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Showing of 7 reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. He says something like, "they don't have no wars, they don't have no laws, and they don't have no leaders because each man IS a leader. The only thing I would caution: Actually, Jackney Sneeb didn't just crash the party; he exposed the hosts for what they were: Briefly, in Dr.

Ivan Pavlov trained a group of dogs to associate ringing of a bell with food so they would start salivating. This continuous training, indoctrination and brainwashing of unsuspecting individuals is continually done on a daily basis throughout the world. As he should, Mr. Sneeb takes the reader from the very basic concept of this delusion, this mindset of authoritarianism and meticulously breaks it apart into smaller digestible pieces. I should warn readers; this is not a hunky dory feel-warm and fuzzy book about a particular realpolitik.

Taking no prisoners he is quite candid with the reader, treating the audience as a logical and rational creature. Yet, he does not insult their intelligent by suggesting how as a mortal, he is authorized to initiate force against you or anyone else. Outrageous, dynamic, bold and even heroic; Mr. Sneeb truly fights for the little man: When this book catches hold of the American psyche or anyone for that matter , it threatens to erode the very foundations of the world's last remaining superpower.

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Some poignant quotes from the book p. The difference must be made up somewhere, and it is: So, in a cynical way the lefties are using the IRS to steal money from the righties. If you don't want [money]of your money to pay for the president's election campaign, you must check "Yes. Although the sub-title of this book is "The Nonvoter's Manifesto" and discusses the nature of the illusion or delusion that is commonly called "government" its true target is the nature of moral decision making.

Who, or what, is it that makes your moral decisions, those decisions that you are faced with every moment of every day?

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Even as you read this you are making moral decisions in that you could simply get up and attack, steal from or otherwise harm anyone else nearby, but you do not I hope. The crux of the work, therefore, is how and why many people perpetrate acts of violence almost entirely without qualm simply because those decisions are apparently made on their behalf by "authority". The magical and illusionary nature of "authority" is described using simple and often witty analogies and syllogisms. In my opinion the logic of the case made is quite unassailable; you really CAN'T grant a right, which you yourself do not have, to another.

Non-Voters Are NOT To Blame for President Trump

This makes "authority", "government" and "democracy" utterly illusory. The consequences of this simple, yet profound realisation? That all moral and other decisions are entirely yours to make. You cannot legitimately hide immoral behaviour behind the veil of "authority" since it is always YOU who makes your decisions and any attempt to claim otherwise is an attempt to obviate your own autonomy and a denial of your own moral responsibility.

Looking at the actual level of support for governments across the EU, he makes the case for a mixed electoral system, through which the governments formed would pursue policies closer to the majority view. The financial crisis is often seen as the most prominent inciting factor for the current anti-establishment sentiment sweeping the Europhile world.

Add to that the continent-wide fiscal retrenchment, which has led to increased competition for scarce public services and has exacerbated difficult living conditions — especially for those on low incomes. As important as the crisis was, its causes and were determined, in large part, by policymakers. So, it is the process by which we elect our policymakers that must become the subject of scrutiny. One reason that there is such disaffection may be because almost all electoral systems across Europe produce governments that do not have the majority support of their electorates.

With the exception of Malta, a predominantly two-party state that is now an anomaly in Europe — with This is a startling statement to make about a region so apparently committed to democracy and democratic values, but it is true. In terms of the percentage of the electorate that voted for parties currently in government in the EU, the average is My research has attempted to uncover the actual level of support for governments. Using data from the Inter-parliamentary Union IPU and local sources, I have calculated the proportion of support for parties in government from across the EU at the most recent general elections and within the UK since as a percentage of the electorate — not just of those who voted.

The average turnout in UK general elections since was Of the proportion of the electorate that did vote, no party since the Conservatives in has received more than 50 per cent support: This means that not only have parties consistently failed to achieve a majority mandate from those who did turn out to vote, but they have had even less of a mandate when the electorate as a whole is taken into account.

Taking registered non-voters into account, the mandate of governments changes significantly. At the last UK general election, the Conservative party won a majority with Taken at face value, this is historically not a high proportion. Since , the only winning parties to receive a lower percentage were the Conservatives themselves in Despite this, the Conservatives went on to form a majority government, with just under two-thirds of those who voted in not supporting them. If the measure is then broadened to consider the proportion of support that the party received from the electorate as a whole, the figure plummets to This means that three-quarters of those who were registered to vote did not support the government.

In the short-term, the First Past the Post system is the most stable one, as it favours incumbents and for most of the past century has produced majority UK governments. However, it is also a very rigid system that requires historic changes in voting patterns to greatly affect the composition of parliament. In the medium to long-term, this is highly destabilising.

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Many voters are disenfranchised by virtue of having a pointless vote in a safe seat, which leads to the kind of resentment with the so-called establishment that is increasingly prevalent. When electorates have no realistic democratic means to express their will, it is more likely that they will lean towards more extreme positions that aim to overturn the system of democracy as we currently understand it.

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