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Where the competent authority of a host Member State requires of persons wishing to take up a regulated profession proof that they are of good character or repute or that they have not been declared bankrupt, or suspends or prohibits the pursuit of that profession in the event of ser io u s professional misconduct o r a criminal offence, that Member State shall accept as sufficient evidence, in respect of nationals of Member States wishing to pursue that profession in its territory, the production of documents issued by competent authorities in the home Member State or the Member State from which the foreign national comes, showing that those requirements are met.

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The Directives also provide for the possibility of excluding an economic operator who is bankrupt or being wound up, who has suspended trading, whose affairs are being administered by the court, who has been convicted of a criminal offence affecting his professional standing, committed ser io u s professional misconduct o r n ot paid social security contributions or taxes. If national law contains provisions to this effect, non-compliance with those obligations may be considered t o b e grave misconduct o r a n offence concerning t h e professional c o nd uct of the economic operator concerned liable to lead to the exclusion of that economic operator from the procedure for the award of a contract.


In its conclusions on the EU strategy on ship recycling, the Council endorsed the Hong Kong Convention, underlining that it represented a major achievement for the international community, provided a comprehensive system of control and enforcement from "cradl e t o grave " a nd strongly encouraged Member States to ratify the Convention as a matter of priority so as to facilitate its entry into force as early as possible and to generate a real and effective change on the ground7. To illustrate, a typical question containing sensitive data would be, for example: The SC also wishes to point out the option available to OLAF staff of reporting to the President of the SC any factual information and evidence on possible illegal activities or ser io u s professional misconduct w i th in OLAF of which they become aware In particular, is the mere infringement enough to establish the existence of a sufficiently serious breach, or must there also have been a manifest a n d grave d i sr egard by the Member States for the limits on its rule making powers, or is some other test to be applied and if so which?

Permitting, counseling or assisting any person who is not a member of the College to represent themself as a member of the College. Failing to maintain the standards of a trade.

Acting or failing to act, in respect to the Practise of a trade, in a manner that, having regard to all the circumstances, would reasonably be regarded by members as disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional. Misappropriating or otherwise dealing dishonestly with the money or property of a client or another party, or otherwise engaging in fraudulent conduct. Act, Regulations and By-laws.

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