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I have become very fond indeed of developing new computer programs so I might become a programmer. I have ust been offered a ob in an merican company where I will help the IT analysts. I am looking forward to it because I will nally be able to put my knowledge into practice. Read the testimonials and complete the chart.

Now read the previous chart and the testimonials again and pay attention to the way people express their plans. To talk about future plans they use: Think about three classmates and write some predictions about their future professional lives. There are some examples below to help you. Do not use your classmates names. I think he will take Nanotechnology at the university.

I think she is going to be an English Language and Literature teacher. Have a look at these sentences and check the appropriate meaning of might and may. It is the nurse who is supposed to provide everything the sick person may need. They express future possibility. Read the sentences and circle the correct alternative. When will you attend classes at the university? I am not sure. Are you taking another final test next month? I am not sure if I did well on Calculus.

Do you think he will pass the exam? Look at Alan s weekly planner for the afternoons next week. Complete the sentences following the example. Harry will get into university after he finishes high school. Unscramble the words to form sentences. Match the columns to complete the sentences.

Work in groups of three students to write about your professional plans. Suppose you are invited to write a testimonial about your future career and that it will be published in a guide called Student guide Choosing your profession!. Look at the text in Situated Learning 3 and pay attention to the way a testimonial is organized. What kind of information does it bring?

In what sequence is the information presented? What are the verbs used to talk about careers, personal interests, plans and responsibilities? You can also look at some student guides in English or Portuguese on-line or printed in order to remember how a testimonial is organized and also to check the different kinds of plan people talk about.

Discuss and decide on the following items to produce your testimonial: First job or internship: Plans courses, projects etc. Now it is time to start writing the testimonial. Don t worry about mistakes, it is only a draft. Write a complete testimonial like the examples you read in Situated Learning 3. Don t forget to: Professional plans Draft 6.

It is time to share your texts. Swap drafts with another group. Read your friends testimonials and help them improve their texts. How can they be better? Do you have any suggestions? Check if your friends testimonials have the characteristics listed below. They mention the chosen profession. They mention the first job or internship. They identify the writer s name. They use appropriate verb forms to write about plans: They use appropriate verb tenses to write about experience past simple, present perfect.

They are organized like a testimonial. Now, get your own text back and check your friends suggestions. Re-read your text and try to make further corrections. Are the verbs in the correct tense? What about spelling and punctuation? To round it off, produce the final version of your testimonial.


You can also create the page of the Student guide Choosing your profession! Professional plans Final version 9. Now, you are ready to present your final version to the group. Read your friends testimonials and vote for the most interesting one. O filme mostra cenas em que o protagonista procura emprego e faz entrevista.

300 Questões Comentadas de Concursos em Engenharia Civil – Por Dentro do Livro

Sempre que Chris vai apanhar o filho, ele pede para corrigirem a palavra. Coach Carter Treino para a vida Coach Carter. Ao mestre, com carinho To Sir, with love. Get in groups of four and do the following activities. Put the following actions in the appropriate sequence. Write a cover letter.

Have an initial interview. Look for job ads. Take part in a job selection process or training course. If so, when and what for? To get you a job interview. To work as a guide for the interviewer. To record your life history. Have a look at the text and say the names given to the CV formats. The rst and most common standard is the chronological C format.


It is good for ob seekers with a steady, consistent employment history. The second one is the functional C format, which may be the best one if you are entering the workforce, have a limited ob history or are changing careers. It emphasizes your skills, capabilities and accomplishments rather than your work history.

It will highlight your strengths instead of your shortcomings. Chronological CV outline Functional CV outline a Career ob ective a Career ob ective b ork e perience b ccomplishments and capabilities c Education and uali cations c ork e perience d Skills and interests or additional information d Education and uali cations e References e Skills and interests or additional information f References Job seekers who opt for a functional CV format may organize it by intentionally omitting company names, employment dates and positions because the focus is on their accomplishments and capabilities.

This kind of CV may work for new graduates entering the ob market. Complete the sentences below and answer the questions. What is the difference between them? Which CV format would be the best for you? During a job selection process, a CV is usually discarded when it: Have a look at the following text and find out how many pages a CV can have. DOs Make sure your CV is easy to read.

Remember, it is a summary. Focus on information that is relevant to the position you are applying for. Focus on the employer s needs. Highlight your past accomplishments and skills to make the employer call you for an interview. Keep your CV short, one or two pages. An employer will only scan it for a few seconds.

Use action words, such as developed, managed, designed, accomplished, conducted, established, collaborated, coordinated, organized, planned, produced, supervised, etc. Read your CV a number of times looking for mistakes. It is a good idea to have your best friend look it over, and then ask your parents or teachers to do the same.

It has to be free of grammar and content errors. Be sure to use good quality paper. Keep the color neutral: Have your CV word-processed. Make sure your CV is neat and visually organized. Use normal margins 2 cm on top and bottom, 2. DON Ts Don t lie. Always tell the truth about your skills and work experience. Don t repeat information. If you have performed a speci c task at more than one job, list it in one place only. Don t use personal pronouns, such as I and me. Don t forget to list your volunteer work experience.

You probably have learned a lot from volunteering at local charities.

Don t create your own CV format. Respect the prescribed formats. Don t staple your CV.

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Don t write your CV in a hurry. To have an effective CV you must take the time to do it right. Read the text and write T for True or F for False for the following sentences. Light blue or green are good colors for your CV. An employer will read your CV carefully. Remember to include your volunteer work experience. Be creative and design your own CV. Ask someone you trust to check your CV over for mistakes. Unscramble the following words to make sentences. Match the columns to find out what Patricia did yesterday at work. Find out the opposite of these business qualities in the grid. Have a look at the text and check what it is about.

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How to evaluate a CV. How to correct a CV. How to elaborate a CV. But what kind of information is relevant in each part of a CV First of all, organize the information about your work experience by describing your relevant activities. After that, organize the data about your education. Remember to select courses and certi cates that are relevant to the job you are applying for. This is the most important point of your CV if you are a recent graduate. Let s have a look at these topics to check how a CV is organized.

This information has to be placed on the center of the page, preferably in bold. For each job experience, include: Begin with the most recent job.

Include your volunteer work experience. Be sure to include the name of the school where you attended the course, its duration and the type of certi cate or degree you have acquired. Use double space after each topic: Use left side alignment in all topics, except for your name and address, which will be on the center of the page, preferably in bold.

It will give your CV a positive and professional layout. For further information, click here. Read the text in Activity 1 and answer: Personal details Career objective Work experience Education and qualifications Additional skills Interests References 3. Have a look at the two CVs on the following pages. Pay attention to the way they are organized and match the columns. Handled business and social correspondence. Organized and maintained client les. Arranged travel and planned itineraries for executives. Recorded meetings with clients for les.

Scheduled launch meetings with staff and prepared account agendas. Maintained company social events calendar. Scheduled Executive Committee Meetings and recorded minutes for distribution to Committee members. Disseminated con dential personnel information to regional branch of ces. Coordinated activities of different areas involved in a project.

Purchased of ce supplies. Communication skills Strong oral and written communication skills. Fluent English and erman, reading and speaking knowledge in French. Computer skills Electronic spreadsheets, word-processing, basic programming skills. What is the focus in each one? Tick the correct word to complete the sentences. Read this extract of a functional CV and check its correct heading. Helped customers Received visitors Dealt with complaints Organized catalogues and samples of products Handled correspondence Trained new employees on a computer operating system Answered phone calls, arranged meetings, scheduled appointments Prepared daily and weekly payroll Filed reports and documents Organized payment of suppliers 3.

Read the paragraph and complete it using the words in the box. They select the job ad they are interested in and d that job. Then they become a e. They write their f and send them along Sometimes it is necessary to provide the names of two people to give h for the candidate. If the i and abilities match the job description, the candidate might be selected to attend an j.

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  • Relevant skills are not the most important points of your CV if you are a recent graduate student. Use single space after each topic when you write your CV. The topic Work experience should begin with your most recent job and include your volunteer work experience. Summarize your education background including only important facts. Propos sur la religion. Have a look at the two job ads and find out the position offered.

    Must be friendly, articulate and enjoy working with the public. Duties include making recommendations on different kinds of products, including athletic shoes and a large number of accessories for running and tness.

    Retail experience is a plus. Must be able to work on weekends and 15 hours per week minimum. JOB ad 2 Boutique Retail Sales Assistant New York s most valued, luxury fashion landmark has openings for experienced Boutique Retail Sales Assistants, full-time, seeking to develop a career in designing ladieswear, menswear and accessories. Statute of the Ombudsman. Approves the new legal regime for granting and issuing passports.

    Portuguese judiciary system includes several courts and jurisdictions: The judicial courts are common courts for civil matters and they exercise jurisdiction in all areas that are not attributed to other judicial jurisdictions [13]. The Portuguese court system is divided into two main fields of jurisdiction: The first covers all areas of Private law plus Criminal law. The second covers all aspects of Administrative and taxation law. Both jurisdictions have three levels. There is a third high level jurisdiction called the Constitutional Court.

    National territory is divided into 5 judicial sections and 39 judicial circuits. Within the structure of the judicial courts generic jurisdiction , there are a number of specialized courts, at the level of the first instance: Supreme Court of Justice. Court of Appeal Lisboa. Court of Appeal Coimbra. Court of Appeal Porto. Legal higher education in Portugal is divided in three stages: This degree is equivalent to level 6 of the European Qualifications Framework.

    The second cycle of studies is Mestrado. It is accessible to holders of Licenciatura or equivalent and has a length of two years ECTS ; it usually requires the presentation, in writing and viva voce, of a dissertation and is equivalent to level 7 of the European Qualifications Framework. The third cycle of studies is Doutoramento. It requires the presentation, in writing and viva voce, of a dissertation.

    It corresponds to level 8 of the European Qualifications Framework. All Law Schools in Portugal deliver the first two cycles of legal higher education in Portugal. The third cycle is not available in all of them. Tuition in Portugal is in Portuguese and quite often the written assignments and dissertations, when applicable, must be delivered in Portuguese.

    Some Portuguese Law Schools and Faculties have introduced, in the last years, taught programmes in English. There are several consequences of such an organization; in the first place, most units have only legal sciences researchers — the teaching staff of the host Faculty or School; in the second place, the number of doctorate researchers or teaching staff in Portugal is quite limited , including retired staff — see http: The Portuguese national science policy is performed by the FCT - the national funding agency for science, technology and innovation , in all scientific domains, under responsibility of the Ministry for Education and Science.

    FCT pursues its mission by funding fellowships, studentships and research contracts for scientists, research projects, internationally competitive research centres and state-of-the-art infrastructures, via competitive calls with international peer-review. Working closely with international organisations, FCT coordinates public policy for the Information and Knowledge Society in Portugal and ensures the development of national scientific computing resources.

    FCT is also responsible for the assessment of the national research units in all scientific domains. The research assessment exercise takes place every five years and the last one occurred in There is an ongoing research assessment exercise and the results are expected to be published by the end of or early in According to the Research assessment exercise , the following research units existed: Faculdade de Direito - Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Result of the evaluation: Manuel Carlos Lopes Porto. Paulo Manuel Cunha da Costa Otero. Result of the evaluation after review: Faculdade de Direito - Universidade do Porto.

    Pedro Carlos da Silva Bacelar de Vasconcelos. The research assessment exercise will be ongoing throughout the entire year The results are expected to be published by the end of or early in Provisional data indicates that the following research units have submitted applications to the Research assessment exercise: Integrated researchers with a doctoral degree: The assessment will be performed by international experts appointed by FCT and under the criteria established in the assessment guide. The results of the first round are expected in July and the final results in December This article will be updated accordingly.

    The vast majority of Portuguese Law Reviews are published in Portuguese and are not peer reviewed. Following is the list of the major periodical publications in law: Specialised reviews in Portuguese and European constitutional and administrative law: Specialized reviews in tax law: Specialized reviews in criminal law: Specialized reviews in private law: Some Portuguese scientific publications have established peer review in the last years: I - Introductory Books to Portuguese Law.

    Teoria Geral das Fontes do Direito. II - History of Portuguese Law. III - Public Law. Gomes, and Vital Moreira. Manual de Direito Constitucional. Editora Rei dos Livros, Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. Direitos Fundamentais Teoria Geral. Teoria Geral do Direito Administrativo: Curso de Direito Administrativo. Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra, Manual de Direito Administrativo. Land Use Planning and Construction Law. Manual de direito do urbanismo. Direito do Ambiente e Responsabilidade Civil.

    Temas de Direito da Economia. Manual de Direito Fiscal. Manual dos Recursos em Processo Civil. O Novo Processo Civil. Estudos Sobre o Tratado de Lisboa. Tratado De Lisboa - Anotado e Comentado. General Theory of Civil Law. Teoria Geral do Direito Civil. Tratado de Direito Civil I. Manual dos Contratos em Geral.

    Contrato a Favor de Terceiro. Tratado de Direito Civil VI. Universidade do Porto Ed. Direito Civil - Reais. Curso de Direitos Reais. Recursos no Processo do Trabalho - Novo Regime. Novos Estudos de Direito do Trabalho. Estudos de Direito do Trabalho. Curso Breve Direito Processual do Trabalho.

    Manual de Direito do Trabalho. Curso de Direito Comercial. Direito dos Contratos Comerciais. Direito Comercial - Direito da Empresa. Novo Regime do Arrendamento Comercial. Curso de Direito Comercial - Das Sociedades. Sociedade Comerciais e Direitos Especiais. Direito das Sociedades II. Direito das Sociedades Comerciais. Sociedade Unipessoal por Quotas. University of Salford, Simplification of Debt Collection in the Eu. Sellier European Law Publishers, Vesna Rijavec Kluwer, The Portuguese legal and political system 1.

    Law schools and legal scholarship 4. Portuguese law related publications 5. The Portuguese legal and political system [1] 1. Diagram 1 - Legal hermeneutics Legal interpretation is also used to answer legal omissions. Strategic guidelines for the development and promotion of investment on next generation networks 2. Court system [12] Portuguese judiciary system includes several courts and jurisdictions: Antonio Jose Fernandes Principal Contractor: