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But only rare, extraordinary individuals act on what God guides them to do. Do you want to be one of these people? If so, you are in the right place. We are taught from an early age that when we talk to God it is called "prayer," but when God talks to us, it is called"schizophrenia. You would be diagnosed with mental illness and walk out with a prescription for psychotropic drugs. We often read about murderers-even mothers who slaughter their own babies-who claim that voices in their heads told them to commit murder.

We hear of cult leaders who believe that God demands that their followers commit suicide. No wonder the widespread belief is that people who claim to hear God's voice are insane. We are conditioned to believe that the only people sanctioned to have authentic conversations with God are great prophets, saints, holy men I emphasize the word "men" , and other holy beings that lived at least two thousand years ago in some faraway land.

These holy men wrote one book-a book literally written in stone. After that book was written, apparently, God has gone mute-and has not spoken to anyone since. I believe these holy men have not signed an exclusive contract with God. They have no special combination to a padlocked, hallowed safe with elite access. Some religious institutions would have you believe that they own the secret passkey and, without their sanction, no one can walk through the doorway to heaven. Billions of people are resigned to the idea that they cannot experience God directly-certainly not while they are still breathing.

Sadly, such people eagerly await death, when they will enter the glorious gates of paradise and finally catch a glimpse of God's presence. They never conceive that they could directly experience God in this body during this lifetime. The widespread belief is that God's blessing and grace are inaccessible without a middleman, such as a pastor, minister, priest, cleric, rabbi, guru, master, shaman, psychic, channeler, counselor, or priestess. Most of these go-betweens have the best of intentions. But, regrettably, either intentionally or unwittingly, some of them become hucksters swathed in a veneer of spirituality, hawking their products to the masses.

Such salespeople have no incentive to help people hear God's voice directly. To use an analogy from the world of sales, if their customers were to have such experiences, then these retailers would soon be out of business. For their clients would "cut out the middleman" and "go direct. However, it is my experience, and the experience of tens of thousands of people who have used the methods taught in my books or classes, that anyone can hear the voice of God directly.

At the risk of giving away the "pearl of great price"-the most precious secret of the ages-on Page 3 of the first chapter of this book, I will tell you right now how you can hear the voice of God. This gift comes with no strings attached. You will not be required to convert to a religion, join a cult, venerate a guru, empty your bank account, or sacrifice your firstborn child. I will tell you right now how to "go direct.

Just sit down in a chair, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, get quiet, still, centered, and balanced within yourself, and then simply-ASK. That is the entire secret. Ask a question, ask for guidance, ask for inspiration or healing. Then take another deep breath and do what I call the "Do-Nothing Program. Then the "still small voice" will speak to you in your heart. So the key to hearing God's voice is to ASK. The trouble is that we forget to ask. Or we think we cannot ask. Or we think God is too busy for us. Is God too busy for you?

Could God be too busy for anyone? If you believe God is too busy to pay attention to you, then you have a very limited idea of what God is. God could never be too busy. God is not bound by time, space, or circumstances. Therefore, God cannot get tired or overworked.

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God does not only pay attention to "important" people and things. Everyone and everything is important to God. God does not play favorites. God is not available to only a select few so-called "holy" people. God is everywhere present and always available to anyone who asks. The entire premise of this book is "Ask, and it shall be given you. Many people have one ten-minute spiritual experience, and then spend the rest of their life talking about it.

Dozens of best-selling authors have built their entire career upon that one time when a divine being appeared or spoke to them. However, Divine Revelation is about experiencing God whenever you want-at will. After you have learned how to hear the divine voice, you will receive spiritual experiences as often as you desire. You can call upon God and ask a question, ask for guidance, or ask to experience God, and then receive the answer or experience immediately, whenever you want-day or night.

Diane Wright, a dentist from Tampa, Florida, describes: Just being aware and knowing has increased my consciousness. Throughout 40 years of teaching meditation and intuition techniques, I have often heard the following complaints from my students, to which this book provides practical solutions: Do I have to meditate in order to hear the voice of God? Maybe it works for other people, but not for me. I'm just a brick wall.

What if they lead me down the wrong path?

Answers Within: Contacting Your Inner Voice | The Edge Magazine

Can't I be deceived? That divine voice will help you make wise choices. Here are a few of the many benefits you can receive by practicing the methods in this book. Included are experiences of people who have used these techniques to transform their lives: Trusting and following inner guidance. One day, I was driving in a hurry and not paying attention. I heard this sweet angel voice say, 'Linda look up,' and I did.

I was heading right into a parked car on a rounded curve. I quickly swerved and could hear the minor nick as I passed the car, like a click. If I had not looked up, I would have hit the car dead center. I knew I was given grace that day. Making wise and purposeful choices with peaceful confidence.

Dan Ecklund, a physician from Foley, Alabama, says: I have been asking questions and getting intuitive answers for 27 years, and now I can finally trust my answers! Discovering and following your true pathway, true desires and divine purpose, in alignment with your authentic self. Anita Foster, a massage therapist from Centerville, Ohio, says, "The major outcome for me was a clear call to me from Divine Guidance that it is time for me to acknowledge that the reason I am here on earth this time around is to live my oneness with God.

Enjoying a sense of inner happiness and peace in everyday life. Marsha Campbell, a Unity church administrator from Atlanta, Georgia, says: When I first came across it, I felt tears in my eyes. Then, as I got more into it, what came over me was immense gratitude, more tears, from so much joy of feeling 'that connection.

I'm not sure if I am conveying the intensity of my appreciation. Being more self-reliant and less dependent on others by finding answers within. Victor Cox, from Dallas, Texas, says: Shumsky's books and using her teachings, I have received many answers to questions from Divine Spirit regarding my life and my job.

These answers have come in the form of visions, inner voices, and signs, just as she says in her books! Achieving greater self-love, self-acceptance, and inner power. Libby Maxey, an author from Mount Juliet, Tennesse, says: It is so utterly simple and so extremely subtle. I can say this and mean it with my whole being: I love God, I love my neighbors, and I love my Self.

Attaining the true freedom that comes from direct contact with God. Rosemarie Sanchez, from Portland Oregon, writes, "This realm of understanding is new for me and is exactly what I have wanted. After many years of the mainstream way of thinking, this is amazingly freeing. My word of inspiration right now is 'freedom' and even the thought of it provides the feeling of a butterfly in flight.

God's love truly puts me on top of the world knowing I can create any possibility for my life I choose. Dwelling in the joyous, comforting, loving presence of God. Michelle Engel, a schoolteacher from Ashland, Oregon, reports: I feel wealthy in Spirit and am completely fulfilled from within. Putting your life on track and in order. Timothy Smith, a minister from Boynton Beach, Florida says, "Your teaching has made such a huge difference in my life on so many levels.

It was like a light bulb experience. All my studies of religion in my BA degree, Master and on personal levels now made sense with the inner Christ, inner Spirit and inner Being. Suddenly the Christ that I invited into my heart so many years ago was revealed to me. It seems so simple yet so complex. Discovering life's meaning in spiritual enlightenment. I was led into a blissful emptiness, a total silence, a total state of non-action and Oneness, and a total intense experience of the present moment.

There was no emotion, no desire, no need to do anything, only a great peace. I felt like 'Albert' had gone away and I was empty of everything, impersonal. I felt like my ego had been sent down a garbage disposal. Usually when I have a deep experience like this, I have tears of humility and love and joy, but there just wasn't any 'me' left to do anything, there was only pure, peaceful beingness.

Knowing God and attaining God realization. Mark Lebowitz, a physician from Dallas, Texas says, "I recently recalled that when I was 15 years old, my fondest wish was to know God. I just realized that I don't wish for that anymore. Because now, I think I do know Him. I am sure that I will grow to know Her more as I progress, but I have achieved my life-long wish.

I have practiced meditation and other spiritual disciplines since From to , I lived in various ashrams residential retreat facilities where a student studies meditation and yoga under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the guru of the Beatles and of Deepak Chopra, and I served on Maharishi's personal international staff for seven of those years. When I lived in the ashram, I meditated from five to 20 hours per day.

I sometimes cloistered myself in my room and did not appear for up to eight weeks at a time. The food was brought to my door. I often fasted for up to two months at a time. That's what makes her a great teacher. She includes a clear, simple description of how to differentiate between the various inner voices and how to connect with clear, divine guidance for personal use. She also describes the problems and pitfalls of the many types of "psychic phenomena" of the popular media today. I recommend this book as a basic primer to people who wish to make a better connection to their inner divinity and reorient their lives toward a divinely centered and inspired life.

She spent a lot of time studying yoga techniques in ashrams in the 60s and 70s. This is a really good book written by a person who is helping contribute immensely to the way the world is transforming. It contains powerful methods to overcome stress and heal deep emotions. This is a do-it-yourself practical kit for spiritual therapy.

God's light shines through this book. Please read it now. Divine Revelation is a breakthrough! Finally, anyone can learn to listen to his or her inner voice. A wonderful synthesis of spiritual wisdom and practical steps, based on the experiences of a true seeker. A "self-help" book in the true sense. Susan Shumsky has done humanity a great service in writing this book, and you will do yourself a great service by reading it. To help readers get past the 'ego-chatter' cluttering their path to the spirit, Shumsky devotes a chapter to 'Nine Tests to Prevent Psychic Deception.

Exercises in the book include silencing chatter in the mind, testing the source of received messages, and finding answers to our most difficult questions. Also included are true-life stories of people who have used the plan with positive results. This book is for those who want a blue-print for meditation and inner wisdom. She does not proscribe religious belief but shows the common elements in many religions that support the work she is doing.

She lucidly spells out the how-to's for spiritual breakthrough, providing nine tests to be sure the source of your message is indeed divine. Lots of pre-pub endorsements suggest a work with widespread appeal. She is more divine than Bette Midler or my world-famous cheesecake.

She has spiritual value and a good sense of humor. What more could you want from a talk show guest? It was a pleasure for me and very easy to interview her. She's terrific-a real dynamo!

Finding Your Inner Voice- A Guided Process With Lilian Eden

There's something special about the book. When I read it, I felt incredibly relaxed. I felt, to a degree as crazy as it may sound , spiritually enlightened. You have a fresh and valid approach that I personally like and endorse. Her book is both inspiring and practical. The case histories of those whom she has taught the techniques of Divine Revelation are eloquent evidence of the effectiveness of meditation and spiritual dedication.

This remarkable book speaks to everyone. This book speaks to all people, no matter what their religious background. Many books advise us to listen to our heart, yet they fail to tell us how. Divine Revelation teaches a safe, practical way to do this. Instead of developing psychic powers, as many books do, this book opens us to genuine spiritual awareness and develops our prayer power. Divine Revelation reduces many pitfalls in our quest for inner truth. It shortens the time required for our pathway to the divine. Reading this book is a spiritual adventure!

It helps us not only to listen to our inner voice, but also to recognize who or what that voice is. Using this book's simple techniques can heal our minds and bring us in tune with God. This book helps us remove blocks so we can experience our true self. It opens our awareness to God. This book helps us develop faith in our own inner voice rather than depending on others for advice. Divine Revelation is a wonderful companion on the spiritual path.

It promises direct spiritual experience and takes us to higher consciousness. This book helps us avoid the perils of dabbling with psychic powers.

Answers Within: Contacting Your Inner Voice

It develops our spiritual discernment. It helps us to become spiritually self-reliant. Thank you, Susan, for your safe, practical approach to intuitive development. I bought this book a long time ago and it inspired me to look for a local teacher so I can learn the technique. I did find one and took the classes and now, I do not feel I have to seek for any more external gurus.

I found my guru, God in me. I had some very negative experiences with 'astral entities' as they're called in the book, almost prompting me to abandon my spirituality altogether. But, after reading the chapters on protection, healing, and becoming "spiritually street-smart", I am now confident that I can contact the divine at will and know it will be safe, loving, and comforting. Thank you, Susan Shumsky, for finally bringing to light a safe and workable method for connecting to God on a regular basis for the benefit of your own life and all life.

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I had been trying to get spiritual experiences for the last 20 years. However, after searching for the answers in gurus and cults, and after coming to the realization that they were all phony, I simply gave up. Just when I thought that I would never find any real answers, this book 'jumped off the bookshelf' at me. I can't begin to tell you what it has done for me. I had been in deep depression, in fact, with no hope for tomorrow. This book has given me hope that there really are true spiritual people in this world, people who will help you find the answers within yourself rather than puffing up their own egos.

Shumsky is one of these people. I came all the way from Japan to meet Susan just to thank her for this wonderful life-transforming book. Also, that there can be no fear when love is present. God does send angels when we need them, and you are one. I consider your book and your message to be one of the great gifts of my life, and I thank you. Most New Age people seem to just accept any old message received in any supernormal way as valid. I thought, 'this one's on to something. My friends seem to relate to me on a more clear level, honoring my integrity and quality of being.

And are less possessive and are more tolerant and loving towards me, less conditional love. I can see them changing for the better in their relationship with me. It's more clear, mature, and the muddy emotional imbalances seem to be less. Just the thought of finally making contact with a real source to help me develop what I have known was available within me for years! Allahu Akbar God is Great! Divine Revelation is far and beyond anything as deep and powerful as I have ever known, and I give thanks for it daily. This book has had a profound effect on the level of joy and happiness I now experience daily in my life.

Like a stone hitting a still watered pond, it ripples ever wider and deeper each day that passes. Its most powerful effect is it establishes a link with what cannot be seen and brings us to feel and know what is real and can be felt and experienced. The book is fantastic! I am absolutely thrilled. I am already getting great results in my life. I am very grateful for the knowledge you have passed to me through your book.

This book helps people learn to hear the 'still small voice' within, their spiritual guidance. With today's vast trend of people seeking spirituality and seeking out spiritual advice, Susan's approach is immeasurable valuable in preventing people from being led astray from their true lives of accomplishment and fulfillment, on to paths of unknown pitfalls. I marked it up so underlining and writing in it that I had to order another copy.

It is obvious that you have travelled into deep territory in order to write such a definitive work. I am really impressed with what you have created and with your understanding of the Way. It is an incredible book. You have done your homework exceptionally well, and I would recommend this book to anyone seeking their Higher Power. It has answered many questions I have and is a delightful change from always looking to others for the answers.

I believe the healing prayers contribute to this significantly.

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I mean, I am reading it over and over again. You probably will not be surprised when I say that it is an amazing book. Please accept my deepest respect and gratitude. It made it all so simple compared to what I was doing. Just recently I disassociated myself from a worldwide spiritual organization and like to practice listening to my inner voice with more assurance, so I can get answers from within.

Your book Divine Revelation is the most helpful how-to book I've come across. I feel richly blessed to be introduced to this teaching. Thank you very much. Thank you for a great experience. I have been benefiting from getting wonderful guidance, etc. It is working wonderfully and I have gained so much confidence in my intuitive abilities. Hope you don't mind, but I will be telling many people about your courses!

I have studied this subject for a number of years and I consider this book to be one of the best and straightforward that I have read. I would like to thank you for helping people who are on the path of enlightenment. Thank you so much!! I have tried many ways of meditating, never being really successful. And now, by only reading it through, I already feel encouraged, full of love!

My inner knowing says, 'Susan speaks the truth. It has helped me in several ways like breaking psychic ties with those who put me down and criticize, at the same time wishing these people well and asking for their highest good. I've also learned how to protect my energy field aura and what a change that has made! I am more free to be me.

The book has also helped met to be more open to the guidance and comfort that Holy Spirit is always giving us, and to test for truthfulness. I am more aware now of being proved for abundantly and ahead of time. My life is easier. I cannot tell you what an impact this book is making in my life. I've been reading a lot of getting-to-know-myself books, healing-myself books, but I haven't read anything like Divine Revelation. It feels as though it was written just for me.

I am learning how to finally love myself, heal myself, and overcome this loneliness that I am feeling. I've been memorizing the healing prayers and saying the affirmations daily. I really do feel like I have power within me. I'm starting to feel something great inside. I wanted you to know what an awakening experience it was for me. I am 39 and at a stage of my life where I want to explore my spiritualness and my true reason for being on earth. I believe your book was an important first step in a process of finding my true self and the correct vocation for my talents.

It has helped me through some difficult experiences. Much gratitude for your magnificent work. I want to go within daily. Please let the author know I thank my Creator for her. Shumsky, a wonderful book. I was so inspired by his book. I think I have become a better person.

I recommend it to everyone. As far as I'm concerned, it is the most responsible and informative book about spirituality I've ever read. I have been communicating verbally and otherwise with the Divine Feminine for years but I felt on very shaky ground: Lately, I have been receiving clear teachings from the Divine Feminine Also known as Great Goddess for the new millennium. Communicating with Her is on the top of the list! Divine Revelation, your work, fits into Her plan for us! Your work grounds me, confirms my vision, and my "Divine Revelation.

My mission is to open women to the Divine Feminine and empower them as well as to impart Her message and Teachings to everyone. Dearest Susan, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Blessings of Athena and Isis. I trust my discrimination now: There is nothing to fear! So often in my life, I have had that nagging feeling in my "gut" that I should, or should not do something. Too often I did not listen to that little voice or as some call it "intuition" and later I had to live with bad decisions.

Divine Revelation was a revelation of sorts for me, confirming that we are provided with spirit guides, certainly the guidance of our most supreme master, God; each who help us with every day decisions, if only we will listen. Divine Revelation was also "divine" for me and has helped me to finer tune-in that which each of us are surely blessed; that little inner guidance system that ensures that we will succeed or be saved from anquish. I now listen carefully! Thank you Susan Shumsky for your eye-opening little book. I only wish it had been around to help me with many of my wrong decisions in the past thirty-plus years.