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From one of the touchstone authors of my Mancunian childhood comes this haunting story of four Mancunian children who discover a portal to the fantasy world of Elidor inside a derelict church. There they have to find four treasures and bring these back to their own world to keep them safe. But the portals between parallel worlds can run both ways, and the evil forces that lurk in Elidor follow them back to Manchester In her Chrestomanci books, Diana Wynne Jones weaves magic and parallel universes to create a spellbinding series.

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The Lives of Christopher Chant tells how the hero of the title can travel to these parallel worlds in his dreams. From a master storyteller comes this seminal trilogy of books that embraces the concept of the multiverse and in The Subtle Knife slices through the problem of how to move between parallel worlds with ease. Quantum physics suggests that life in parallel universes might have evolved in completely different ways and Pullman realises this brilliantly in his creation of the world of the Mulefa in The Amber Spyglass.

In a parallel world, I never bunked off school at the age of fourteen to go to a Neil Gaiman signing in a comic book shop.

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The scientist Hugh Everett came up with his Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics proposing that parallel universes exist in Four years later his concept of the multiverse exploded in the pages of superhero comic books in this story from The Flash. This tale tells how the title hero vibrates at such an incredible speed that he crosses over into a parallel world where he meets his namesake, and the two Flashes team-up to defeat a trio of super-villains. From this cross-over comic, the DC multiverse was born, populated by parallel versions of Batman, Wonder Woman and a host of other heroes.

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Familiar comic-book figures take on new guises in this bold Cold War retelling of the Superman myth. Part III discusses the Big Freeze and how a Hyperspace wormhole one in dimensional Hyperspace rather than 3-dimensional normal space will enable civilization and life to escape to a younger Universe. In Parallel Worlds , Kaku presents many of the leading theories in physics; from Newtonian physics to Relativity to Quantum Physics to String theory and even into the newest version of string theory, called M-theory. He makes available to the reader a comprehensive description of many of the more compelling theories in physics, including many interesting predictions each theory makes, what physicists , astronomers , and cosmologists are looking for now and what technology they are using in their search.

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Scarlett Thomas writing for The Independent calls Parallel Worlds "absolutely impossible to put down. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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