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Various book and performance reviews. Creative work and research activities in areas of puppetry and scenic design. Legends of the Land. Master of the Marionettes provisional title. A full-length illustrated biography of Waldo Lanchester. Java and Bali on International Stages, Contemporary Southeast Asian Performance: Plays for the Popular Stage.

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In Ethnicity and Identity: Edited by Ravi Chaturvedi and Brian Singleton. Traditional and Popular Painting in Modern Java. Archipel 69, , pp. In Puppet Theatre in Contemporary Indonesia: New Approaches to Performance Events. Edited by Jan Mrazek. Javanese shadow puppets, nala-vision, private self, bodily self. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Series 3, 12 2 , , pp.

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A Cirebonese romance as a narrative model for wayang. New Research in Asian Studies. Curzon Press, , pp. The Big Man and the Puppeteer: Puppetry Yearbook 4, , pp. The Barikan Banner of Gegesik: Archipel 59, , pp. Play and Theatre in Child Psychoanalysis. In The Many Meanings of Play: Edited by Albert J. Cohen, and Peter B. Neubauer, written with Phyllis M. Yale University Press, , pp. Chimeric Objects and Playthings.

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Universidad de Sevilla, Secretariado de Publicaciones, , pp. Magic, Religion and Theatre Including the 21st Century. Other non-puppet academic publications listed on: Revista Unicsul, First semester Mask and actor's training in Brazilian theatre schools. Interview with Luciano Damani. Interview with Czech scenographer Josef Svoboda. Teaching book with coauthor Claudio Rovagna. I figurini Plastici The Plastic Figures.

Essay on Maria Signorelli.

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Experimental theatre of figure, puppet drama. Nassau Dillenburgstraat 8 AD S. Gravenhage Netherlands List of publications: Heureka, Weesp, Holland, , pp. In Biblioteca Teatrale, nuova serie, , No. Prolegomeni allo studio della fabulazione. La voce del mito: The Voice of the Myth: Il racconto come tecnica performativa Narration as Performance Technique.

In Il silenzio e la voce. Trento, Servizio istruzione provincia autonoma di Trento, La fascinazione della parola. Dal racconto orale al teatro: From Oral Narration to the Theatre: La struttura della performance verbale nel racconto orale: In Il Libro di Teatro. La spada di celano, ricostruzione dello spettacolo The Sword of Celano, Reconstruction of the Performance. Former director of Figura Theaterfestival Baden Switzerland from 4th to the 9th edition List of publications: Several articles in the context of visual theatre, companies and festivals in various periodicals.

Program booklets of the biannual festival Figura from to , info figura-festival. Dailininko Teatras Theatre of Designer. About famous Lithuanian puppeteer Vitalijus Mazuras. About problems in Lithuanian theatres for children and Japanese shadow theatre tour in Lithuania. In Literatura ir Menas, , p. In Literatura ir Menas, , pp. Bandymas istorizuoti Puppets on TV: A Try to Historize. On Lithuanian TV puppet theatre In Menu Faktura , www. About puppets in catholic church rituals 19thth centuries of Lithuania. Sukurti Leliu Teatra B.

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In Italo Calvino, percorsi potenziali. By Raffaele Aragona, Lecce, Manni, , pp. Le albe costanti The Continuous Daybreaks. By Marco Martinelli and Ermanna Montanari. Marionete e avanguardas A Descarnate Author. Marionettes and Avant Garde. In Messalina, Alfred Jarry, transl. Giunti, , pp. Introduction, comments and notes of the translator. Distruggere anche le rovine Destroy the Ruins, Too. University Press Sestante Edizioni, , pp. Sposob Uzycia Machines of Kantor.

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From Pulcinella to Polichinelle. Charleville, Les Cahiers Robinson, janvier , , pp. Dramatic Shadow — Concepts, techniques and aesthetics in the creative art of shadow theatre and contemporary visual theatre. Teremkivska, 14 Kyiv, Ukraine Telephone: Hrushevskogo 4 Kyiv Ukraine Telephone: Naukova dumka, , pp. The articles about Nativity Play: Dictionary of scientific and National Terminology, —. In the previous source, pp. Reports at the 3rd International Congress of Ukrainian culture researchers. Nativity Play from the Viewpoint of Folklore Studying.

Polissya and Volyn national studying center, Issue 2, Folklore note-books. Historical and Ethnographical monograph consists of two volumes , Vol. Ukrainian nation studying, , pp. Nativity Play and Holy Write. Ethnic history of European peoples: Collection of scientific works, Issue 4. Composition of the Nativity Puppet-show Performances. Folklore Theatre and Rite. Ethnic history of European people: At a Crossroads of Traditions. Problems of Nativity Play Classification. Lviv University Bulletin, Art studying series, , Issue 1, pp.

Terminology of Folklore Theatre: Issues , Kyiv, , pp. Phenomenon of Ukrainian Nativity Play. Collection of scientific works, Kyiv, Ukrainian. Musical Component at Nativity Play. Collection of works in memory of Academician Kostyuk O. A Mystery of Ukrainian Nativity Play. Theatre magazine, Lviv, Ukrainian.

Variaciones de una obertura Variations To an Overture. Una apertura a premiar An Opening to Reward. Maternidad de vida Maternity of Life. Oralidad y teatro Orality and the Theatre. My Life with Punch. By Joe Beeby, ed. Various articles including A new light on Piccini, http: Punch and Judy both contemporary and historical.

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In Puppet Art, Bulgarian Images of Intonation. Bulgarian Image behind the words. Image behind the words. New Bulgarian University, The Uttered Word in the Text of the Performance — project for theatre education of children from the minorities granted by The Ministoy of Culture and the Ministry of Education Children of Bulgaria — National and Cultural Unity — project for the children from different ethnical groups in Bulgaria, Puppet Notebook 18, , pp. Entrance to Realm of Semi-puppets and Puppetries. Expanded World of Puppetry. How Is It Born?

Puppetry, Step by Step. From First to Last Steps of Animation. Writing, Cultural Research Bureau, Natiashastra a chapter of thesis of Indian play. Kaboki colloquial Japanese play. Published work since Bengali Puppet Theatre. My First Experience in Educational Puppetry. Kozhikode, Kerala, India, , pp. Abashyakta Hain Nai Pahal Ka. Make Your Own Puppets. Retablo de Juglares Minstrels Altarpiece. La paradoja de la continuidad The Paradox of Continuity.

Yorick en libro Ed. Luces de otra selva oscura Lights Another Dark Forest. El juego del amor y del teatro The Game of Love and tTeatre. In Perro Huevero Suplemento de critica teatral especializada. El Teatro de las Estaciones el alma en viaje. Sitio Digital Cubaescena, The performance in puppetry. Puppet theatre in Cuba. Vienuolio 6 — 27, Vilnius, Lithuania Telephone: About 1th puppet theatre festival of Baltic States in Tallinn. About Polish puppet theatres. About puppet theatre impact to children. In Muzika ir teatras, , No. How Strong is a Puppet?

About puppetry in Baltic States. About 1th Asian International puppet theatre festival in Tashkent, In Teatras, Almanachas, , No. Attracted to the Light About 7th puppet theatres festival of Baltic States in Riga. About Kaunas Puppet Theatre tour in Vilnius. Interview with puppeteer V. In Menotyra Studies in Arts , , No. About impact on Lithuanian theatrical aesthetics.

Zapiski dramaturga teatra kukol Notes of Dramaturg in Puppet Theatre. Moscow, , 60 pp. Mechaniceskij teatr kukol v Rossii Moscow, , 28 pp. Kukolnyj teatr v Peterburge Puppet Theatre in St. Petersburg in 18th Century. A contribution in publication The Puppeteers of St. Book written in a co-operation with S.

San Francisco, , pp. A contribution in publication Puppets, Masks and Characters. Neskolko faktov v obchcuju kopilku Facts into Common Deposit.

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A contribution about vertep. In Belorussian Theatre Almanac — Kavaler ordena ulybki Cavalier of the Smile Award. Neizvestnaja kukolnaja dramaturgia Unknown Puppet Dramaturgy. Kukolnaja encyklopedija Encyclopaedia of Puppetry. In Teatr Cudes — puppetry journal, No. Encyklopedija skazocnych geroev Encyclopaedia Fairytales Heroes. In a co-operation with A. Moscow, , 64 pp. Kukolnyj teatr Puppet Theatre. Vertep v Rossii Vertep in Russia. A paper presented in an international symposium of Nativity puppet theatres.

December , Luck, Moscow, , pp. Moscow, , 50 pp. Author of idea and leader of group of authors of book Academia of Obraztsov. Puppets of Theatre in War Kukly teatra voiennych deistvii.

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In Teatr chudes, , No. Bolshaia rossijskaia enciklopedija v Century Letopis teatra kukol v Rossii XV. History of the Russian Scripts for Puppets. A Fragile Image of Perfection Chrupkij obraz sovershenstva.

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DVD — Golden String. Film about puppetry, 3 hours. In Teatr Cudes — puppetry journal. In Teatr, , No. Circ ujehal The Circus Has Left. About Edmon and Ramona by Rezo Gabriadze. In newspaper Ekran I scena, , No. Skazka dlja vzroslyh The Fairy Tale for Adults. Serjeznoje puteshestvije v detstvo Serious Journey to Childhood. Povelitel' tenej The Lord of the Shadows. About Moscow painter Alexander Krupenin. Newspaper Culture, , No. About shows — national theatre award Golden mask winners in puppetry nomination, Russian. ORG, Publications, 40 under 40 English. Dnevnik critica Critic's Blog.

In Strastnoy boulevard, 10, , No. Puppetry International, 25, English. Plusy polysa Advantages of the Pole. Danses des ombres Shadow Dances. Edition Magellan, Paris, Parmi les marionnettes de l'Inde Among Indian Puppets. Didlaukio Vilnius Lithuania Telephone: Vilnius, , II half-year, pp. In Lietuvos rytas, 3.

In Lietuvos rytas, , No. In Mokykla, , pp. Under the name of Lijana Galadauskaite. In Mokykla, , No. In Lietuvos scena, , No. Current research related to creativity: Box 1, 01 Bratislava Slovakia List of publications: In Kasperl, Teufel, Krokodil. Don Juan as a Story Tale. On the Traditional Puppet Theatre in Slovakia. Hamar, Juraj — Rusko, Milan: Character Identity Expression in Vocal Performance.

Text, Speech and Dialogue. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, , pp. One Speaker, Multiple Characters. Method for Studying Personality Expression in Voice. London, , pp. Animationsteater som kunstart og som led i xstetisk udvikling og opdragelse The Theatre of Animation as an Art and as an Element of Esthetic Development and Education. Marionet og Menneske, animationsteater — billedteater Theatre of Animation and Theatre of Figuration. Copenhagen, , pp. Learning through Animation Theatre. Extract from a Research Report. Danish University of Education, Copenhagen, , pp.

Poemes In the Open Air. Otterup, , pp. Billedteater pa tvxrs af grxnser Theatre of Images Running across Borders. In Anslag, Teater- og dramafagets Didaktik og Metode. Udviklingsprogrammerne, Danmarks Laererhojskole, , 26 pp. Levende billedteater i skolen Living Theatre for the School. Udviklingsprogrammerne, Danmarks Laererhejskole, , 15 pp. The Learning Process in the Theatre of Paradox. In The Puppet — What a Miracle!

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Silkeborg Kunstmuseums Forlag editor. Schweitz, , 3 pp. In Forming I skolen. Oslo, , 2 p. Copenhagen, , 2 p. Copenhagen, , 3 pp. In Undervisningsdifferentiering I skolen. Drama and Action Competence. Kroghs Forlag, , 8 pp. Danmarks dramalaererforening, , No. Legens rum og rxkkevidde Space and Extent of Playing. In Danmarks dramalaererforening, , No. Inspirationer fra vxrdighedens jord. Moments of a Journey in Burkina Faso. In Handarbejde i skolen, , 5 pp.

Skolen og den emotionelle Ixring School and Emotional Learning. In Dansk Magisterforenings Seminansafdeling, Nov. Fagsprogets velsignelser Blessing of a Professional Language. In Handarbejde i skolen, , No. Animationsteatrets verdner og underverdner Worlds and Underworlds in Animation Theatre. In Rampelyset Dansk Amaterteater Samvirke.

August , 5 pp. Marionetternes Mesterlxre Professional Education of Marionettists. In Borneteateravisen, , No. Blad for venskabsforeningen Danmark-Mali, Oktober , 3 pp. In And i Hanske. Norsk Dukketeaterforening, , No. In Collection of papers of research. Forskningsprogrammet Skolefag, Laering og Dannelse. Danmarks Laererhojskole, , 25 pp. In Forskningstidskrift om laereprocesforskning. Danmarks Laererhojskole, , 14 pp. Theatre d'animation — theatre des utopies et des metamorphoses Theatre of Animation — Theatre of Utopias and Metamorphosis.

In Collection of papers for research. Scensko Stvaralastvo djece i odraslih za djecu, Gradski vrtici Sibenik, Sibenik, Croatien, , 4 pp. In Handarbejde i Skolen, sept. In Dansk paedagogisk tidsskrift, Copenhagen, Dec. Animation af Figurer Animation of Figures. Dukketeater er ikke kun for voksne Puppet Theatre not Only for Adults. Komments n Dagbladet Information Danish newspaper.

Affective Education through the Art of Animation Theatre. Faculty of education, , 5 pp. Adlersgate 31, Toensberg Norway Telephone: Chat Noir i Kristiania — Oslo, Artistic cabaret and kleinkunst, Aschehoug, The First Drama for Children in Norway. Oslo, Norsk Barnebok Institutt, Crossing the Border between Public and Private. Holger Drachmann and Bokken Lasson. The review must be at least 50 characters long. The title should be at least 4 characters long.

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