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Pets are thankful for cuddling with their owner, for being fed everyday or for their daily playtime in the garden. They appreciate whatever they have and show that openly. Do you find yourself having a hard time being grateful for the current situation or thankful for people that care about you? It will make you more optimistic and hopeful for the future. Most pets love to play.

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My cat can play with an old knitting needle for hours. When you have a dog you will see him acting silly when going out for a walk. Find something you love doing and start doing it! Playing on a regular basis enhances your creativity, opens up your mind and true spirit. When you have a dog you have a good reason to go outside, but whether you need to go outside to walk your pet or not, taking a walk benefits your mind and body. Balanced exercise is really good to boost your mental and physical health. No matter where their journey is heading to, they simply enjoy the ride.

Now think about your own life, your goals and expectations. For example, when I was recovering from my eating disorder I was putting all of my energy and focus on the destination: This led me to miss a huge part of the ride itself. Focus on the experiences and lessons you learn along the way and try to enjoy small victories. How long does your cat stay angry when you accidentally step on his tail?

2. Gratitude

Does your dog become angry when you come home late from school or work? Probably no longer than a few seconds. Pets forgive very easily and you can incorporate that into your own life. Holding a grudge has a negative influence on your emotional well-being and it keeps you from moving forward. Take some advice from pets and learn to forgive yourself and others. It will give you a sense of freedom. Animals can overcome their fear through love and kindness. The day I got my Ragdoll she was a 14 week-old kitten. After the breeder left her with me she stayed underneath my dining table for 2 hours, so I cuddled myself up on the couch and let her adapt to the new environment.

1. Being present

Within a few hours she carefully approached me and before I knew, she made the jump, right onto my tummy. With enough attention, patience and love people can overcome their fears as well. Love really conquers all and you should start with yourself! What are your fears? Ever since the first cat tiptoed out of the wild and into a mouse-infested Neolithic village, cats have been struggling to catch up. Not so cats, who will casually sit down in front of you and then stare at you impassively for a while before walking off, apparently impervious to your presence, let alone your feelings. Unlike dogs, whose wolf ancestors bequeathed them a flair for building social relationships , cats are descended from a solitary, territorial animal.

For a lone predator like a wild cat, a detailed knowledge of its hunting grounds, the places where prey is likely to be found and those where it is not, will make the difference between prosperity and starvation. Even now, when most cats get their food from their owners, cats still obey the ancient rule of their forebears, that having a secure place to live should always be priority number one. So cats are loyal, but mainly to places. When cats are on what they perceive to be safe ground which for pet cats is most of the time , they can and do behave affectionately towards their owners.

They show this in a whole variety of ways including: How do we know that these are signs of affection? The fact that cats get along with other cats at all is something of an achievement for a species that was exclusively solitary just 10, years ago.

11 Important Life Lessons Pets Teach Us

Adult females have dependent kittens with them for about half of each year, but of necessity drive them away when they reach about six months old, each hunting territory being only large enough to support one cat. Everything changed for cats some 8, years ago, when the first towns appeared in the Middle East. Prior to that, the early domestic cats lived in villages which would only have produced enough prey, in the form of mice that infested their stores of nuts and wild grains, to feed one or two cats.