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And if you factored it out of this term right over here, you're left with x to the 4th. And if you factor it out this term, you're left with just the minus 1. And now this is exciting because 2x plus 1, this is pretty easy to figure out when does this thing equal 0. And we'll do that in a little bit. And this is pretty easy to factor. This is a difference of squares. This right over here can be rewritten as x squared plus 1 times x squared minus 1. And of course we still have this 2x plus 1 out front.

And once again we have another difference of squares. We have another difference of squares right over here. That's the same thing as x plus 1 times x minus 1.

Factoring higher-degree polynomials

And let me just write all the other parts of this expression. And you have 2x plus 1. And I think I factored p of x about as much as could be reasonably expected. So p of x is equal to all of this business. And remember, the whole reason why I wanted to factor it is I wanted to figure out when does this thing equal 0?

So if p of x can be expressed as the product of a bunch of these expressions, it's going to be 0 whenever at least one of these expressions is equal to 0. If any of these is equal to 0 then that's just going to make this whole expression equal to 0. So when does 2x plus 1 equal 0? So 2x plus 1 is equal to zero. Well you could probably do this in your head, or we could do it systematically as well. Subtract 1 from both sides, you get 2x equals negative 1. So this right over here is a point on the graph, and it is one of the real zeroes.

Now we could try to solve this. If we try to isolate the x term on the left-- subtract 1 from both sides-- you get x squared is equal to negative 1. Now if we were to start thinking about imaginary numbers, we could think about what x could be. But they want us to find the real zeroes. So there's no real number where that number squared is equal to negative 1. So we're not going to get any real zeroes by setting this thing equal to 0. There's no real number x where x squared plus 1 is going to be equal to 0. Now let's think about when x plus 1 could be equal to 0.

We'll subtract 1 from both sides. You get x is equal to negative 1. So p of negative 1 is going to be 0. So that's another one of our zeroes right there. And then finally let's think about when x minus 1 is equal to 0. We'll add one to both sides. X is equal to 1. So we have another real 0 right over there. And so we could plot them. And we can check our answer, and we got it right. Now one thing that might be bugging you, is like hey Sal, you just happened to group this in exactly the right way.

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What if I try to group it in a different way? What if I tried to-- Well actually let's try to do that. That could be interesting. Just to show you that this isn't voodoo. And actually there's several ways to get there. There's several ways to get there. So what if instead of writing it like this, where you're writing it kind of in the highest degree term and the next highest degree and so on and so forth, you were to write it like this: Well actually, even this way you could do a fairly interesting grouping.

This is a false statement and a misconception. Finding real fairies is easier than you might think, because real fairies have been seen and can be found on literally every continent in the world. Some believe that they are not actually on our plane of existence, but another plane overlapping ours. Please keep in mind that you must be open-minded and spiritually connected to Mother Earth in order learn how to find real fairies. I must mention that if you are a skeptic or a non-believer, the fairies will most likely never show themselves to you.

If you have ill intentions or will, the fairies will most likely never show themselves to you. If you do not care for the well-being of the earth, or if you are a staunch religious person, the fairies will most likely never show themselves to you. Now, that's not to say that they won't have a bit of fun with you. Perhaps you'll lose your camera on the way while trying to find them. Or perhaps your food will spoil. The fairies only show themselves to people who are true of heart and pure of soul.

When they do show themselves to you never say thank you! These words are not in their vocabulary and many times actually offend them! Fairy rings are circles of plant-life and other things that can be found in nature. If you ever see a ring of toadstools in a meadow, forest, or in your own yard, you'll know that this is a fairy ring. For hundreds of years, the people of Ireland, Scotland, England, and elsewhere in Europe have said that a circle of toadstools is where the fairies have danced. If the fairy ring is in your own yard, it would be wise of you to not cut the toadstools down lest you anger the fairies who dance and play there.

Other fairy rings could consist of a dark green ring on the grass. This ring would be much darker than the rest of the grass and would make a complete circle. They could also be made up of a certain type of trees, such as willow or oak. Willow tree fairy rings are a special favorite of the Dryads.

Stone circles are also known to have been popular fairy rings in ancient times. Perhaps the stones at Stonehenge make up an ancient fairy ring? Maybe the ancient Celts of Britain knew that the stones would attract fairies. A warning about stepping inside of a fairy ring: Try to never do so! People in Ireland believed that a person could get stuck in a fairy ring and that their minds may never come back. Stories tell of people who have danced with the fairies within the rings, only to have a friend literally yank them out of the circle in order to bring them back to reality.

This story goes along with the legends that fairies would entrance a person and whisk their minds if not their entire bodies away with them to faeryland. You don't want to go to faeryland, you simply want to learn how to find the fairies, so don't step into their fairy rings lest you be "pixie-led" away for good! Throughout Celtic history, people made pilgrimages to distant, sacred wells in Ireland.

How to Find Real Fairies | Exemplore

These wells were said to be guarded by various types of spirits, namely certain fairies. If you go to Ireland and find a sacred well, it is very likely that you might find real fairies still guarding the well. Water fairies are particularly drawn to sacred wells and springs. The fairies like to dance on the tops of the rocks in the springs and enjoy watching nature at its most beautiful.

If you want to learn how to find real fairies, all you have to do is find the most beautiful springs in the forest, sit, and wait. You might want to think about leaving an offering for the fairies. Just remember that not all fairies are nice, and so when you find real fairies at a spring, be sure to take caution not to disturb them while they're playing. There's something about the natural springs and water in general that attracts fairies and always has. You could even set up a beautiful pond or water fountain in your garden and invite the fairies to come and visit. Water nymphs especially love fountains and springs, as they are playful fairies who enjoy a good romp in the water.

Advanced polynomial factorization methods

If you find a water nymph, she may invite you to play. Just be careful to pull yourself away at the right time. Centuries ago, it was said in Ireland and Scotland that the fairies went into hiding under the hills. They were thought to have taken up residence within these hills or what are commonly referred to as burghs.

Dozens of various Native American tribes have their own stories of little people from the hills and mountains. So it is almost inevitable that if you go to a rural mountain range or lonely, naturally-preserved hill that you will most likely be able to find real fairies. You can go to a fairy burgh hill and leave an offering at the foot of the hill for the fairies. Knock three times on the side of the hill and then sit down a distance away from the hill.

Visualize a protective circle around yourself and then watch the hill. You may be surprised to see dancing spirits emerge from the hill. You may be surprised to see that you have learned how to find real fairies. Particularly hills and burghs with old trees or trails of toadstools are likely spots to find real fairies. The fairies may in fact be living within those hills, waiting for an open-minded individual such as yourself in order to emerge and strike up a conversation.

Of course one of the most common places to go in order to learn how to find real fairies is the astral plane. This is also referred to by many Pagans and Spiritual folks as the "inner plane. How can you find real fairies on the astral plane? There are various ways, including meditation, astral projection, and dreaming. Even if you're not a "witch," this book has a wonderfully written guided meditation to help you learn how to reach the inner plane and how to find real fairies there.

Start with the red stars

Guided meditations into the land of the fairies is always the best way to go before attempting astral projection. If you are further along in your meditative practices and can already astral project, you may attempt to find real fairies on the astral plane. Just be careful which fairies you talk to and always be sure to protect your astral body before projecting. First and foremost, take care of nature in your yard, neighborhood, local woods, wherever.

Second, set up a fairy garden. This can be as simple as a few pots of plants on a balcony. Third, leave offerings for the fairies - milk, cakes, cookies, wine, mead, ale, etc. If you're trying to attract them to your yard or garden, taking care of nature is a start. Then try building a space for them in your garden with flowers, small houses, and offerings. You can protect yourself with an iron horseshoe above the entrances to your home.

While out walking if you feel you are being followed, turn your jacket or shirt inside out. A ring of salt around your house will protect, as well as loud wind chimes and bells. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. I love your article! Can you find some in parks and in apartments? Because I live in apartments and I've never seen a real fairy before: But if I believe and be as good as I can I might find one right? For those wondering about seeing the fae, I can personally tell you they exist and I and my late husband saw them in our backyard.

We first saw rings of mushrooms, and dark green rings. Then animals like ducks, doves, fox, coyotes, turtles, things that shouldn't be at our back door started to show up. Then the door on the faerie house would be open in the morning after making sure it was closed. I then asked for a sign if the fae were using the house and the next day a small mushroom appeared next to the door.

The house was in a large cement pot on the back porch.

Thinking it might be a fluke I asked for another sign and the mushroom moved to the other side of the door. Then we saw them. One rose up from a barrel full of lantana. It was in the middle of the day and it hovered above the plant and then flew around the house to the side garden. The second time it was standing in front of the raised bed which made it easy to measure its height at about 6 or 7 inches. It looked like a green insect and crouched down so you could easily see the wings folded on its back. We searched till dark but didn't find it.

I had strange dreams about them that felt real for weeks and saw strange lights in different colors. I had to move when my husband died, but there is no doubt in my mind the fae exist so I'm trying to make my new yard a place they'd like to visit. Hi kitty the snow is getting deeper here. The fairy house is well underneath the snow. I think this snow fall has also been brought on by the fay telling us to slow down and not to rush around so much and to take notice of how wonderful our lives are.

My husband has not been able to go to work because of the snow it's like a dream come true I have missed him for 5 years. Hi Anln the dream sounds like the fairy pools on the isle of Skye. I don't know if you have been there or heard of the fairy pools but if not it's an extraordinary place situated at the foot of a massive hill.

I had a dream recently where a group of people meet at a pond or some kind of water place, I wasn't really invited, I was looking through the trees, it was getting dark and they wanted to get to another dimension or something like that I became the fairy that came from the water,..

So my opinion may only matter to me But seriously though why do you negative people in the world have to find articles to comment to and try bringing positive feelings out of the world I love the article, and just remember the power of positive perception and what it will bring to you times three. Secondly, they only show themselves to people they feel are worthy or friendly enough.

Typically if you go hunting for them, you're not going to find them. It's just not that simple. And lastly, if you feel you can write a better article, please do so and post the link here. Im sorry but i think this post is pretty dumb since YOU haven't seen a fairy yet? Can you tell us a real way too see them without having too look for fairy rings and stuff because some of us don't live near a forest.

Are fairies real I always wanna to see a fairies since I was a little girl I used to believe in them a lot but never saw one I would love to see one and learn about 1 I don't know what to think if I ever saw one please tell me there are real in oh I been reading your hub page all night I couldn't stop reading about it I love it so much and I love what you say about it hopping there are real.

It says if you're a "staunch religious person", meaning if you have a stick up your butt and don't believe in mystical things the fay won't come to you, most likely. Nicole, after reading some of the comments here, I wanted to share with you that my grandmother who lived to 99 , claimed to have seen fairies as a little girl while walking and playing in nature in South Africa. She never faltered in that belief and would tell it like a basic fact. This might not seem so extraordinary, but for who she was as a person. She was very logical, organised and no-nonsense and not inclined to believe in magical and mystical occurances.

She had no other beliefs such as these and her personality was such that it made it all the stranger that she believed so strongly what she had seen as a child. It was strange and out of character, yet she never doubted what she said or saw! In New Zealand there are some legends around fairies particularly forest lore too from the indigenous people here Maori. You may want to check it out? Sorry, English, Scottish and Irish??? Well there are plenty here and plenty of folklore.

Well m frm fiji n I rili wana see a fairy Would it be ok to be friends with one great hub, gets me excited to go out and look for one. Cura Woods - That's a very fascinating story and one that I believe wholeheartedly. I've had a similar experience I would love to see and speak to one: I think I did see one when I was about I use to live in an apartment that had a polluted creek in the back of it. One day I was standing near the creak and I felt something beside me.

I looked around and it was fluttering right next to me. Whatever it was, it was completely black,with a white skirt,dress thing on. It had little black arms and a human structure. It was just moving. Then, before I could even blink it was gone. I really didn't know what to think so I just scampered away. I don't know if it was a Fae or something else. But Thank you for the article. I love it very much. It is like magic. When I was a child I found some mushrooms in the woods while I was taking a hike. My friends did not let me pick them up. Then, we found another circle of brown mushrooms.

A few feeth from each other there were like fourteen circle. We did not touch them. We moved back slowly. We were not allow to talk about the circles. Thanks for your hub. It brings back memories. CMHypno - Yes, I've actually written an entire hub on "fairy tricks" and also a hub on "the changeling". I just love faerie folklore! EuroNinila - It's something that everyone should know about I love the idea of fairies but was not raised around any stories about them or anything like that.

Maybe this will change my mind about them! Fascinating hub, I will have to see if I can find some fairies. Here in the UK it used to be thought important to placate the fairies as they could be mischievous. If you got on the wrong side of them they could cause your milk to spoil, your crops to fail or they would even take a human babty and substitute it for a fairy chanegleing. With all the ice and snow we've had lately, I'm sure our garden fairies are hibernating! Will have to look for them in the spring. Have a magical day! Dolores - I hadn't heard the story of the Bronte sisters, but now I must research: Hello Kitty - I loved this one!