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We were fours guys That'll Be the Day. In Spite of All the Danger. Hallelujah, I Love Her So. Cry for a Shadow. The Sheik of Araby. How Do You Do It. Lend Me Your Comb. I Saw Her Standing There. From Me to You. Money That's What I Want. You Really Got a Hold on Me. Till There Was You. I Want to Hold Your Hand. Can't Buy Me Love. You Can't Do That. And I Love Her. A Hard Day's Night. You think you know what drives them, but do you really?!

Colin is the last person you would think could forgive, but not until he's exacted his revenge. Sugar Beth's strength and resolve floored Colin and me! I will stop rambling now, but if you are looking for something different, a book that will make your head spin, make you contemplate why people do what they do, then read this! The ending is worth the pain it drags everyone through, including the reader! I can definitely see myself reading this again!

View all 25 comments. I know it's kind of mean, but let's just say my school years were not kind. In Ain't She Sweet , a whole town is granted this satisfaction. When the once powerful and cutthroat Sugar Carey comes home with her tail between her legs, all the roles are suddenly reversed.

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Phillips never disappoints with her characters and Ain't She Sweet is a great example. It has humor, romance, and a life lesson. One lesson I learned from this story and the characters is that people can change If you like Susan Elizabeth Phillips 's writing then don't miss out on this one! I was conflicted about my rating. While this wasn't my favorite SEP novel, I did enjoy it. One factor that may have affected my overall enjoyment was the audiobook experience.

I typically adore Kate Flemings' aka Anna Fields narration but the male lead's voice just didn't work for me. In my opinion, the romance felt less than romantic during the male-toned narration. Reading it off the page may be a better way to go if I do a re-read. View all 4 comments. I thought I'd write a review on this book this time around but Keeping this one short and sweet!

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I had gone on a binge not too long ago and read through quite a few of her books, falling in love with most all of them. I had saved a few for my inevitable need for a little of the magic she so easily delivers with her writing. Ain't She Sweet gave me that magic and it was a fabulous read. It was SEP telling a story in her true form. Giving us two main characters that were c Keeping this one short and sweet! Giving us two main characters that were completely lovable apart and when they were together they were delectable.

Then top that off with side characters that are fun and quirky and you get all of the greatness. They truly are the ones that strengthens the story line and wraps everything together perfectly. You are missing out on a gem. View all 28 comments. Review written June 16, 3. Always much joy and heart. So even this time. A nearly perfect SEP story, but for me, a few weaknesses in the audiobook edition. Thus, a lower rating ranking this time.

Nobody has forgotten the former town princess's selfish and demanding ways He, Colin has revenge and repayment to look forward to. Moreover, he now owns the big southern house our heroine grew up in. Colin also hangs out with her old boyfriend It is a mess and this, to begin with, rather unsympathetic , by life worn, tired and very cynical heroine has hurdles to cross.

Funny scenes, heartbreaking moments, hilarious dialogue and a wonderful bunch of interesting second characters. Add, as always, a fantastic brave and easy to like heroine and all in all great believable adult heartwarming love. Me need more SEP books more often. My only small complaint is that the, in every other way great, narrator this time partly destroyed the sexy hero by doing his voice way too ridiculously silly.

Perhaps that is how Americans see and hear the Brits and their in my opinion mostly fine English language speaking but for me was it too much. His voice did it in the end hard for me to feel him as the "Dream MAN" and truly take him to my romantic heart. Sadly on an otherwise very good and fabulous well narrated audiobook. My recommendation is thus; read the book this time instead of spending money on an expensive audio book. View all 26 comments.

Feb 01, Maria rated it did not like it Shelves: It is six o'clock in the morning. I have no reason to be up right now except for the fact that finishing this book gave me the worst night's sleep I've had in a long time. Man this book bothered me! Please excuse the following rant, I really need to get this out of my system!!! First off, I love SEP, and I have a habit of finishing her books in one sitting because of how good they are.

This time I finished the book in one sitting because I was so frustrated I couldn't bear to go to bed with it It is six o'clock in the morning. This time I finished the book in one sitting because I was so frustrated I couldn't bear to go to bed with it unfinished. Not one grudge held on any of them??? And her best friends hate Sugar Beth for forgetting them after highschool? That's the reason to be so cruel? And suddenly they're Winnie's best friends?

I just couldn't handle it. It literally set my teeth on edge.

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Winnie was uncompromising and mean. Look, she had it rough I grant you and Sugar Beth was terrible during highschool. The things she did were horribly mean spirited and I felt so sorry for Winnie. There needed to be some come-uppance, but I hated how it was handled. I especially hated Winnie's inability to feel ANY empathy. It completely ruined her as a character.

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From her very first comment: So when she was so rude at the party I could agree with Colin that I was ashamed she couldn't rise above the situation. Even after the wine down the front of her shirt when she told Sugar Beth to get her fork Sugar Beth needed to be taken to task for her behaviour, yes. But her comment "I feel like I was raped" after Colin's book is published is apt. They really whipped her raw.

And no fancy wedding made up for that for me. View all 5 comments. Aug 24, Duchess Nicole rated it liked it Shelves: I loved this book This review is for the audiobook version. The narrator did a fantastic job on everything except for the hero's voice. It sounded like some eighty year old British guy It was terrible So unsexy that it really ruined the romance aspect for me. Oddly enough, she did a fantastic job at all of the rest of the voices. Inflection and accents and everything were just spot on. Aside from narration, this book was one of I loved this book Aside from narration, this book was one of SEP's that I wasn't sure about reading.

I knew I would read it eventually. It is Susan Elizabeth Phillips, after all. But the premise is very different, and the heroine was not someone I was at all sure that I could like. She ended up being the best part about this book. It was all the other grown up twelve year olds that bothered me. The big deal of the story is that the heroine, Sugar Beth Carey, was the poor little rich girl back in high school. No one knew about the "poor little" part, however. Because, like most bullies, Sugar was hiding behind a false bravado of fantastic clothes and masses of limp followers.

The person she tortured most of all? Her father's illegitimate daughter. The one he really loved, the one he spent time with, the one he treated as a father should treat a daughter Sugar Beth is returning home now, after three marriages But her hometown, and especially the man who is now living in her childhood home, want nothing more than to put Sugar in her place After the initial introduction and setup for this story were in place, it really settled into a classic SEP feeling.

Sugar Beth turned my heart fairly quickly. High school was a long time ago, and people forgive and forget. But this town doesn't, and they treat Sugar Beth horribly. I'm talking humiliating her at every chance they get, bringing her as low as she's ever been and then forcing her lower. It's a combined effort and not one single person is on her side. Not even the hero, who admittedly was one of the people Sugar tormented. He's an English professor who fell in love with the south and used to teach Sugar Beth in high school until she told a lie to save her own ass but got him fired.

In revenge, he wrote a book, made it big, moved back to town and bought her childhood home.

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And the revenge continues. Trashy-southern and cute as hell. And while I'd like to picture Colin as this guy: Still, this was a feast for my prejudiced mind. And a wonderful testament to the strength and resiliency and sheer heart of this wonderful woman. If I take one thing from reading this it's that what people show you Most people put on a show in public, but in private, they are vastly different. Sugar Beth improved with age, and it took a town of assholes a long time to see what a wonderful, giving, repentant woman she really was.

View all 14 comments. The girl everybody loves to hate has returned to the town she'd sworn to leave behind forever. As the rich, spoiled princess of Parrish, Mississippi, Sugar Beth Carey had broken hearts, ruined friendships, and destroyed reputations. But fifteen years have passed, and life has taught Sugar Beth its toughest lessons. Now she's come home—broke, desperate, and too proud to show it Liked this one a lot. Had read it years ago but had sort of forgotten what it was about.

Sugar Beth was such a strong cha The girl everybody loves to hate has returned to the town she'd sworn to leave behind forever. Sugar Beth was such a strong character. Yeah, she had grown up in the fifteen years since she had left Aren't most girls kinda bitches in High School? Maybe not all, but some.

But would the town of Parrish forgive and forget. And would the High School English teacher forgive and forget also. But then, I tend to be broad-minded. But still a lovable Dandy. La historia entre Sugar Beth y Winnie me ha encantado desde el principio. Para leer cuando necesitas a SEP ;. View all 6 comments. This is as good as I remembered. I acquired the audio via Overdrive to see if that made a difference. It did, but not for the better which was a surprise as I generally enjoy a Southern accent and this has lots of those.

I didn't like the emotional interpretation, particularly near the end when Sugar Beth is uncertain. The narrator added frantic and more despair than I think was warranted. Also, the narrator inflected some of the Grand Sophy quotes each chapter starts with 3 June reread: Also, the narrator inflected some of the Grand Sophy quotes each chapter starts with a Heyer quote in ways you'd know were wrong if you were familiar with the story and that irked me, too.

Francis Elizabeth who everybody calls Sugar Beth because this is the South, apparently was a very rich and entitled teen in a very small town. Her dad was the most important businessman and her mom the most important social director. For the most part, it seems her rule was strict though benevolent, but with two exceptions. The first is view spoiler [her half-sister hide spoiler ] Winnie Davis. Sugar Beth takes every opportunity to isolate, pick on, and even terrorize the lonely brain.

The second is the new, young teacher she got fired by leveling accusations of sexual misconduct. And then she went on to college where she torched all her remaining connection to the town by callously dumping her High School sweetheart and being too good for her friends. So Sugar Beth was very bad, with some outright evil in her past.

And her life went downhill from there with a string of no-good exes and a drop into poverty. And like many but not all who find themselves at the end of their resources, Sugar Beth did some soul searching so we find her at the beginning of this book as a reformed woman forced by circumstances to return to town and take all the bitter recriminations and payback she knows she deserves.

Making this go from potentially painful to probable torture is that Winnie Davis is now the town social director and she married Sugar's HS sweetheart who is now the owner of the local company enterprise and leading businessman. So Sugar has been a hiss and a byword for near a decade. What made this engaging is that Sugar Beth doesn't indulge in excuses or try to manipulate others on the strength of her reformation. Yes, she's a better person, but she also knows exactly what she did and that she pretty much deserves all the petty spite she receives.

Part of her new-found strength is becoming self-reliant enough to trust her heart and to be honestly doing her best to be kind and helpful even as she's trying to find the McGuffin she needs to take care of a dependent who needs her. So she's strong and courageous and in such a way that she doesn't feel she has to prove it to everybody else. And, of course, that teacher she got fired?

Yeah, he's back, too, and interested in his pound of flesh. I liked Colin and I was really glad that SEP kept his revenge reasonable he really is a fundamentally nice guy. Given that this is a romance and we knew he'd come to regret being mean it was good to see him, yes, enjoy the payback a bit, but also to understand that he isn't so much the bitter jerk he could have been as he is a mostly-nice guy presented with a golden opportunity for some quality entertainment.

Plus, his banter with Sugar Beth is outstanding. Seriously, it is worth the read for that alone. I really enjoyed the underlying theme of redemption and kindness and empowerment and being true to yourself. And I liked that Sugar's repentance was independent of the forgiveness extended by others.

She apologized, sincerely, and that was really all she could do at this stage as her ability to repair anything had been stripped by the disaster her life had become. It took a lot of strength of character and I loved seeing her rise to the occasion—and watching that affect and engage and even inspire Colin was rather fun as well. And SEP knocks the secondary characters and plots out of the park as well. Since this takes place in a small Southern town, that's important to note. I won't go into details except to say that I really liked how it came together with all the complexity it needed, without bogging down the main plotline unduly.

So yeah, strong on all fronts and a solid five stars. A note about Steamy: I let too much time pass before reviewing this, so I no longer recall the exact number of explicit sex scenes. It was the middle of my steam tolerance but edging up, as I recall.

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And yes, there was a secondary romance with some heat to it, as well. Strong and well-developed heroine and hero. Fully fleshed out secondary characters. Sarcastic to the bone and at the same time wildly romantic. The smoothest change of POVs I've read in a very long time.

You can see that I enjoyed this a lot. It was a bit formulaic but I've always loved the enemies to lovers trope and here it was executed in a very believable and great way. I wish to have more time for a full review. I have the right to extend this one in the near future. This comes highly recommended to everyone men included who love to hide their poetic souls in strong sarcasm!

Jan 12, Ally Blake rated it it was amazing Shelves: