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C Bray for bringing the staying strong against all odds plot of "Hell Divers" even more to life than it already was. Nothing is better than when they match a great story with the perfect narration for it. This story is about an air ship called the hive and the special people who sky dive down through hellish storms to a hellish version of earth populated by hellish monsters just to retrieve enough supplies to keep their loved ones safe for just a little bit longer.

They are called Hell Drivers. Recommended to thrill seekers and those facinated with action pack survivor fiction. Those who like both of those things with the added bonus of being written and told in a masterful way will love it. Smith has really come up with a winner here. His apocalyptic world is filled with scary eyeless mutants, that want to eat you. It is has these huge electrical storms and no sun light. A little over humans are surviving barely, on an airship that was not meant to be home to anybody.

My first review of a NSS book was damaging and just not good. I am glad I gave this author a second chance. This book will put him on the map.

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NSS has built two great worlds. One is the destroyed earth and the other is in the air. The writing is so well done, that you feel you are there. I really like the mutants in this book. I love the diving even more. At the time of this writing, this is number Uno for Sci-Fi contemporary. That is because it was a daily deal. It will fall below Martian, Bob and Expedition, but it will hang around the top ten for a long time. In July, when the sequel comes out, it will probably start as number one, so you might as well get this read now. Bray What can I say about this guy that I have not already said?

I feel sorry for Science Fiction, Horror, or adventure writers that can't get Bray to do their narrating. His name alone, sells audio books. Years after World War III poisoned the planet, the remaining humans all live in air ships floating above the ground. They relentlessly search the globe for somewhere they can inhabit and rebuild but the world as we knew it is gone. There is only a wasteland there that is radioactive and uninhabitable.

Hundreds of years later and humanity is barely hanging on. The 2 remaining airships, Ares and The Hive, are outdated and held together with items that they scavenge. A team of people known as Hell Divers, are the only ones who can scavenge things from earth.

They dive down and retrieve power cells to keep the ships afloat. Only things is, the place Ares is is called Hades! It's a place that many Hell Divers have dived into but none have returned. Can the team, led by Xavier Rodriguez, known as X, survive? What a start to the series!! The idea that the last remnants of humanity are in air ships circling the globe was unique for me anyway. Usually in Post Apoc books, it's about the preppers and how they survive, here it's people from all walks of life, living in a ship because the earth is poisonous. The only way the ships stay afloat is the fact that men and women dive down to retrieve the necessary resources.

It was a fresh and unique look to the PA genre. I've read quite a few of this authors books and am always amazed with his descriptive writing and how he can pull you in right from the start. The action starts pretty much straight away and never lets up. This author can sure right some intense and exciting action scenes!!! I had no problem, whatsoever, in picturing the harrowing scenes of the wastelands, nor picturing the Hell Divers themselves and what it would feel like to dive towards death! Because that's what it is My heart was in my mouth the whole time!! Another thing this author has a knack for is writing amazing characters.

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Xavier Rodriguez is damaged. He lost the love of his life and is just basically going through the motions. He is the head Hell Diver and is very very good at his job. The last dive he was on, he lost someone close to him and became responsible for Tin Michael. He tries with Tin but X doesn't know how to look after someone else. He is a drunk and only lives so he can dive. I loved X right away. He may be gruff but he is loyal to his fellow divers and does what he can so the ship stays a float. He doesn't hesitate to dive, even when he finds out it Hades!!

He is a worthy hero! Then we have Tin. He loses his father and moves in with X. Such a smart little cookie and not afraid to do whats needed. He wants to be an engineer when he gets older and is interested in fixing everything and anything. He was inquisitive and I loved his character.

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I really hope we see more of him in the next book. Smith also writes strong females. Captain Ash's cancer is back but she knows she has to stay strong so the ship can stay in the air.

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She isn't afraid to take chances and make difficult choices, but she is also compassionate. The author knows how to write characters that you will immediately connect to. In all, this was a book that left me breathless many times!

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It is non stop and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time!!! I don't know how many times I gasped out loud, but can only imagine it was a lot because so much happens, both on and off the ship! I listened to this in a day because I couldn't stop!! Bring on book 2!!!!

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C Bray is a master story teller. Forrest born in Windsor, Ontario , Canada is an American writer, known for her novels about lesbian police detective Kate Delafield. Forrest is best known for her nine novels about Kate Delafield, the first lesbian police detective in the American lesbian mystery genre [1] and is described as "Miss Marple with k. Her romance Curious Wine is considered [1] a classic of American lesbian literature. Here were two women who had a lot of choices in life, a lot of options, and out of all of those options they chose the hardest one, which was to love each other.

Of her personal political sensibilities, Forrest said, "We are the only subculture that incorporates both genders, all races, all colors, all creeds Being visible can make us free Her work is also noted for unprecedented eroticism and display of lesbian sexuality. With their natural curiosity and affinity to learn new skills, children can make some of the best scuba divers.

A good way to determine if your child is ready for scuba diving in open water is to enroll them in the Bubblemaker or Seal Team program first. The Seal Team program is a more extensive pool program for kids eight and older that covers basic scuba diving skills in addition to fun activities such as taking underwater photos, practicing buoyancy and learning environmental awareness.

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