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Send us a new image. Is this product missing categories? Checkout Your Cart Price. Description Details Customer Reviews In the follow-up to The Circuit Rider, award-winning writer Dani Amore returns to the dangerous world of enigmatic itinerant preacher Mike Tower and his trusty right-hand woman, the gun-slinger Bird Hitchcock. Tower is sent to booming Big River, Wyoming, where a young preacher has been viciously murdered, his crucified body left in a small valley known as Killer's Draw.

When Tower and Bird arrive, it quickly becomes obvious that no one wants to talk about the murder. Tower is disturbed by the townspeople's silence, and Bird's no help? Tower promptly finds himself in need of Bird's quick reflexes as locals begin dying, and the circuit rider and his companion become prime targets in the mysterious killer's sights.

A fast-paced tale of two mismatched vigilantes with a taste for justice, Killer's Draw is a booze-soaked, blood-splattered Wild West adventure. MP3 format Running time: This series is too artificial. Almost like those made for TV movies with Tom Selleck. I am reading the second installment and I knew what I was getting in to. I don't read books just because I have them.

If it was all that awful I would read something else. I don't like violence and killing and don't particularly like to read about it either.

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That said, this was a good book with a fast pace that keep me turning the pages instead of putting the book down. Loved the heroes and the manner in which the author wrote about them made me want to get to know more about them that oftentimes does NOT happen.

Bird is an incredibly wonderful character who I wish the author had expanded on a little more.

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I think it will be interesting to see what happens between Bird and Frannie in the next book. Love a good western themed story Dan Ames' books never disappoint. They are fast paced, have some humor and seem plausible. The characters of Tower and Bird relationship is one of mutual respect, even though they are very different in personalities. This is a good old fashion murder mystery without unnecessary love scenes.

The only disappointing thing about the story is the question of Bird's health. Maybe that will be addressed in the next circuit rider book. Will she quit drinking to save her o Love a good western themed story Dan Ames' books never disappoint. Will she quit drinking to save her own life or will her sister take her place.

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Hope I didn't give away the story. Dec 27, Mike rated it really liked it Shelves: A high school student would enjoy this. I timed myself, the chapters fly by in less than 2 minutes each. It's a good story, but lacks depth, description and the development of subplots. A drunk woman sidekick to a preacher with a past investigate a murder of a old west preacher. Devious under world activities twist together to draw the reader to the mildly surprising end.

It's on the opposite end of the western literary spectrum from Zane Grey who over-describes scenes. I got the b An easy read. I got the book from Goodreads to test it out and it was worth my time. Another in the continuing hopefully adventures of Bird Hitchcock and Mike Tower. This time investigating the death of a fellow preacher, they come up against hidden enemies and both face death in grisly fashion. Well written by Dani Amore. I recommend this book highly for both western fans and Dani Amore fans. Last sentence surprised me The book being a sequel to "The Circuit Rider" continues with it twists and turns.

Not as good in my opinion but still ok. The shock was the last sentence in the book which totally caught me off guard. The is no other book to elaborate Bird's sisters remark.

Killer's Draw (Circuit Rider, book 2) by Dan Ames

Well Written Western A good yarn. Made me want to read the first book in this series to help fill in the backstories. A few holes here and there and with a large cast of characters better development would have been helpful. But it moves quickly and there is a lot of action. Rapport between the main characters is very good. If you like westerns you will enjoy this book.

Dec 29, Deven Dougherty rated it liked it. This was a good read. I wasn't expecting it to be enjoyable and thought the subject matter would be quite tame. Instead the story was powerful enough to make a clean kill. It's an easy book, even though I'm sure it's meant to be a sequel to a book that I haven't read. It makes you care about its characters. Fast paced with plenty of characters that you have to carefully keep track off.

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Getting worried for Bird's alcoholism that's beginning to show its negative effects. Fairly happy ending, if you call a cliffhanger a happy one. Dec 23, J.

Killer's Draw: The Circuit Rider

Enjoyed reading Started with the Circuit Rider and enjoyed. Continued with Killers Draw and the interesting characters. Easy but fun read. Will read Dan I Amore again. Really enjoyed this one. I like Dani's westerns. Looking forward to more Circuit Rider episodes! Takes me back to how primitive the Old West could be!

Dani Amore is an outstanding author and I adore the twists and turns and the end.

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  • You get to know the characters well. Aug 07, Marvin Suther rated it really liked it. This book was not what I expected.

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    It was slow in places, even though I liked the story line. I will have to read another by the author before deciding whether or not to continue with the series. Turns and excellent characterization. A good sequel for The Circuit Rider. If all of Dan Ames' books are this good, I'm a fan. David Pederson rated it really liked it Jun 03, Jake rated it really liked it Dec 29,