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Director Giuliano Carnimeo here going under the moniker 'Jules Harrison' had a background in spaghetti Westerns, including four of the Sartana series.

Barbarians And Battletrucks: The Weird World Of Mad Max Knock-Offs

Another spaghetti veteran, director Enzo G. Castellari directed Keoma , starring Franco Nero, and the original correctly spelled Inglorious Bastards. Here's a man who knows a cash-in opportunity when he sees one. Nothing to do with Edward Woodward, this is Cirio Santiago and the Philippines yet again, with warring factions struggling to claim the titular weapon. Three years later, Robert Patrick would turn into liquid metal and fight Arnold Schwarzenegger in T2.

Everybody has to start somewhere. Yes, but also jungle Future freaks? Hero Trapper James is on a search for the Mountain of Life, encountering Amazon women, road pirates and pygmies along the way. Yes, but also horses. Director Tonino Ricci followed his previous Rush with this thing, which is essentially the same.

Battletruck (1982)

The only major difference is the plot on which it all hangs. Jugger is a violent game played by roving teams.

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Incredibly, it took two people to direct this. One of them, Kevin Tent, went on to become a successful editor. Working with Dack Rambo must seem a long time ago. The peaceniks of Lost Wells not the one in Somerset have got a steady supply of H2O, but sadly the evil minions of Adam Ant have their sights on it.

Mad Max Murphy

Enter hippie Bruce Dern, persuaded back from a sojourn in a cannibal city to wage war with motorbikes. Yup, you read that right: The man knows no shame. If you want to know more, Fred Williamson manages to talk about Bronx Warriors for 40 minutes here.

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Director Sergio Martino, of course, had a background in Spaghetti Westerns. Many vehicles are smashed in the process. The thrust of the plot is Andrews entering the forbidden post-war wastelands with the help of ass-kicker Griffith to find a replacement for his broken sex robot. Brion James is in it, marking his third appearance on this list. That bloke was, as they say, a legend. Revisiting Cherry also immediately reminded us of this. As is the movie, although it adds kangaroos and a musical number.

Harold Ramis has a voice cameo. The film was released in 3D the same year as Metalstorm.

Steel Frontier (1995)

Lloyd Kaufman and co. Facebooker Bruce McConachie suggested this, and he makes an interesting point.

Books for boys and Young men: Mad Max Murphy by Robert Holland (2001, Paperback)

What could that possibly be about? The original trailer above at least reveals a jokey agenda. There should probably be some sort of law…. Yes Beck The Warriors stars as Hunter: Steel Frontier Starring: Yes Charles Band Puppet Master , Trancers directed this, which brings some mythological sword-and-sorcery into the Max mix. Wheels Of Fire Starring: Steel Dawn Starring: Any particular reason Max dropped to the 9th round? Sounds like he is at least average to plus in all five tools.

Maybe he didn't always flash them consistently enough at Bradley. I think that's pretty accurate. As much as he has all the tools, the performance hasn't always been consistent and met the tools that he has There's plenty of time for things to come together for him.

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  4. The reason we've not had another Mad Max film? A court battle might just hold the answer....
  5. He made me a believer after his hot start and even though he cooled down I think he is going to move up quickly. Looks like the Twins might have gotten a steal with Mad Max. Next year will be big. I'll be watching and hoping he has another big year. Really looking foward to seeing him play in spring training this year. Should start the season back in Cedar Rapids, but possible promotion to Ft.

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