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If you get tired of chasing fishes, small critters have eyes as well. It's okay to be a bit creative when taking pictures underwater. It is widely known that practice and hard work have no alternatives. So, practice and practice some more in order to achieve perfection. Doing it right in diving will get you far. Normally 1 out of pictures turn out okay, this means you'll need to work for it. You will capture a lot of blue, blurry, green, or even dark pictures, in between the few really good ones.

To get to know your camera, you can also practice on land. Of cause not just taking "normal" pictures on auto-mode, but try using the different settings on the camera. Shooting in auto mode is easy.

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Many cameras even have an underwater-mode, which ads more red to the picture. Shifting to manual-mode on the camera might be a bit too early. Following the above instructions will let you go far. Of cause this is up to you, and if you feel you are ready give it a go!

If you are not taking care of your housing and o-rings, at some point it will let you down and flood. As soon as you come up from the water, wash the camera housing in fresh water, without opening the housing, of cause. While washing off the salt, push or turn all buttons to make sure all is cleaned. Dry it thoroughly and first then take out the camera, now you can look at all the pictures you've been shooting on your dive. The more you dive into the subject of underwater photography, the more you will learn about it.

1. Sodwana Bay

So, keep your mind open to learn new things about it. Last but not least, we wish the new underwater photographers all the best in creating your own underwater photo album. This way you get to show your work to a lot of divers. You talk about switching to manual setting instead of auto.

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Can you give some ideas on how to work with it? Until then you can try to shift to an underwater setting, most newer camera has this. Otherwise shift to white balance and turn the camera on underwater with a white slate in front of the camera. Should I take any special precautions with my uw cam if I try diving in cold water? Hi ora, There should be no problem in bringing your uw camera to colder waters. The only difference is the colours, where you will find your pictures a bit greener especially in the northern parts of the world.

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Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Seasickness is something that most of us have heard of but may not fully understand. All we know is that we would like to avoid it if at all possible. It is no fun to have but is a natural response to the situation that we put ourselves through. Decompression Sickness DCS is a condition in which rapid changes of pressure in an environment causes gases to form bubbles of gas, mainly nitrogen.

In diving, when the diver descends, nitrogen is breathed in and is dissolved in the blood and tissues. We generally see scuba diving as a fun sports activity that we are simply passionate about. To become a good scuba diver we need to receive professional training and then get into the water. That is true, but that is not all. We need to always remember a few important…. But with a few considerations,…. How deep do you dive? And what is the correct answer:. The equipment required for scuba diving can cost a fortune. Renting equipment from a dive store is a great way to save money.

One thing you do need to know…. Is scuba diving a dangerous sport?

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In fact, diving is considered to be safer than many other more conventional sports. Despite what sensationalist news headlines suggest, the incidence of diving accidents is far less frequent than you might imagine. And if you know your training and how to…. Ocean Pollution has put our oceans at the brink of disaster Every year more than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans, but how does that affect humans….

Most likely you have seen videos circulating on the internet showing how several marine species, entangled with fishing nets or hooks, are saved by brave divers that spotted the troubled animal, or the troubled animal spotted the…. Diving, with all its adventure and excitement, is ripe with myths and misconceptions. Consistently rated as one of the top dive locations on the planet, Aliwal Shoal on the KwaZulu-Natal coast, just south of Durban, offers some of the most varied and exciting dive sites for divers of all experience levels and interests.

The rough topography of the fossilised sand dune is spectacular and the reefs are covered with plentiful and diverse marine life. Several operators offer baited shark dives, so if you fancy a close encounter with apex predators, this is your spot.

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Ragged-tooth sharks congregate on the Shoal to mate between June and November, while tiger sharks and even hammerhead sharks can be frequently spotted in the summer months, from November to March. All five locations are well served by professional dive schools offering the full range of dive courses and equipment rental.

Airlink has daily direct scheduled flights between Joburg and Pemba. LAM flies to Pemba via Maputo. Sodwana Bay Mseni Lodge, , www. Ponta do Ouro The Whaler, , www. Aliwal Shoal African Watersports, , www. To discover how to get into scuba diving, or to find your nearest dive centre, visit: Want to discover all the best diving destinations in South Africa and Mozambique?

Published by MapStudio, the book includes the info you need to plan your trips, including detailed maps. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. Welcome to our website. South Africa is awesome and you've come to the right place to help you explore it!

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