insta-love situation, and not really what the description made it out to be I would have loved a lot more character development, as both main characters have potential for good complexity. Oct 25, Pam Collins rated it it was amazing. Gayle has created a wild and fascinating world with amazing characters and intriguing plots. To view it, click here. A black cougar that had to leave his family and clan behind him.

    Malcolm is getting used to his new, calm and quiet life. But nothing in his life can remain quiet for long. Especially when his bond mate, a hybrid shifter that he turned his back on, comes back into his life When Malcolm comes face to face with the woman that Mother Nature intended for him to have, his life begins to spin out of control. His attraction to Cheyenne is overwhelming. He tries his best to deny it.

    His certain she has, after the way he left her four years prior After their steamy re-acquaintance, Cheyenne explains to Malcolm why she is there. He knows not of her hybrid status, only that she is a half-breed cougar. The laws of the cougar council forbid mixing. Cheyenne goes on to tell Malcolm that his brother insists he return to the clan.

    Alpha Knows Best (Southern Shifters, #3) by Eliza Gayle

    Something is amiss and he needs his help. He orders Cheyenne to leave. Another steamy confrontation sends both their desires near the edge of insanity. To be this close to a bond mate and not give into the desire is maddening. Malcolm uses this to his advantage and is able to remove Cheyenne from his home. But the hybrid cougar has no plans on walking away from a job she was hired to do.

    She always gets her man and there is no way she is letting Malcolm gain the upper hand. Cheyenne leaves the cabin in the woods where she found Malcolm and heads for town. She decides to wait and return for Malcolm later. She goes to a local Waffle House to bide time. While there, she senses another shifter in her presence. When she finds him, she confronts him. He introduces himself as Carl and claims Kane hired him as well, to make sure Cheyenne does her job correctly.

    This ignites rage inside of Cheyenne. No one questions her ability to get a job done. She is about to leave the premises when Carl stops her by grabbing her arm. Before she can react to his advance on her, she hears the growl of her mate. His confrontation with Carl is brief. He and Cheyenne go back to his house. After much argument and protest from her end, they end up sharing a passionate moment. But the ecstasy the revel in is short lived when Cheyenne reveals a secret to Malcolm, one that has him ready to kill.

    This discovery leads to a series of events that neither of them can escape. Through suspicion, betrayal, and passion neither can deny, Malcolm and Cheyenne have to learn to trust each other, forget the past, and overcome secrets to find out who is murdering the people they know. Life is never easy and love is impossible.

    Will Malcolm and Cheyenee find a way to get the answers they seek and fulfill the desires of their heart, the desires that Mother Nature intended? This book in the third in the Black Cougar Novels. It is preceded by Lucas and Kane. I highly recommend this book to those who love paranormal erotic romance with shape shifters. May 06, Stephanie G rated it liked it Shelves: Losing the ability to shift into this cougar form is driving Malcolm Gunn to the painful edge of sanity.

    He has already committed acts against his clan and family in order to find the solution to his problem but the answer just may lie with the woman he rejected years ago. Cheyenne has been hired to bring Malcolm back home. This is a mission and nothing more. At least that's what she keeps telling herself. The moment she's in Malcolm's presence, painful memories and intense lust consume Chey and Losing the ability to shift into this cougar form is driving Malcolm Gunn to the painful edge of sanity. The moment she's in Malcolm's presence, painful memories and intense lust consume Chey and Malcolm doesn't intend to let her get away.

    Secrets, lies, anger and a deadly jealousy threaten not only Chey and Malcolm but also those they love most. Malcolm and Chey's story starts 5 years ago when the were-cougar Guardian came across the hybrid. Chey is part wolf and therefor is looked down upon by the full blooded cougars. Yet Malcolm was drawn to her because of their mate bond but quickly shunned her with harsh, hateful words. After being exiled by his clan for involvement in dark magic, Malcolm is asked to come back by his brother when it becomes clear someone is out to remove all Gunn brothers.

    Chey is sent to retrieve Malcolm at any cost but her mission becomes more challenging when strong emotions from both of them immediately come to a head. I had a difficult time deciding on if I actually liked this pairing. I felt Malcolm was wrong in every way in what he did to Chey. He attempts to blame responsibility to his clan and family as the reason why he pushed her away after finding out they're mates. Yet both of this brothers claimed their mates not too long after finding them, not caring of the consequences. He has a habit of using her sexually then saying hateful things after to drive her away.

    He even gets angry when he finds out she's been with another, when he was the one to reject her in the first place. Chey is no wilting flower. She's strong in many ways and can hold her own against Malcolm. I didn't hate these two ending up together or even Malcolm, I just thought she forgave him too easily.

    While the sexual chemistry these two have is undeniable and should satisfy any smutty appetite, they were my least favorite couple in this series. In Malcolm, the build up to the who and why someone is after the Gunn brothers is finally revealed. The suspense and action that takes place during the book had me not wanting to put the book down. The one complaint I have regarding the finale was for all the build up leading the the big finale, it felt a bit rushed and anticlimactic. Malcolm wasn't perfect but still a good read. Chey ended up being one of the highlights of this book because she kept surprising me with each secret she revealed.

    It really kept me on my toes. Malcolm was a nice mix of dramatic moments along with a steady supply of action and intense sex. Eliza Gayle's Black Cougar series has many very well written, multilayered characters that kept me coming back for more. Yes, that includes Malcolm even though I had my issues with him regarding his relationship with Chey. This series is for those who like their paranormal romance dark, their men to be alphas and the sex to be off the charts hot.

    Jun 20, Tracie Runge rated it it was amazing. Ever since Malcolm's sexual encounter with a another shifter on his land several years ago he has fought his inner demons and everyone around him. He has long been considered an outcast and his shifter clan has indefinitely banished him from their land. Cheyenne Ross was a hybrid half breed and was shunned and rejected by most clans only being called forth to do their dirty work. When Chey gets a call from Kane Gunn requesting her services she knows she needs to help him get to the bottom of what is happening with the clans.

    Kane's mission for her is to bring home his brother Malcolm. Chey knows she must help Kane but Malcolm can she truly complete this mission and bring home the man who took her innocence and broke her heart. The man whose parting words to here were 'I would never mate with a half breed'. When Chey finds Malcolm everything changes he is not the person she thought she would find and the passion between them burns stronger than ever.

    There is also other dangers lurking someone is trying to eliminate the Gunn brothers and now they have found their way to Malcolm's door. Betrayal and murder has found both Chey and Malcolm and it will take them to work together and trust each other if they are to survive. Malcolm knows letting Chey go was the biggest mistake of his life but will she let go of the past and accept him for who he is and will Malcolm still want Chey as his mate if they survive everything once he learns first of her betrayal and then the secret she has kept from him for five years.

    Malcolm is book 3 in the Black Cougar series and all I can say is WOW this series is definitely one of my favourites and I can't recommend it highly enough. If you are truly looking for a series that has it all this is a series for you.

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    Jul 04, Shannon Savhage Temptrest rated it liked it. Emotion, both good and bad, passion, and action are just a few of the attributes that shaped this story and will keep readers enthralled from start to finish! Both Malcolm and Cheyenne were destined to be mates, but five long years ago because of some emotional differences as well as other circumstances both decided live their own lives apart from one another.

    Now, the two are together again both trying to deny the attraction and the passion that never really faded between them. In the midst of their personal struggle with one another, someone is out to frame both Chey and Malcolm for murder. If they don't come together and work as the team they were meant to be, they risk the chance of losing one another permanently along with everything else they hold dear in the process. Malcolm packed an erotic punch that will leave readers breathless! The interaction between Malcolm and Chey was explosively sensual and both had great chemistry together when they could get past their misconceptions and misunderstandings of one another.

    Although parts of this book could leave the readers frustrated, these parts also engage the readers in the story more and make the characters and their situations seem more realistic. Fans of Eliza Gayle's Black Cougar series will enjoy Malcolm for the raw, erotic tale it is, and fans of Paranormal Erotica will also enjoy this book but are encouraged to read the first two books in this series before reading Malcolm.

    Mar 09, Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: I never thought cougar shifters could be so sexy! I liked this book. Now, I will say that this is the first book I have read in the series. I was able to jump into the story and not feel like I was missing to many details. We do meet them here, very briefly, in this story. The story takes off from the first chapter; I love how Ms. Gayle just hits the ground running with Wow!