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This situation is slowly changing, also due to the commercial availibility of a wide variety of functionalized polymeric supports for uses in combinatorial chemistry. Types of Support A generally significant and sometimes critical variable is the choice of support.

Tröger's base-functionalised organic nanoporous polymer for heterogeneous catalysis.

For a specific application, a large number of supports of widely different natures may be compared or the selection may be as narrow as different versions of the same material. Changing a support may completely alter the course of reaction or prevent catalysis.

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Several types of heterogeneous catalysts are commercially available which can be categorized in several ways. One of the categorizations is based on their internal architecture:.

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Furthermore, metalated zeolites are efficient and reusable catalysts, and they can keep their activity in water, alcohol or without solvent. The 1st total synthesis of a natural bioactive product has been achieved based on these metalated zeolites as catalysts. Patrick Pale studied at the University of Champagne in France. After an industrial stay in a pharmaceutical company, he joined the group of Prof. L Ghosez as a Post-doc fellow in Belgium.

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In , he got a full Professor position at the University of Strasbourg, France. His scientific interests include the asymmetric synthesis of bioactive compounds, organometallic chemistry, carbohydrate chemistry and enzymatic chemistry, and more recently chemistry with materials such as zeolites, MOF, POM.

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All Published work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. From homogeneous to heterogeneous catalysis towards greener chemistry: