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Unemployed youth--Services for--New Zealand. Report of the Police Complaints Authority on certain issues arising out of a police undercover operation conducted in and Police Complaints Authority, [] - 8 leaves ; 30 cm. Resource consent annual compliance report Wellington Regional Council, [] - 69 p. Environmental permits--New Zealand--Wellington Region. Environmental monitoring--New Zealand--Wellington Region. Author was born in New Zealand. Aborigines, Australian--Legal status, laws, etc.

Risk posed by a hazardous substance release due to an earthquake or flooding in the Auckland region. Auckland Regional Council, Technical publication Auckland Regional Council ; Child Poverty Action Group, Housing subsidies--Law and legislation--New Zealand. Child Poverty Action Group N. Shell Todd Oil Services N. Auckland University Press ; London: Sex role--New Zealand--Dunedin--Historyth century. Barbara Lesley , II. Slash your taxes now!

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Snails--Study and teaching Elementary --New Zealand. South Taranaki District N. Spray irrigation of treated effluent in Whakarewarewa Forest: Environment Bay of Plenty, Plant anatomy--Study and teaching Elementary --New Zealand. Skeleton--Study and teaching Elementary --New Zealand. Building--Study and teaching Elementary --New Zealand.

Serious Fraud Office, []- - - v. Serious Fraud Office statement of intent II. Statistics on information technology in New Zealand [electronic resource]. Ministry of Commerce - Electronic coverage as of Oct. Information Technology Policy Group. IT statistics in New Zealand. Storms--Study and teaching Elementary --New Zealand. Weather--Study and teaching Elementary --New Zealand.

Stratford District Council Huiroa, Pukengahu and Stratford landfill resource consents monitoring programme: Taranaki Regional Council, [] - iii, 18, [30] p. Sanitary landfills--New Zealand--Stratford District. Ecological surveys--New Zealand--Stratford District.

Water quality--New Zealand--Stratford District. Stratford Power Ltd combined cycle power station monitoring programme: Student support in New Zealand: Ministry of Education, Student aid--Government policy--New Zealand. Student loan funds--New Zealand--Statistics. Student financial aid administration--New Zealand. City planning and redevelopment law--New Zealand--Cases. Regional planning--Law and legislation--New Zealand--Cases. Maori New Zealand people --Wars. Maori New Zealand people --Warfare.

Te Angiangi Marine Reserve N. Clinton Anthony John II. East Coast Hawke's Bay Conservancy technical support series ; no. The tax conference: Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand, c ISBN ring binder: Taxation--Law and legislation--New Zealand--Congresses. Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand. Changing face of tax III. Professional development course paper ; S. The Building Act Sustainable development--Law and legislation--New Zealand.

The foreshore and seabed of New Zealand: The junior reading toolkit: User Friendly Resource Enterprises Ltd, Landscape changes--Study and teaching Elementary --New Zealand. Ecology--Study and teaching Elementary --New Zealand. The last great adventure of Sir Peter Blake: Environmental monitoring--Amazon River Region. Amazon River Region--Discovery and exploration. The law of research: University of Otago Press, The nature and role of the extended family in New Zealand: Social Policy Research Centre. Family studies monograph ; no. The new American century: Centre for Peace Studies, University of Auckland, [] - vi, 61, [7] p.

Intervention International law 2. Centre for Peace Studies. Centre for Peace Studies ; no. The New Zealand cancer control strategy. New Zealand disability strategy"--Cover. New Zealand Cancer Control Trust. The Pacific Island primary health care utilisation study. Pacific Health Research Centre, Pacific Islanders--Health and hygiene--New Zealand. Primary care Medicine --New Zealand. Pacific Health Research Centre. The requirement for insulation and appropriate floor level in relation to the change of use of a garage to a habitable space. Building Industry Authority, [] - 6 leaves ; 30 cm.

Dwellings--Remodeling--Law and legislation--New Zealand. Dwellings--Insulation--Law and legislation--New Zealand. Floors--Law and legislation--New Zealand. Determination under the Building Act ; no. Education--Effect of technological innovations. Information technology--Study and teaching. Rural children--Education Continuing education --Thailand. Working papers Open Polytechnic of New Zealand ; The screen production industry in the Auckland region: Motion picture industry--Study and teaching Higher --New Zealand.

Auckland Regional Economic Development Strategy. Reading Elementary --New Zealand. Reading comprehension--Study and teaching Elementary --New Zealand. McKendry, Judith, II. School journal Wellington, N. Shalfoon, [] - 33 p. Shalfoon Dental, the company with history, knowledge and experience. Law--New Zealand--Interpretation and construction. Maori New Zealand people --Social life and customs.

Maori New Zealand people --Social conditions. Maori New Zealand people --Rites and ceremonies. Thought and thinking--Study and teaching. Thinking outside the square: Mt Roskill Community Literacy Project. Children with social disabilities--Education--New Zealand. National Advisory Committee on Health and Disability. To have an 'ordinary' life: National Advisory Committee on Health and Disability, Community mental health services--New Zealand.

People with mental disabilities--services for--New Zealand. Office for Disability Issues. Kia whai oranga 'noa'. National Health Committee on Health and Disability, ] - 40 p. Community membership for adults with an intellectual disability: People with mental disabilities--Services for--New Zealand. Collection of papers drawn from the Taking Torrens into the 21st century conference, marking the 50th anniversary of the Land Transfer Act , held at the Faculty of Law, University of Auckland, March, Land Transfer Act Congresses.

Land titles--Registration and transfer--New Zealand--Congresses. David Paul , II. Taking Torrens into the 21st century Torrens in the 21st century. Transfund New Zealand, [] - [viii], 66 p. People with disabilities--Transportation--New Zealand--Evaluation. People with disabilities--Services for--New Zealand--Evaluation.

Survey of the total mobility scheme. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, []- - 1 portfolio ; 31 cm. Ministry of External Relations and Trade. Unit Titles Act Regional Growth Forum - "August Horizons Regional Council, [] - iv, 71p. Whanganui River Watershed N. User guide to the Telecommunications Relay Service: Ministry of Economic Development, Communication devices for people with disabilities--New Zealand. Hearing impaired--Means of communication--New Zealand.

Waiwhakaiho airshed monitoring programme: Early childhood education--New Zealand--Curricula. Early childhood education--New Zealand. Westech Energy New Zealand Surrey 1 well monitoring programme report Taranaki Regional Council, [] - i, 8, [46] p.

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Water quality--New Zealand--Port Taranaki. Water rights--New Zealand--Port Taranaki. Women in war--New Zealand. While you are away. Taranaki Regional Council, [] - ii, 17, 1, [15] p. Bell Block Land Holdings. Winstone Aggregates Limited Wiremu Road quarry monitoring programme: Macmillan Education Australia, c Title on cover verso: Teacher guide word work series II.

Peer counseling of students--New Zealand. High school students--Suicidal behavior--New Zealand--Prevention. High school students--Mental health services--New Zealand. Injury Prevention Research Centre. Centre report series ; no. Your real estate jargon explained: Your sharemarket jargon explained: Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand, ] - 68, 16, [87] leaves ; 30 cm. Reader for children by a New Zealand author. Authors, New Zealandth century--Biography--Juvenile literature. Authors, New Zealandth century.

Children's stories, New Zealand. Sails literacy series III. Just ask Einstein his cat. Van Der Lingen, Lorenzo. And every year he's won first prize for the largest pumpkin at the local garden show. He tells everyone that the secret is lots of water. But if water is the secret then this year his pumpkin is in big trouble. Cooper, Jenny, II. But now the house has a new owner, and under the dangling bunches of ripening grapes, Kelsey and Jake find a sign 'Beware of the Agapanthus'.

But what exactly is an agapanthus and should they be scared of it? But far worse things are going to happen, starting when his mother kisses him goodbye in front of Sarah Bernstein! Word work books ; 4. Word work books ; 2. Title on back cover: Crabs and frogs and other plays III. Word work plays ; 2. Mataaho Ltd, - v. Maori language--Textbooks for foreign speakers--English. Maori language--Sound recordings for English speakers.

Maori language--Study and teaching--Audio-visual aids. Word work books ; Someone wants to get rid of all dragon fire in the forest. Will ace detective Robbie and cousin Meg track down the culprit and give the McDragons back their fire? Mystery and detective stories. Wee Robbie McDragon, ace detective, sets out to solve the case and gets help from an unexpected friend. With six fluffy ducklings cheeping behind her, she sets out to cross the highway.

Who would have thought that this could cause so much trouble for Buck Handy, the mayor of Sun City. Einstein - champion of the world! When the Stefanis move in next door with their cat, Napoleon, the plan doesn't work very well. But one day Napoleon gets more than he bargained for. Endurance Ship --Juvenile literature. Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition --Juvenile literature.

Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition 7. Readers--Survival after airplane accidents, shipwrecks, etc. Zimm and Tarek take a shuttle down to explore the planet. But who or what is trying to stop them? Readers--Life on other planets. Life on other planets--Fiction. National Geographic School Pub. Emotions in children--Juvenile literature. Includes notes on the equipment needed for skydiving and the flying positions.

Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago. Greenlight learning for life dictionary. Hang in there, Oscar Martin! But he isn't doing very well, and neither is the newspaper. It's time for Oscar's lucky break. Smith, Craig, II. Harry Houdini - wonderdog! My Harry escaped three times from death row at the dog pound. The trouble is, everyone in the family wants to send him back there!

How I met Einstein: Publishers and publishing--Juvenile literature. Einstein Fictitious character --Juvenile literature. Einstein Fictitious character 9. It'll be all right on the night! Looks at the roles of the producer, director, stage manager, publicist and those involved in wardrobe and make-up, and sound and lighting. Includes the text of the play.

Theater--Production and direction--Juvenile literature. Beam me up III. It will be all right on the night! Word work books ; 7. Word work books ; 6. Jo tries and other plays III. Word work plays ; 6. He and his friend Eduardo sneak their bikes in and find out the hard way why they shouldn't be there. Ready to read Wellington, N. Word work books ; 5. Word work books ; 8. Ryan, [] - 2 v. Maori language--Problems, exercises, etc. Maori language--Composition and exercises. Chandra X-ray Observatory U. Columbia Spacecraft --Juvenile literature. But the meeting about the new road which would wipe out the park and the skateboard ramp was something he wasn't going to miss.

Sang, Anthony, III. Word work books ; 9. Sang, Anthony, II. Sows don't pounce and other plays III. Word work plays ; 9. Readers--All terrain vehicle driving. All terrain vehicles--Juvenile literature. All terrain vehicle driving--Juvenile literature.

All terrain vehicle driving. Hoit, Richard, II. Sails literacy series IV. And he's not letting them get away with it. But how's he going to get it back? There were only eleven students and we weren't very good at sport. So the day I was picked to run the Big Race felt like the worse day of my life and in the history of the universe. Karen Kwon was the quiet one at the back who no one remembered to ask to birthday parties. But last Monday, everything changed.

Elliot, David, II. Describes their training, the gear they carried, the race organisation and the race itself. The dog's owner isn't very friendly but that doesn't stop Becky. But now the last supermarket's almost used up. Then he sat for a while and thought about the knife in his pocket, but he didn't reach in and take it out. He could hardly believe he had taken it. He could have borrowed it if he had asked. He should have asked. Price, Nina, II. Word work books ; 3. Word work books ; 1. Red jets and other plays III.

Word work plays ; 1. The Reed dictionary of New Zealand English. The children end up in a refugee camp for a month before being allowed back to what remains of their home. Riot and other plays III. Word work plays ; What could he write about? That was when he heard the noise, and the floor started moving. But when Jack spends the day with a trucker and an emergency situation develops, Jack begins to see Steve in a different light.

What in the world is the World Wide Web? World Wide Web--Juvenile literature. She just let him do his own thing and kept one eye on him to check what he was up to. But one day while she was on the telephone, Grandad went missing. When the truck got stuck! Who can solve the problem? A boy called Antwan Cuff knows just what to do!

Readers--Samoans--Social life and customs. Samoans--Social life and customs--Juvenile literature. Samoans--Social life and customs. Zootaxa, ; Santos, Franklin Noel dos. A new platygastrid wasp from Florida Hymenoptera: A new polydesmid milliped genus and two new species from Oregon and Washington, U. A new species of Phalangogonia Burmeister Coleoptera: A new species of Promacropoides Sigwalt Coleoptera: A new species of the genus Antennoseius Ascidae: A new species of the genus Protoplotina Miyatake Coleoptera: A revision of Calodera Mannerheim.

New species from Russia and a key to the Palaearctic species of the genus Coleoptera: A revision of the Indo-Pacific fish genus Caragobius Gobiidae: Revision of Caragobius III. Trees Graph theory 2. Research report University of Canterbury. Ministry of Fisheries, Blue whiting--New Zealand--Campbell Rise. Blue whiting fisheries--New Zealand--Campbell Rise. Fish stock assessment--New Zealand--Campbell Rise. Hanchet, Stuart Michael, II. Marine mammals--New Zealand--Age determination. Marine mammal age and reproductive condition from biopsy sampling III.

Gibbs, and Gareth W. Seals Animals --Autopsy--New Zealand. Seals Animals --New Zealand--Mortality. Seals Animals --Effect of fishing on--New Zealand. Bycatches Fisheries --New Zealand. Climatic changes--Environmental aspects--New Zealand--Computer software. Agriculture--Environmental aspects--New Zealand--Computer software. International Global Change Institute.

Report series University of Auckland. John , III. Description of Ptychocroca, a new genus from Chile and Argentina, with comments on the Bonagota Razowski group of genera Lepidoptera: Detecting autocatalytic sets IV. Reed Children's Books, Manganese nodules--South Pacific Ocean. Submarine geology--South Pacific Ocean. Beryllium isotope dating IV. Ferromanganese nodules from Bollons Seamount V. First record of Ciocalypta Demospongiae: Carvalho, Mariana de S. Halichondrida from Brazil, southwestern Atlantic, with the description of a new species IV. First record of the family Coralliidae Cnidaria: Alcyonaria--Atlantic Coast Brazil --Classification.

Alcyonaria--Atlantic Coast Brazil --Identification. Environment Bay of Plenty, ] - v, 62 p. Silva, Vera Maria Abud. Kryptopterus geminus, a new species of silurid catfish Teleostei: Defence Technology Agency, [] - 16 leaves: Water chemistry--New Zealand--Nelson Region. Radioisotopes in hydrology--New Zealand--Nelson Region. Joseph Theodore , II.

Neda Mulsant Coleoptera, Coccinellidae: Plate tectonics--New Zealand--North Island. Reef ecology--New Zealand--Manukau Harbour. Marine resources conservation--New Zealand--Manukau Harbour. Nomenclature notes on some orthoclads Diptera: Radial basis function collocation IV. Fish populations--New Zealand--Dusky Sound. Fish stock assessment--New Zealand--Dusky Sound.

Fishing surveys--New Zealand--Dusky Sound. Michael Peter , II. II, A species catalog of the Rhinocricidae Diplopoda: Species catalog of the Rhinocricidae Diplopoda: Spirobolida with synonymies IV. Boundary over distance preconditioner IV. Southland plains ecological district: Limited distribution, copies available on request. Natural areas--New Zealand--Southland District. Ecological surveys--New Zealand--Southland District. Brian David , II. Bell and Joanna L.

Black petrels on Great Barrier I. The earthquake and tsunami around Wellington, New Zealand: Field guide, Wellington V. Active Faults Database of NZ. Faults Geology --New Zealand--Databases. Faults Geology --Geographic information systems--New Zealand. Active faults database of New Zealand IV. The climate of the Bay of Plenty: Bay of Plenty Region N. The milliped family Trichopetalidae. Part 1, Introduction and genera Trigenotyla Causey, Nannopetalum n.

Trichopetalidae, part 1 II. Taraxitrichia in Brazil III. Occurrence of Taraxitrichia Flint and Harris, Trichoptera: Hydroptilidae in Brazil, with description of the final larval stage IV.

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The purpose and future of life: Legacy Boks, , c Principles of life and survival. Mautner, Michael Noah, Principles of life and survival. The stars in their courses: Institute of Fundamental Sciences, Massey University, Institute of Fundamental Sciences. Reports in mathematics, ; 4. The woody vegetation of Central Otago, New Zealand: William George , II. Science for conservation Wellington, N.

Trust and country image: University of Otago, Agriculture--Environmental aspects--New Zealand--Public opinion. Genetically modified food--New Zealand--Public opinion. Maximum principles Mathematics 4.

David , II. Sherburn, Steven, III.

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New Zealand volcanological record ; World catalog of bee flies Diptera: David John , II. Accessories for electric cables: Part 2, Impregnated paper-insulated metal-sheathed cables for rated voltages from 1. Standards Australia International ; Wellington [N.

Impregnated paper-insulated metal-sheathed cables for rated voltages from 1. Alcohol and other drug treatment sector standard. Bendall ; [print version edited by Dan Bloomer]. LandWise ; [Lincoln, N. Foundation for Arable Research, c Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Foundation for Arable Research. Template for an alternative tillage trial VII. Approval and test specification: Aquaculture in the Greater Wellington Region: Greater Wellington Regional Council, Aquaculture--New Zealand--Wellington Region 2.

Lobster fisheries--New Zealand--Mathematical models. Jasus edwardsii--New Zealand--Mathematical models. Fish stock assessment--New Zealand. Social responsibility of business. Working paper series Massey University. Bedplate Press Printing Museum: Bedplate Press Printing Museum, []. Bedplate Press Printing Museum Inc. Bedplate Press Printing Museum--Directories. Bedplate Press Printing Museum. List of members, supporters and associates, August Bedplate Press Printing Museum Inc: Bedplate Press Printing Museum, c Multiple Sclerosis Society of New Zealand, Roberts, Lynne, II.

Martin, Melissa, III. Multiple Sclerosis Society of New Zealand. Beginner's guide to multiple sclerosis V. MSNZ information series ; no. Fish stock assessment--Tasman Sea. Characterisation of the exploratory fishery for toothfish Dissostichus mawsoni and D. Fish stock assessment--Antarctica--Ross Sea. Author is a New Zealander. Code of practice for fertiliser use. Version issued June Selected analogue electronic components for science, physics, electronics and technology students.

Electric engineering--Study and teaching Secondary 2. Electric circuits--Study and teaching Secondary.

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Course for New Practitioners: New Holland Publishers N. Cancer Society of New Zealand, Cancer Society of New Zealand. Kia pai te kai III. Part 2, Copper conductors. Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres. Standards Australia International ; Wellington, [N. Standards New Zealand, [] - 63 p. Electronic components [electronic resource]: Title from contents screen.

Use for classroom teaching with a data show or in a computer room or as a student directed learning unit. Electric circuits--Study and teaching Secondary 3. Electric machinery--Study and teaching Secondary. Maori New Zealand people --Tobacco use. Smoking cessation programs--New Zealand. Aukati kai paipa Bruce , II. Effectiveness of the Waddington backcracker trap IV. Template for a fertiliser method trial VII. Template for a fertiliser rate trial VII. Freshwater contact recreational water quality at selected Taranaki sites: Wooden-frame houses--New Zealand--Earthquake effects.

Building Research Association of New Zealand. BRANZ study report ; no. Template for a fungicide trial VII. Gate valves for waterworks purposes. Part 2, Resilient seated. Standards Australia International, Gene therapy and therapeutic interventions in the auditory system: Housley, Ramesh Rajan, Peter R. Housley and Peter R. Thorne are New Zealand editors. Auditory Function and Dysfunction Satellite Symposium Standards Australia International ; Easy to grow produce all year round, from courtyard containers to vegetable plots. New Zealand green finger guide. Guidelines for safe working in a confined space.

Standards New Zealand, [] - 68 p. This document is intended to provide users with additional information to clarify the intent of the Standard"--T.

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Success in business--Handbooks, manuals, etc. Time management--Handbooks, manuals, etc.

the ermine agenda the teague internation anthology book 1 Manual

Part 1, Design criteria and selection requirements for fifth wheel, kingpin and associated equipment. Design criteria and selection requirements for fifth wheel, kingpin and associated equipment III. Part 2, Testing and installation of fifth wheel and associated equipment. Testing and installation of fifth wheel and associated equipment III. Part 3, Kingpins and associated equipment. Kingpins and associated equipment III. Institute of Chartered Accountants of New Zealand, Disclosure in accounting--New Zealand.

Working Group on Corporate Reporting. Report for the minister of Commerce. Part 2, Modelling and extensibility. Modelling and extensibility III. Part 1, General rules for syntaxes and encodings. General rules for syntaxes and encodings. Part 2, Description definition language.

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