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It even shows how these policies can be designed to have minimal negative effects. With evidence from other countries that are successfully addressing climate change, Hot Air shows why these are the only policies that will work — and why this is a matter of life and death for all of us. Why did the Chinese respond as they did to the Kyoto Protocol in ? Prior to Kyoto, the Chinese had insisted, along with many other developing countries, that climate change was the fault of the wealthy industrialized countries.

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They should solve the problem they were creating, and at their own expense. China therefore refused to commit to any GHG reductions. Once Kyoto was signed, however, China acted differently, while still insisting it was under no international obligation to do anything.

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China removed subsidies for the coal industry, established mandates for renewable electricity generation, created a state-owned company to finance research into carbon capture and storage for coal-bed methane production, tightened energy efficiency standards, and tightened vehicle efficiency requirements. The absence of China and India from Kyoto made that position more compelling, until you look at the issue from their perspective.

GHG reduction requires those countries and industries that move first to accept higher initial costs and to introduce slightly more risky technologies.

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The poor people of the planet have limited access to the energy services enjoyed in richer countries. A successful election campaign that featured only passing references to climate change seemed to vindicate their assumptions. That approach is what they had convinced themselves was better policy while in opposition, and that is what they believed for some months after forming the government.

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But to their consternation and surprise, the issue of climate change, which they had belittled as a policy and political priority, suddenly stirred up a storm. Options and Solutions -- 4.

Hot Air: Meeting Canada’s Climate Change Challenge

A tour of the options -- 5. Unhelpful allies on both flanks -- 6.

What we should do -- 8. The role of government and citizen. Library Catalogue My Cart. Call Number TD Emblem, , c Bibliography Including bibliographical references: Summary This book starts with an alarming description of: Subject Climatic changes - Canada.